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That Life II Commentary - Chapter 1

Oh, don’t get me wrong. I’m fully aware that probably nobody follows this blog anymore, but for my own personal enjoyment, I’m going to continue putting these out there. 1,861 more words

Opinion Piece

It’s easy to overlook a bad story, but it’s difficult to overlook great writing.

From The Value of Line Edits (and when to do them), August 19, 2016


Editing my own book is hard

I’m not a complete stranger to editing as I mention a few hundred times before I did edit James Harrington’s Soul Siphon (go buy it, it’s good). 239 more words


The Machine Part Two

The machine was meant to save us. It was meant to bring about world peace. It was meant to bring an end to hunger and poverty. 166 more words


Frequently Never Asked Questions #2

Here’s another set of questions you’ve never asked, but I felt compelled to answer anyway. Have a nice day.

Questions #1: Where do the ideas for your stories come from? 285 more words


The Only 5 Star Trek: Voyager Episodes You Need to Watch

By Vandee

(For more strategic viewing, visit The Only 5 Episodes You Need to Watch)

Season 1, Episodes 1 + 2: Caretaker

The Federation starship USS Voyager is launched on its first mission into the Badlands in pursuit of a missing Maquis ship.  1,134 more words


The Missing Massive Missive

It was fucking cold.

Holy shit was it fucking cold on that fucking boat.

Is it recording?

Hello. My name is Daniel.

What I’m about to explain to you is not for repeating. 570 more words