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Family Trip. No.

Over this past summer our family had an opportunity to bond in a way none of us ever felt necessary.  I can honestly say we have not been the same since that moment, and we have since stuffed it down with lots of Oreos and wine.  1,871 more words

A Bad Trip Part 1

Now I have on only my sweater. I recognize that I’m cold but I’m sweating and then I don’t think about it anymore. I puff on my cigarette and walk quickly toward her apartment. 807 more words

Prelude to a Bad Trip

              It’s a cold night in November. When we were walking earlier I was wearing my thick winter coat with a fur collar. I could see in a frozen puddle how my hair was the same brown color of my collar, and how I looked like a character in the thoughts of people who passed me. 1,407 more words

June 17th, 2016

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Human Behavior

HPF 2016: Promethean Vow

At the apex of the Fire ritual, Prometheus demanded that each of us make a vow to act, to pursue an ambition which he would help us achieve.   189 more words