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New year, new challenges

I have no idea what to do anymore.

I’ve never felt more helpless in my entire life. I’ve never felt more useless and my life never seemed more empty and meaningless. 129 more words


The Same Old Me

So, I have fucked all the exams. I will have to appear them again, but knowing myself, I will probably just waste away my opportunities. I went to the Christmas fest and felt so freaking out of place between all the confident people. 60 more words

Bad Vibes


Today’s mantra:

“Every thought is a battle. Every breath is a war, and I don’t think I’m winning anymore.” – HealthyPlace.com

Song of the Day: See you there – Tidus… 33 more words

Todays Mantra

Unprecedented Overconfident Failures

Didn’t go for the computer exams ’cause I didn’t study anything. Who would’ve thought something like this would ever happen. I’m pretty much fucked at this point

Bad Vibes

Sprint, Fall and Fade Away

The last few days were horrible. I joined a nice little Discord server called Study Hall. And got really into the flow with the pom fight happening. 69 more words

Bad Vibes

GOOD VIBES.. BAD VIBES (Vibes tayo Ninang ha!)

GOOD VIBES.. BAD VIBES (Vibes tayo Ninang ha!)

I envied people with good vibes. People like them. I like them. Without speaking, without smiling (well maybe a little), they make people comfortable just being there. 987 more words


Blair: The Orchid Giver

This story never fails to crack me up. And remind me that no matter how rational we may appear, the right circumstances can turn anyone into a creeper. 1,916 more words