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Coming home.

After being in the Milands for over 4 years, I have decided to go home to the big smoke. I thought I would of found happiness but found myself in the mist of awaking to my own shadow and seeing the divide of status in work between the top and bottom. 188 more words



           These are the one hell of words that we all are looking for desperately to have in our life. It does not matter that at which stage we all are in our life or which age we are of or how these two words are affecting our life that are  totally unnoticed by us. 517 more words

Food For Thoughts

I thought I was

I thought I was good until I was around good people…

Then I thought I was bad until was around bad people…

Then I thought I was positive until I was around positive people… 286 more words

Precious Stones of Our Past

I am writing this but
I’m not here. I’m still
there. I spent most of
the day yesterday
writing about there
and then.

Writing about another… 122 more words


@WOSunshine - A Cynical Review #weareinpuglia

If Hannah Arterton was plucked from obscurity to play the role of Taylor in Walking on Sunshine, then it is from obscurity she came, and back to obscurity she will go. 1,343 more words


Her hair fell over her shoulder in a blonde cascade, ruffled and loosely curled. She smiled and grazed her bottom lip with her teeth softly without breaking eye contact with him. 176 more words


Rules to detox Blogs

I used to like blogs because they were a rebellion against magazines – get your voice heard. Without the consent of Anna Wintour or some editor who has to worry about advertiser revenue. 1,041 more words