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I feel like writing tonight.

I don’t really have a plan for this so bear with me while I ramble on aimlessly.

There are so many things going on in my life and I haven’t really taken the time to step back and reflect on them. 561 more words

Bad Writing

I am a Bad Writer

Lately I have been going to essays.ph to earn a little money. It’s a website which hires freelance writers. As a writer you can write articles depending on your taste. 218 more words


Book Sins

I hate to single out books for hate, so I thought of a a way to do it without getting too nasty. You could still figure it out if you try, and if you really want to know, you could send me a private message and I’ll tell you, but I’m not trying to single out anyone for unfair criticism here. 305 more words

David Brooks Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

One sentence from today’s column that captures the pure, distilled essence of the alt-hack that is our BoBo:

And yet it has to be confessed that, at least so far, the Whitewater scandal was far more substantive than the Russia-collusion scandal now gripping Washington.

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Yeah, I think we’ve reached a new low: Avalanche Sharks (2014) a T.V. movie produced by the Syfy Channel the same people who brought us Sharknado. Syfy cut this crap out sharks are cool.

I’ve always been fascinated by sharks, I’ve even swam with the sharks in Bora-Bora which was to say the least exhilarating.  Shark documentaries are great but at the end of the day sharks can be dangerous.  677 more words

Movie Reviews

Xenophobic Octopus

Oh hey.

You’re still here.

It’s been a while since I posted because…because…

I don’t really have a good reason. Maybe that’s part of the problem. 297 more words


68. Wattpad and racial fiction- as written by /POL/

Warning: If you get your titties in a twist about hearing any critique about pandering, racial pandering, or me making jokes at the expense of poor lifestyles (fatties), then you’ll probably be offended by the rest of my blog too. 553 more words