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Peyote was a success.!! By- Mike j Hughes

Yes ,- the ”experiment” with  Peyote was a success . I can not say much about it due to the fact that the induced phenomena is indeed a new languages all together .. 197 more words

Konspirasi Alam Semesta Hari Itu...part 2!

Hola! Jumpa lagi :)

Jadi. sebelum melanjutkan cerita yang sempat terpotong kemarin (dua hari lalu sih tepatnya) saya sempat membaca ulang part 1, Konspirasi Alam Semesta Hari Itu… 1,277 more words


Konspirasi Alam Semesta Hari Itu...Part 3!

I am back! Hehe.

Oh iya, bagi yang baru pertama mengunjungi blog saya, silahkan baca part 1 dan part 2 dulu agar ceritanya runut yaa.. 1,817 more words


Recipes for a nervous breakdown by Sophie White (Gill)

“Before going mad, I didn’t really give madness that much thought. It seemed like a distant concept that had absolutely zero bearing on my life.” 405 more words


"Dude, where's my home?" Man takes LSD after grandma dies, ends up on bad trip in young girl's bedroom

A man who took a tab of acid because his grandmother had died has ended up on burglary charges after having a bad trip and then accosting a young girl inside her own bedroom. 402 more words