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Work without play

My boyfriend and I are both working jobs that are payed very low and hard at doing. We both have hard time accepting are current jobs and we both have almost impossible chances of doing something better. 119 more words


Is it worth it to keep going

People keep saying to me “A job is a job, keep on working it”, “At least you’re working”, “You’re working an honest job, so what if it’s a job you’re not liking it” and similar stuff. 170 more words


Kid-B Chart predictions

Despite hearing this music after a few bevvys (which did thump up the quality a bit) I have two great tracks to share with you that are Guaranteed at least top 5 UK singles chart if they haven’t already got there! 235 more words


10 days done, how many more to go?

I just finished my 10 days training at the new job. I’ve never worked more for less money in my entire life. It seems things are only getting worse at finding a proper job. 148 more words


Tired of dead end jobs

Yesterday I started my 10 day training at a “drogerie markt” place where I would be working as a salesperson for less than the minimum wage salary, if I except the job after the training. 188 more words


Avoiding Bad Vibes Like the Plague

Let’s talk about anger. Everyone gets angry, some faster than others. But what I am curious about is does anyone stop and realize that they are angry before tearing someone else down? 785 more words

Day 44: Getting Tired of the Judgements

As many of you have seen on my Facebook status, today will not be like the typical posts I have been sharing with you guys lately. 1,230 more words