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Why Serious Writers should Avoid Wattpad

The Wattpad app can be described as the ugly cousin of Fanfiction.net with predominantly mobile based access. It has happily provided the creative writing community with a free platform to publish works since 2006. 398 more words


Book Review: Live Through This (Why Memoir is Often Inadvisable)

Live Through This is on shaky ground from the get-go because it is a memoir. Obviously intended to grab readers via its “shocking” content, it is a mother’s story of her two daughters’ ongoing, frightening attempts at total self-destruction. 286 more words

Reading Reading Reading

It is time to report the winners of a few competitions we ran over the last several months – Worst Sex Scene in a Contemporary Novel…

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In Support of Execution

Product strategies? Off with their heads!

Craigslist handed me a beautiful gift today—a help-wanted ad that’s sillier than one I could make up. Like most ads written in corporate-speak, it expresses a preference for applicants who “exhibit strong written & verbal communication skills” that are so plainly  421 more words


Looking Back at the Creation of This Blog.

This blog was created while I was still in high school. When I first wrote here I couldn’t  have cared less about views and likes on what I posted. 221 more words

Fifty Shades of Oy Vey

I know that this book has been talked about to death by writers, and we all know it’s bad on many levels, but as I’m sure everyone knows, the second movie based on the book… 488 more words


Krapp's Last Tape

In my senior year of college, I wrote the worst English-language play ever put to paper. I have saved many things–journals, letters, college notebooks, exams in blue-books, mediocre stories and less-than mediocre poems–but I did not save that play. 814 more words