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double dipped acid cube on the 4th of july

the year is 2006. I had just graduated high school, it was summer, gas was a shit ton and I had just purchased a sugar cube that had been fully submerged in a psychedelic solution, TWICE. 1,187 more words


The Break Down | Issue 3.2 | Dance Wrap Up for Jan 16- Jan 22 2015

The Break Down is a summary of quality dance videos and news that has crossed my radar this past week. These will go up on Fridays, and cover things that came out from the past Friday through Thursday evening, when I write these. 783 more words

The Break Down

8 Levels Of Insanity: My 'Bad Trip' On Shrooms

Maybe you’ve never tried any hallucinogens. Maybe you can only loosely speculate about the concept of a “bad trip.” Such speculation would be akin to wondering what death must feel like. 1,682 more words