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Bad Words

Sometimes, to celebrate the end of one of my language learning phases, I’ll celebrate with some profanity. Who better to guide us than Professor Oh, as I’m sure she will be clever and discreet about the subject matter. 282 more words

Bad Words

Only I Didn't Say, "FUDGE!"

Greetings once again readers! Many, many thanks to those who keep coming back and to those new ones who’ve subscribed in the past week! And before you ask, no, I’ve not been fishing in a while again. 814 more words

Fiction Writing

Profanities are just Words

Please explain to me why I can’t say “fuck” on my own blog. I’m kidding. Don’t.

We give some words too much power, and others not enough. 359 more words

Sirius Words

After many years and many transports, I got a new vehicle to drive. I researched for months before finding one that I liked and that I could afford. 824 more words


Taking the Trash Out of My Talk

Compared to the Jews’ near-total destruction of European art and music, use of foul language may seem a relative nitpick.  Yet I posit that on an absolute scale, its effects are underestimated; and it is a matter I may admittedly take a bit too personally, on account of a backstory which, of course, involves the Jew. 418 more words


Bad Words

In the odd event that you didn’t know or haven’t figured it out yet, I am a Sailor. More than that I am a US Navy Submarine Sailor, which means that (a) I curse like a Sailor and (b) I really don’t give a (obscenity deleted) what anybody thinks about it. 79 more words


My Foul Language 😁

Growing up I didn’t say bad words, I slipped a few times in 6th grade, but don’t we all? My Mema threatened to wash my mouth out with soap and blister my butt if I said bad words around her, plus it was considered extremely disrespectful to cuss around your elders… Until I turned 18! 235 more words