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Why I Hate The NY Times, Part [n]*

This paragraph:

There is most likely a middle way. Republican lawmakers might be comfortable with a system that shifts more of the costs of care onto people who are sick, if it makes the average insurance plan less costly for the healthy.

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Republican Knavery

Making Fiction Out of Reality

Lord knows I’ve attempted it countless times – trying to turn various dramatic parts of my life into awesome fiction. And I’ve failed. A lot. 895 more words

What Makes a Story "Bad"?

I was recently asked the question in the title during a job interview, and I immediately remembered a film I’d watched last year that epitomizes “bad” storytelling. 1,319 more words

Looking Back at Your Old Work

I was going through some old files the other day when I came across one called Pleasant Street. It’s a roughly 2,000 word short story I wrote about six years ago. 773 more words


49. #Vault7 - A Very Shitty Story Arc

Alright, who’s the asshole that’s writing this bullshit? Seriously, motherfucker, you got so lazy this season. It’s like you’ve been trying to outdo yourself after World War 2, and the Cold War was a good story arc, but you’re trying to set up a sequel to it and it’s just not working out well. 265 more words

How to Politely Say Something is Horrible

You have started working on your latest editing project and are less than impressed with the quality. You have a few options here. It is very possible that you don’t have a choice about whether or not to edit this. 471 more words


Monday Musings: I (Almost) Wish My Friends Would Stop Recommending Books To Me

Not all of them, of course. There are those I trust to tell me about books that I not only might enjoy, but that will also be readable. 1,080 more words

Life, And Everything Else