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A Bad Trip Part 1

Now I have on only my sweater. I recognize that I’m cold but I’m sweating and then I don’t think about it anymore. I puff on my cigarette and walk quickly toward her apartment. 807 more words

Prelude to a Bad Trip

              It’s a cold night in November. When we were walking earlier I was wearing my thick winter coat with a fur collar. I could see in a frozen puddle how my hair was the same brown color of my collar, and how I looked like a character in the thoughts of people who passed me. 1,407 more words

Then and Now: Alice in Wonderland (1951)

Alice is a young girl who is being taught to be a lady.  When she sees a rabbit in a waistcoat carrying a pocket watch, running away in a panic, she follows him down the rabbit hole and lands in a bizarre world called Wonderland.   345 more words


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June 17th, 2016

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Human Behavior

HPF 2016: Promethean Vow

At the apex of the Fire ritual, Prometheus demanded that each of us make a vow to act, to pursue an ambition which he would help us achieve.   189 more words


"Bad Trip"

This morning my first novelette, “Bad Trip”, went live on Amazon.com.  Check it out!

Set in 1968, “Bad Trip” introduces us to a young Lucas Mathews — before he found Jesus and holy matrimony — and the misadventure that made him the man you will meet in… 592 more words