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The boobs and the bees

Come to find out, learning a language is much different than living a language–for example, when you learn a language, your teacher gets to decide what to tell you. 1,105 more words


Dear Jack: 5 “Bad Words” You Use When You’re around People You’re Comfortable With

5 and a half years old.

Dear Jack,

This past weekend, as Mommy’s sister’s family was in town from Pennsylvania, they got to hear all about… 540 more words


Sticks and Stones

Overheard conversation… He had a point.

“Don’t say retarded. It isn’t nice.”

“It wasn’t meant to be nice. The word wasn’t created to be nice.” 732 more words

Bad Words

When my husband and I were in pre-marital counselling, there were a few words we were advised to avoid. Now as a parent, I have not only found myself trying to follow those words of advice, but adding a few of my own to the list. 599 more words


Pumpkin and the four-letter word

Recently, I was feeling pretty smug about the fact that my kids don’t know any swear words.

We were listening to the radio, and as Pumpkin sang along to “Shut up and dance with me,” she changed the lyrics to, “Be quiet and dance with me.” 389 more words

Dear Dads, Do you let the odd swear word slip out around your children?

Now I can’t complain as my wife and I are the sole reason why my youngest comes out with “this is crap” when she drops a doll/toy/remote to the TV. 569 more words

Net Picks: Bad Words

Net Picks is your weekly digest of some of the best movies and TV shows currently doing the rounds on streaming sites such as Netflix, MUBI, Amazon Prime, Curzon Home Cinema and On Demand services such as Freeview and Sky Movies. 643 more words

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