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Writing is HARD

HAHA! oh, sometimes i crack myself up.  Also- sometimes, i think this pretty accurately describes how marvel and DC write their comic books.

I thought it might be fun to make a paperback novel that is basically this, but stretched out for 150 pages.   66 more words


Black - free verse


so much black

all the chaos, the hate, the negativity

the news, the media. Feeding off this


smoke and mirrors, clouding up

so much lying and bullshit… 56 more words

Bad Writing

Bored With Your Own Writing

Have you ever written a passage—or even a whole chapter—then gone back to read it only to discover that it bored you to death? I’d bet so. 161 more words


Subject Matter

I don’t usually write about teenagers because the teenagers are typically uninteresting, overly dramatic, gossipy creatures. Of course this is a gross generalization and an example of a teenager in literature isn’t limited to being a gossipy monster, but in my observation we have two kinds of teenagers in this era literature. 270 more words

The Great Water Main Break Of 2015: A Survivor's Story.

I awoke from a deep slumber and attended my sink and, expecting a cool but concentrated torrent of fluorine infused water, was instead greeted by a dull rumbling.  551 more words


[WP] Once great literature, now great litter.

The light flickered a warm glow at the other end of the room. It had been another long cold day. Yet another day I don’t have the energy to wade across the stacks, but I do. 192 more words


facts aren't truth

Tomorrow is my birthday. (Although WordPress has seen fit to date this post for tomorrow instead of today…?)

There. I said it. I never admit it when the time of year comes around, though. 805 more words