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F U Pinstripe fabric!

So we’ve all seen the amazing fabric with the words F U printed on it to look like a pinstripe right? Well now is your chance to have it for yourself! 99 more words

Bad Words

Dirty Words

Dirty words. Stub my toe on the sharp metal caster and you’ll hear me spew lots of dirty words. Crap, kocker, damn it, dreck. 810 more words


Swearing Song

Fucking bastard
Bleeding Oaf
Shitting badgers
Fucking scrote

Cunting nora
Bleeding minge
Rotting dick stump
Seagull fringe

Yuppie toss wanks
Scruffy scum
Gargle ancient
Mummy cum… 12 more words


Challenge: To stop with personal insults

Last night my flatmate told me off once more for calling myself bad words. We were chatting happily in the kitchen as we normally do when I called myself a retarded and she got really pissed with me. 587 more words


The Blog Returns! ...Again.

Hello, and welcome back to the irregularly scheduled content here on Cross Culture Shock. I’m resurrecting this blog for a third (?) time, and this time there’s no holds barred. 506 more words

( Why) The Resistance Is Losing

By Umair Haque/ Bad Words/ June 30, 2017

The Muslim ban is in effect. The info shock-troops are attacking journalists daily. There are open calls for violence from major national institutions like the NRA. 882 more words


Interview With "Bizaardvark" Star Madison Hu! (@MadisonHu)

1. How did you get your start in acting?

When I was seven, my best friend was an actress, so she introduced me to a manager, and I went from there. 261 more words