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Horror-FAIL Friday: My OLD Writing Part 9

Welcome back to the horrific fun that never ends. I’m talking about my old writing. It’s the stuff from over ten years ago that I keep locked in the back of a deep and dark filing cabinet. 1,562 more words

Horror Fail Friday

Ugh, It's *Her* Again

So… This blog….

*rubs temples*

It’s really so hard to come back to writing personal blog posts these days. It doesn’t pay and right now? Any article that doesn’t contribute to my quota is a waste of time. 943 more words

‘It was as if the country’s enduring search . . . were encapsulated in these two contrasting objects . . . ‘

Should be ‘was encapsulated’. 25 more words

The American Experience

Horror-FAIL Friday: My OLD Writing Part 8

Welcome back to a story that should have ended before it ever began. I’m referring to a story I composed 12 years ago in my early teens when I had a very tenuous understanding of college life and love. 1,735 more words

Horror Fail Friday


We clicked on “Parallels” almost entirely at random, with only Netflix’s flawed prediction algorithm to guide us. Our decision process went something like: “It’s sci-fi, it involves parallel Earths, eh why not.” 542 more words


Video Blog 007: I Blame the Super Friends

So, I analyze myself a little bit here and try to find the source of my love for all things terrible.


10 Alternatives to Summer School

Summer school is nearing its first day, and for many people, the decision to attend is not trivial. In fact, for some it’s mandatory depending on their education plan if they are on track to graduate on a certain date. 3,856 more words