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Little Dre

Being the youngest of three and only girl, it didn’t take long for me to learn I could basically get away with anything. It was Fathers day and I was seven, making my traditional scrapbook cards for my dad. 66 more words


Me singing my Parody Song! Bahaha (Video)

Sorry about the bad recording system on my phone :P It’s the best I could do after a little hard work.

And yes, it’s dark because I am an anonymous Asian Ghost Writer or whatever sounds mysterious. 32 more words


Bad Words #3

Next week I will be on a large cruise ship in the Caribbean Sea. I have never been on a cruise before so I am excited. 608 more words


Christina Aguilera is nice to Mickey Mouse now

Christina Aguilera went to Disneyland again with her fiance and knowing her experience last time with Mickey Mouse she went quietly with Disneyland escorts. I think if it has to get to that point that you have to be escorted to Mickey Mouse to make sure that nothing happens maybe you shouldn’t be visiting there but that’s me. 28 more words


Bad words

Commenting on the Mother Love post on the Strong Language page (“a sweary blog about swearing”):

I’ve been involved in the music scene–jazz and rock–for going on four decades and have long noted how acceptable motherfucker is among musicians….it is more often endearing (how are ya, motherfucker?) and complimentary (you are a motherfucker!) than used negatively, though it can be an insult as well. 180 more words

Literacy Criticism

Teacher, What Does @#$% Mean?

Some teachers dread the first moment they have to confront a kid using a “bad word” in English class. The main issue is how a teacher should go about confronting the student. 1,125 more words



Fellow writers,
I implore us —
It’s time that we be
More decorous.

I don’t mean to
Be a censor,
But we must be
Less intense, or… 26 more words