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High voltage ~ Висок напон

My head is throbbing, my vision is unclear.

Keep your eyes closed, focus on the darkness. Massaging my temples eases the tension a bit. For the moment. 147 more words


Thank You

All day. All freaking day something’s been bothering me. And it’s the culmination of a few things all rolled in to one.


Not mine. But other people’s. 1,308 more words


Little-Known Toxins In Your Environment (And How To Avoid Them)

The news is on in the background: four commentators are ranting and arguing and you’re getting edgy. Your social media page is laced with opinions and debates and political talk—the talk these days feels more like hate slinging. 119 more words


Bad vibes = get out! 

I went to an event recently, it was a totally new place with all new people. I was excited to make friends and maybe do some networking. 379 more words

Spiritual Life And Loves

Devil just passed by me

This is a personal article.This is the description of an incident that happened with me!

It was the morning of 19/5/2017, I only slept for 2 hours that night so before getting ready for college I decided to take a nap of 10 minutes at 6:20 am and so I set an alarm for 6:30am. 328 more words

Mind traps.

Failing the ‘n’th time,

reminded me of all that I did wrong,

knowing the approaching storm,

I can’t help feeling trapped too damn long.

The disease of procrastination had drugged me, 92 more words