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Am I driving people away?

I have had a particularly bad couple of days with losing items that led to me losing my temper.

First of all I lost a phone, not the cheap phone of course, it had to be the expensive one. 255 more words

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The Irascible William Lear

ECW welcomes back guest author Frank Jastrzembski

Superintendent Sylvanus Thayer stressed the importance of conduct to young cadets studying at the U.S. Military Academy during his sixteen years in this position, emphasizing that they should not only become well-versed in the art of war, but they should remember to always be obedient and act as “gentlemen.” The well-polished Thayer would have despised Major William W. 3,053 more words


Ashes! Ashes!

Ashes! Ashes!

His temper flared while his hand swiped across the desk launching her laptop, “the avenue of her deception,” he said.

Five minutes ago he moaned about them, how sorry he was. 75 more words


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If Darth Vader was not the emperor

Then he must have been the head chef

Because head chefs have bad tempers and bloody knives

And his lightsaber was red

Like Carrie’s underwear


Cried at work in front of my boss because I fucked up a job for the sixteen millionth time. I don’t think I’ve ever had a boss do a 180 from scolding to bad jokes to try and make me laugh. 512 more words


I Mean, What If?

An early Fall morning, a gentle breeze, and a hot cup of coffee: thank you, Lord, for another day. I sit here on my couch, my feet comfortably resting on a square shaped Ottoman, and I stare, for a minute, into the darkness that lingers outside my front door. 1,520 more words


Violent downturn.

Last few days, I’ve been seeing shadows in the corners of my vision. Small, humped things, just moving right out of my range of sight. 558 more words