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Faith In Your Art

Art props you up if you remain faithful to it, giving it the attention required.

Stephen King says…you must write and read every day, no exceptions. 235 more words


Needed To Be Written

I’ve told myself that I can be one of those writers that writes everyday. That I should write everyday. That I’m actually capable of writing everyday. 353 more words

Thoughts Of The Day

50 Shades of Boring

Oh, dear readers! There’s been so much hype about the 50 Shades of Grey books and the movie that’s out now – some people calling for a boycott (right, because that never draws MORE attention to something and gets more people to actually go), some people saying that it’s dangerous, some folks complaining that it doesn’t accurately portray the BDSM community, others have said it’s just offensive or sinful, and on and on. 1,261 more words

Choosing relevant detail: writing, specificity, & Dan-Brown-isms

In our last video we discussed using specific details to make a story convincing. But specific details are not just there to make the story a bit more believable; they’re also the primary means through which the story, and all its emotion, is conveyed. 766 more words

Creative Writing

All filler no killer

This afternoon me mam asked had I been writing while she was away, and I realised that not one word has escaped my pen (or keyboard) since 2014. 276 more words


Reviews for bad books?

I’ve read two books by Ausralian women authors recently that I didn’t like.  One was a very flat story structure that swayed from too much obvious explanation to glaring omissions and no real character development. 267 more words


WP, you really suck sometimes.

I’m a pretty easy-going person. I tolerate a lot. I’ve seen some bad instructions, wrong word pronunciations, etc. here in WP and I usually let it go. 519 more words

Daily Prompt