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The ‘Interesting’-ly bad word: A lesson in humility

I deliberated over writing an introductory piece on the Bad Words series of thought pieces that expands on the section in the update post, because the lack on an introductory piece means that I will spend a few sentences in this post explaining what I am going for before being able to dive into discussion of the ‘word of the week’ itself. 888 more words

Bad Words

In Case You Were Wondering: Why Is it Bad for Christians to Cuss?

I’m working on a project I’ve got to get done this week (prayer appreciated!), so I’ll be re-running a few favorite articles from the archives in lieu of new content. 581 more words

In Case You Were Wondering


They say:

  • ‘Shouldn’t people know better than to use bad words?’
  • ‘Bad words shouldn’t be in the dictionary in case children see them.’
  • ‘Why are we even talking about this?
  • 1,832 more words

A Few Words About Swearing

It’s going to snow — again.  When I heard that, I had a few choice words to say about a certain rodent (Groundhog Day was Wednesday) Mother Nature and the poor Weather Girl who looks as if she was harnessed into her clothes (but that’s a different blog.)  I felt better — like — right now, and went about my business.  332 more words

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The F Word

In our house, the “F” word is Fart.  That was until Christmas day.

My husband has a few rules about bad words.  He doesn’t like the kids to say… 345 more words


So You Think You're in Love

At long last, you’ve finally met the love of your life, the apple of your eye, the Hagrid of your Hogwarts. Maybe they were sitting next to you in class, standing across from you on the train, or lurking in that dark alleyway you pass on your way to work. 345 more words


Teaching the Kids Bad Words





I’m sure I won’t win any “mom-of-the-year” awards for this, but I sat down with my then 8 and 9 year old and wrote all the bad words I knew on a piece of paper. 317 more words