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hello peep at 101

tho does not care what text thats right. its going to take a effort to stop. They can. gofer can see it coming soon or later communication el stop. 82 more words


in response to 101

first gofer made a mistake, about what brown sugar said sunday morn. lonely gofer should not text no more let it be. for some stupid reason first it was tax the rich blabber mouth. 33 more words

Twlight Zone

Bad vibes all around

I ended my day in a bad note. It’s very frustrating to have things happen like this especially today. It was very stressful at school since i am currently co-directing and writing for an upcoming film. 189 more words


Stro Doesn't Want Any "Bad Vibes"

Stro is continuing to push that old school NY sound and we will continue to rock with it. After releasing visuals for “Steal & Rob (Freestyle)” and warning the industry on “Fear Me,” Stro is back another freebie. 50 more words


Advice of the ages

Just leave well enough a lone. Its the best way to handle stuff. even if they want to communicate some how. tired of the bull scouts since may be 3 or four months. 27 more words

Jones Road

Bad News Blues

It’s March 24th and I just finished tossing the rest of my sister’s clothes and leftover garbage into the trash bins outside. This isn’t the same sister I wrote about recently, the one who checked herself into the hospital. 706 more words

Life Blog

Shitty job ads

I’m sick and tired of people sending me job ads for supermarket sales position and similar places with shitty pay and work conditions. I guess everyone thinks that’s all I’m “good” at and I’m not worthy of more.

Bad Vibes