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Dear Virgins,

Allow me to extend my genuine gratitude; I’m honored you have chosen to visit my blog. I hope your time does not prove wasted here, as building human connections through the written word is paramount to me. 310 more words


If You Could Remove One Word From The English Language - What Would It Be?

Deleting Words

As a blogger (notice how I said blogger and not writer – that could be a separate discussion altogether) I love words and everything about them. 596 more words


Department of "No, Just No"


Gah. (Not the project, which I’m sure is fun. Just the abysmal name. The hackery, the butchery. The base assault on the language of Shakespeare, Milton and Austen, of Dylan and Ishiguro, too. 95 more words


An ode to bad words

First time I discovered cursing:
Unknown object in the distance
Chest open
Kissed by gold light.

Combinations infinite,
Overtly visceral,
Cleverly sensational,
Knowingly clever,

A spice to language, 
Speaking was fun,
Speech was better,

But it can be seen as immature
Incoherent gratuitous babble,
Though it blends emotion so seamlessly,
Conversations become minefields,
Holistically I love cussing. 17 more words

Fake News

I lied about this series being just about words. Single-worded-words and not phrases like this one. The series introduction that you’ve read a couple of months ago, is fake news. 965 more words