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How to survive your office intrigues

It is easy to overcome stress when you’re just overloaded woth paper works/admin works/backlogs from vacay… It is a million times harder to overcome those intrgues, hibby jibbies and bad mouthing behind your back… so what should we do about it? 261 more words

Bad Colleague

Final Thoughts on "Grace and Necessity"

*5th post for class- Art and Christ*

This is the last post to be written about William’s Grace and Necessity. And I’m not gonna lie, I’m sort of relieved to be done with this book. 889 more words

Throwing Garbage

Gather all your pieces.

Take away the sadness.

Refill the jar of happiness.

Don’t forget the supplies of smiles, you’ll need it when you step out of the house. 57 more words


Cut Off Season

It is very imperative that you pay attention as to who you allow into the doorways of your heart. It is your responsibility to discern who is worth a relationship (friendship or romantic) and who needs to be placed across the street, in a box. 482 more words

Be Real

Bad Vibes - Ciao Magazine, June 2015

Dulwhich Hill based siblings, Shareeka (22) and Roshan Helaluddin (19) form the harmonic core of local alt rock band, Bad Vibes. Playing on and off for two years around the Sydney live music circuit this talented duo reflect on their musical wanderings so far. 428 more words

Local News

Bad vibes, bro.

It’s not going so well.

We’re all lagging behind in work due to having a smaller team the last couple of months due to people leaving at the same time, but it seems like I have the biggest backlog. 658 more words

About Me

A Change of Heart

I was in a very dark and negative mood today and I wanted to write something really bad here(Facebook) to get rid of my negativity and vent of some steam. 338 more words

Bad Vibes