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Vandee and the #XMasMythos 1: On Santa Claus

By Vandee

Christmas Watch List recent activity:

  • Arrested DevelopmentS2E6 – “Afternoon Delight”
  • Friends S10E10 – “The One With The Routine”
  • How I Met Your Mother…
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On writing and blogs

Sometimes, I think blogs are a bane rather than a boon to writing. Anyone can start a blog for free and write pretty much whatever they want. 175 more words

Random Thoughts

I Have No Idea What's Going On With This Book (A Christmas Special) Pt.1

I found a book in an antique store. Since I hadn’t made any stupid financial decisions yet that day I bought it. Because I wanted to share my confusion with the world. 590 more words

I need to look a little harder so that I see bits of you and me in everyone

I am world-weary. I want to experience joy, comfort and happiness in the unknown beauty of things, but I am stuck in my feeling of lethargy. 192 more words


Bad Habits

The hand that writes.

Just like nuns, writers can have any number of bad habits. Whether the writing is fiction, non-fiction, or even academic, there will always be certain things that any of us do that are a little bit silly. 656 more words

Before and After: The Gettysburg Address

For this blog post, I thought it would be fun to take a famous speech and work backward, adding unnecessary words and phrases, making it so verbose as to be hard to recognize. 1,010 more words

Word Choice

Been gone awhile.

Sorry about that. I’ve been rather busy.

I’ve decided that while writing is still my main passion in life, being self-employed is a big deal. So I started a small business. 481 more words

Writing Life