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64. Kotick Chronicles - Cut Short and I don't Care

It’s not often I find myself calling something surreal. I often write humor using an absurd premise and non-sequitur, usually a poor attempt after being inspired by Monty Python. 716 more words

The Stupidest Classic I Never Read

I had always heard the name D. H. Lawrence pronounced with reverence–heck, they even quoted him on Star Trek!–and so I believed he must be a great author. 1,388 more words



So much has happened. The first of Wyatt’s men started releasing crawlies today. The girl that I gave the real virus to survived and is well. 934 more words

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Old Photos and Forgotten Stories

The other day I followed a whim and revived my old laptop. Inside it, I found old photos from my childhood, and the stories I wrote back then, too. 453 more words

Something in the Heir | Jenny Gardiner

Etc. What bad writing can teach us.

Something in the Heir is a hallmark movie in a book. It is every “Royal-falls in love with a pleb” book in one. 229 more words


Word traveled fast. A few hundred people had heard the radio transmission and came here yesterday. They didn’t want to make their own, they just wanted to be treated. 1,096 more words

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We were so fucking stupid! One of the survivors we turned away once we were out of the cure came back with a truck load of needles and syringes. 379 more words

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