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When Reading Crappy Fiction...

… I’m finding that I can actually learn a few things. You probably know that most people recommend that writers consume high-quality literature, thus giving great examples of writing of which to draw upon. 541 more words

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Why Is It So Hard to Write Badly?

One of the most important tricks to actually start writing—perhaps the key to a finished first draft—is to learn how to write badly. This may seem counterintuitive; after all, isn’t the point of learning to write and wanting to write professionally, you know, being good at it? 797 more words


Why I Will Not Review Your Book

It really is nothing personal, and I do not turn down the opportunity to read a new story very often, but sometimes I do. And then the author takes it personally. 585 more words


Sailor Moon Crystal: Episode 15 And Beyond

Alright, Sailor Moon Crystal has started the Black Moon arc (Sailor Moon R (the second part, for those familiar with the original). I actually think it it is… 527 more words



Today I am going to keep things simple with a picture a friend sent me as inspiration. I wish I knew the original source so that I could give due credit. 15 more words

Review: The Field Trip by R. A. Andrade

I truly hate writing reviews for ‘less than stellar’ books. Let’s face it, authors work hard to put their books out there, and I want to encourage them. 271 more words

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Are You Ready to Get Mortified?

Writing is generally a solitary experience. Whether you write at your kitchen table or in a bustling café, you are still alone with the words on the page. 590 more words

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