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59 Origins of Dirty Words, Rude Gestures, and Language Differences


Emily joins me for a fun, disjointed chat about a topic very dear to me: namely, the etymology of ‘bad language’. We talk about the battles of Lenny Bruce, George Carlin and his seven words you can never say on television, and the Old English origins of vulgar language. 124 more words


Internet of Buttholes

I wasn’t allowed to say the word butthole growing up.




Slinging that word at a sibling was considered a no-no and led, at least for awhile, to getting my mouth washed out with soap. 218 more words



Abruptly and insignificantly told
Unknowingly hurt vulnerable feelings
Driven by spur of the moment
Verbatim that means nothing

Pointless insults to wonder
Gibberish to well-bred beings… 44 more words


The Who, What, When, Where, and How of Swears

We’ve all heard that bad words are bad, but are they really?

F*cking sh*t.

Who’s familiar with these words? Who uses these?

Let’s be honest here and admit that we use this word, or maybe not this one but others similar to it, every day of our lives, out of the hearing range of parents or teachers who might reprimand us for saying them. 1,675 more words

Blog Post

Why do we swear?

Whether you feel liberated or guilty, it is a fact that profanity is not sugar coated anymore. With the expansion of the mainstream and social media, we hardly keep cursing to ourselves. 468 more words

Mental Fitness

bad words

naughty words beware

bad words are bad or the soul

because life is hard


Words and Phrases that I Hate

What follows is an incomplete list of phrases I dislike. There is no real rhyme or reason to them; some are things I’ve encountered in my school or work circles, while others are just things I’ve stumbled across here or there. 1,090 more words