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So today I went back to my old elementary school. It’s actually a K-12 school, but I left after fourth grade, and I still have a lot of friends there. 267 more words


Five Ugly Realities of Being a Full Time Writer

I found myself, earlier today, in a position I’ve been in before: telling someone who came to me, asking for advice on a writing career, not to pursue one.   1,264 more words


Creative Writing: sometimes people just suck at speaking.

Writing is, in my own personal opinion, one of the most wonderful things to have ever existed. When writing, you are given the chance to have your words reach an unlimited amount of people and, if preserved properly, have them last forever to be interpreted by other generations. 1,382 more words


Don’t be a Bad Writer! Learn What Good Writers Know

Many people talk about bad writing versus good writing. Often the label of “good” or “bad” extends past the writing to the writer. There are many possible reasons as to why one writer may be considered “bad,” while another is thought of as “good.” But what is the main difference between good and bad writers? 429 more words


Snippet 2 of Taoist Mystery: Being With Nothingness

Obviously, the only reason I’m putting a few of these very first draft, rather random sections of my work ‘in progress,’ I’ll call it loosely, is to find out whether any readers out there would be the slightest bit interested in continuing if they stumbled across this: would you want to know any who, what, why, when, where? 683 more words


How Not To Write: in Any Genre

If you want me to abandon your book mid-read, please avoid all conflict.

Conflict is what makes us want to keep reading; it’s what makes the story interesting.  257 more words

How Not To Write

Missing a fur-friend.

The glass wall, that separates us all.
Please let me through, I really want to love you.
If you refuse. I’ll still love you.
Break my heart, I dare you. 77 more words

Bad Writing