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A Terrrible Poem

I wonder if the end will ever come.

The pain has to go away.

It shifts. It moves. It grows.

Why must I feel this? What did I do to deserve such a torrid affair? 15 more words


Badly Written Scene Description Kills Your Actor's Choices!

You are writing this script to be made. Crew members are going to read it. Heads of departments are going to read it. At least, that’s the theory. 478 more words

Which Of These Is Not Like The Others?

Andrew Sullivan — yes, I know, and I’ll get back to that in a moment — is live blogging the RNC for New York Magazine… 429 more words


That Life Commentary - Chapter Eleven

What else can I say? This is a great reprieve. In spite of the fact that I have no idea how many people regularly view this, doing this does at least distract me from the world at large, and the uncomfortable truths that libertarian reactionaries do exist… 1,771 more words

Opinion Piece

Spoiled Remains.

Victoria made her way through the underbrush, blade in hand. She could see the high priestess giving a rousing sermon to her flock of brainwashed followers. 211 more words


Do the Big Stuff FIRST! Fix the Pages Before the Phrases!

I have had to fight hard to be in a position to tell you this, and I am feeling pretty good about it too.

When you’ve finally got a draft, solve the story problems and the character problems and the structure woes… 234 more words

The Machine

Bernard was an engineer with a fascination in time travel. Ever since he was a young boy he dreamed of building of a machine that could travel through time. 54 more words