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New Single : Bad Words / New Album : Fangclub - Fangclub

Fangclub released some “Bad Words” for you.\

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Fangclub – Album 08/05/2017


This SH*& Is F*&%ing Funny

I have a potty mouth. I try hard to keep it under wraps and only use it when in the company of other swearers. I don’t know what it is about cursing, but I fucking love it. 248 more words

Bad Mom

Haydenisms...Cuss Words

It appears lately that Hayden has developed some curiosities with profane language!  Unfortunately, this is not his first run-in with off-limit words but now that he is learning to read, the latest incidents are particularly amusing! 219 more words

Generation F-Bomb: Profanity Goes Mainstream

By: Kelly Powell

What the #$@%*is going on? It seems profanity has run rampant through the social thickets of our society. Swearing has become widespread in television, on the big screen, and has now become socially accepted within many workplaces. 883 more words


Mommy "Bad Words"

My son is now 2 years old, and has a full-blown personality. I love how smart and verbal he is (he can now make 6 word sentences and JUST turned 2 on the 7th of this month), but sometimes the verbal side has me ready to pounce on my own baby. 500 more words


This Blog Is Now Blocked!

This blog is now blocked.

WORDPRESS has blocked my blog from the general public.


Make no mistake about it- WORDPRESS IS A RELIGIOUS AND RESTRICTIVE INSTITUTION. 304 more words