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What Did You Say?

When I was in 4th grade, I learned how to swear. Most of the class were doing it so started using swear words so that I do not feel left out, there is this sort of delight and satisfaction when I use swear words, it made me feel one of the elderly and awesome. 446 more words

What the f#*%

It is said that when small kids repeat ‘dirty’ words you should have no reaction and ignore it because it will go away. Reacting to it would only encourage the little one to say it again, just to get a rouse out of you. 232 more words

By DeeDee

50 Bad Words You Definitely Don't Want To Use In Front Of Your Mom






A tough, uncompromising, or intimidating person


An unpleasant or despicable person


The glans of a penis


A difficult or unpleasant situation or thing… 223 more words


Bad words leave bruises, good words heal

People need to think before they speak. People need to understand the speech is a gift – a way of communicating encouragement and promoting good. Often, speech is used to incite hate and sadness sometimes willingly, sometimes unwillingly as our tongues take control in certain situations. 737 more words

His Warriors

Word Storytime 5/9/18

By Awnali Mills

Today’s storytime was all about…words.  Yep.  Words.  The books I chose were Little Bird’s Bad Word by Jacob Grant and The Book with No Pictures… 336 more words


The thought is placed in its brain wetsuit and starts to swim in an ocean of worry

How it dives in there is either through a random comment or a text… 259 more words

Juan Life

Dude! That doesn't mean what you think it means. Part Two

Writers of historical fiction occasionally find themselves at the mercy of an evolving language. Many words which once had common, non-controversial meanings, have changed over the years and now carry linguistic baggage our ancestors would have never imagined. 550 more words