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Harsh words of mayor sparks protests in Kexiong City as the City struggles to prevent mass murders.

Angry protesters march through Kexiong city as they demand for verbal rights. This came directly after the mayor of Kexiong city, Donald Wood, said some words that were deemed “inhumane”.  1,168 more words


Hi guys! Another funny story because of my 7 year old girl!

She came next to me at dinner and proudly exclaimed, with emphasis and dictation on that one word, “Mom. 119 more words


Palabrotas en español vs Bad words in English

Español                          Ingles

Me cago en la mar   =    Oh shit

Hostia   =                       Holy shit / Bloody hell / Jeez

Mierda  =                       Shit / Crap

Que te den  =                 258 more words


Warning: Strong Language.

“Hate is a strong word.”

This was said to me last week by a friend of mine after I had expressed my sentiments of a certain rival football team.   1,032 more words


flip it

i found my soul in a

dimly lit room

rank with unfiltered cigarette smoke

tired walls

hyper aged by cuss words

stained with residue from weak stomachs… 70 more words


To Swear or Not to Swear, That Is the F***ing Question.

I like to swear. Like, a lot. In my daily life, I swear so often my wife is genuinely afraid I will turn our future children into foul-mouthed street urchins willing to flash their giblets for cigarette money. 1,126 more words


Ode to an unfinished story...with a minimum of bad words

Contrary to popular opinion Vampires don’t always have their shit together.

Between having a large puppy, and last weekend’s trip it looks like someone broke into my home…no take that back. 537 more words