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Couldn’t care less about traffic lights
In the middle of the night
Suddenly sensing angry vibrations
From a face all rigid and tight
Yelling words about conventions… 42 more words


It Was Kinda Offensive

Have you ever had a friend that talks to you only when you’re needed? Having that said, I bet you already know what this post is all about. 509 more words

Bad Vibes, warts and curse words.

I’ve been hiding and feeling a little blocked lately. It’s not that I haven’t had anything that I want to write about. In fact I’ve felt exactly the opposite.   520 more words

Writers Block

I'm afraid

arachnophobia helps me understand

why I’m afraid of the crawling sensation

on my skin but within?

I’m not equipped to handle

the sensation

of a tickling behind my elbows… 146 more words


Bad Dreams & Bad Days

I still feel anxious from last night! I had the same awful dream I usually have; my words do not form & no one understands me. 109 more words

How do you get out of the labyrinth of suffering?

No class for this day and I should be happy- but unfortunately turned out not. I am so irritated ,anxious and angry. All those bad vibes feeling. 333 more words

Bad Vibes, Bad Energy

My grandmother had a saying “Fighting, arguments etc make me pessimistic, because of two things happens, either somebody dies or people have financial difficulties” and indeed my grandma is right. 825 more words