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So, his vocabulistics is limited...

He cussed at you? Are you sure? (…) Um, ‘asinine’ is not a bad word…

The Crumpett Files

Those are "inside words"!

Jack was getting into the car and smashed his leg.

Jack: OW!! Frick me in the bunghole!

me: Jack! What the heck! Why are you even saying that!? 11 more words

List of French Swear Words

In the table below, here are a few words and sentences and their counterparts in English, yet they’re not strict interpretations. They are things that all French individuals say, and is known as regular dialect. 277 more words

Bad Words

Profanity: Is It Just Words? Or Is There Something More Going On?

Marijuana is considered by many as a “gateway” drug. Meaning that the prolonged use of marijuana almost always leads to the use of harder more deadly drugs, thus the reason that in most places it is still illegal. 1,013 more words

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Why I Don't Cuss

In this world, it’s hard. Everyone around me is saying words that I hate, that I know God hates. Motherf*****, B****, Sh**, and many more. I don’t use them. 458 more words


juan de bravo

we left conversation

six minutes ago

you touched my food

eyed my woman

and talked about mamas

guess i’ll see you next lifetime


Wash my mouth with soap...

I grew up in a slightly conservative household. My mother was brought up in a very conservative household, so some trickled down. I’m sure not as much as she would have liked, but she was raising a different generation than her parents. 499 more words