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im sad

Jordan Jordan Jordan

Do I actually love my boyfriend

I miss my sister

Still haven’t got my period. What’s up with that.

I’m tired. 165 more words


Time to get on a rant here. The one mantra I hear over and over again that gets under my skin is when people say that if the story is good, one can get away with “breaking the rules.” In other words, mediocre or bad writing is okay as long as you sell a million books. 684 more words


50shades Pilfered: Ch6 Part 2, Seriously

This post is shorter than I thought it would be, because the rest of Chapter 6 is just so much fluff. CG is introducing Ana to a bunch of the random guests, and Ana keeps reminding us that they are all in masks, yet she identifies some by name. 382 more words


Omigosh! This book stinks! [Gasp] But I’m the author who wrote it!

The last two months have been eye opening. I remembered THIS POST and had to come to terms with what really made me write the words: … 567 more words

Jennifer M. Eaton

How a bad writing exercise seeded The Shining Ones

Ideas for novels often spring from unexpected places. The seed that became the sprout that grew into my latest novel arrived in the form of a disappointingly bad writing exercise. 808 more words


An Unconventional Suicide

He stumbles across the muddy field. I can’t possibly do this, he thinks. He walks, stretches, and runs flailing across the dirt, falling at last into a pile of dung he never saw coming. 433 more words


Even Bad Poems Should Have Friends

I hadn’t been able to write anything for a minute, so in some fruitless attempt to inspire dug out a bunch of my old journals and discovered two things; one being that I’ve been writing poetry since I was eleven or twelve (so yay me), and the second that most of it is pretty bad, terrible really; like somewhere between Nick Cage trying to express emotional depth and the face Gerard Butler makes that looks like he’s trying to telepathically communicate with squirrels type bad.   413 more words