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A Lesson In Anger

My mother was a big reader, it’s pretty much where I got my love of reading. But she was always into very literary and academic writers. 465 more words


"What's the big deal!?!"

As I was reading this morning I was reminded of a story that helped me understand what I was reading – like many of you, I love analogies. 574 more words

4 Tips For The Emotional Responder

Are you an emotional responder?  Here’s some very valuable advice:


Don’t be.

That’s the advice.

Don’t be.

Don’t be an emotional responder.

It’s cray-cray and it makes you look cray-cray and you don’t have time for it. 1,051 more words

Bad Temper is Contagious

Proverbs 22:24-25

Principle # two:

Don’t hang out with angry people;

don’t keep company with hotheads.

Bad temper is contagious—

don’t get infected.

We become like those we hang out with. 288 more words

Anger Management Part Two

ANGER MANAGEMENT – 2 by Pastor Shah, Clearview Church, Henderson

This morning we are in part 2 of our miniseries from the Sermon on the Mount called “ANGER MANAGEMENT.” 2,240 more words

Christian Life

Thank God for Unanswered Prayers

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Thank God for unanswered prayers

That is what my funeral consultant said to me when she visited to sort out my plans. 360 more words