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Saturday doesn't feel like it used to

I keep my window blinds low, my room covered in dimmed light.

I don’t know what to do with myself.

Small amount of coffee is filling my glass, I don’t feel like finishing it. 159 more words


Under the weather

It’s sunny, but windy; perfect 22°C. I wish I could get into my Reebok royal classic’s, put my sunglasses on and grab a coffee from a nearby place. 204 more words


It feels unachievable to get out of this hole of terror emotions.


Depressed & Obsessed 

The two darkest things I’ve encountered. I’m depressed & obsessed with the memories we have. You were the happiness I never had. I wish music was my thing because I’d write songs about you. 54 more words


I get so hung up on where I’d rather be, I forget to make the most of where I am.



In the past couple of days I’ve been cutoff from society.

I’m still out of job. I’m still out of friends. I’m still out of touch from my surroundings. 177 more words


Bad vibes? Distress? Unlock fresh Energy and Freedom

We have not been taught and most of us don’t realize we are tremendous empaths. We take on the emotions of others.  We feel for each other… 622 more words

Self Healing