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The First Time I... Cursed

I don’t curse a lot. At all, really. I try not to curse because I hate it when others do. To me, when someone curses, it comes off as someone is extremely furious. 755 more words


And I Swear By The Moon and Stars and the Sky

I can be a potty-mouthed sailor, and a well-placed expletive can prove to be very useful. It makes for fun jewelry, too! I’m a little obsessed with sweet things involving curse words so I couldn’t resist featuring curses in some of my pieces. 493 more words

Just Stuff

Tip Toe

I am a typical Aries girl. An overachieving busy body. I’m constantly running from meeting to meeting, over committing myself socially and working into the late hours to catch up on my typical shitload of work. 609 more words

Modern Parenting

Naughty words

This morning a friend and I were swapping anecdotes about our childhood language goofs.

Leslie explained that when she was little, she had 8 siblings. So, other than a one-fell-swoop family party, individual birthdays were only celebrated on the fifth and twelfth years. 299 more words

People Watching

Apparently I will do anything for love...even that

Meatloaf is a wise man.

Or maybe he’s not. I don’t know. I never met the dude. Maybe he’s the kind of immature guy who unfriends you on Facebook because you never hit “like” on the pictures of his cat Harold. 859 more words


Soccer in Hong Kong - 踢波

Recently I had the chance to join some locals for a friendly soccer game in Hong Kong. Activities like these are always a great opportunity to pick up some new vocabulary (especially slang words). 134 more words