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Are The Discworld Books Overrated?

Terry Pratchett is one of the most famous British writers and his Discworld series has been read by millions. He has been praised by many as one of the funniest writers and master of the fantasy genre. 2,228 more words


Is Internet Fame Bad For Your Brain?

The thumbnail is from a van I saw last week when I was walking- how relevant is that?!

Even if your a passionate film maker/blogger/social media user for the right reasons- when times get tough (relatively speaking) we’re all kept going by the knowledge that millions of people could potentially see your work- and sometimes they do. 376 more words


What is it that makes you and I good people and him and her bad people?

Can law abiding citizens equate to being good people? Laws are after all meant to upload societal values. 148 more words

Being Thoughtful

The Worst Crimes Ever Committed Against Leggings

Leggings are arguably the most comfortable pants ever. They’re incredibly versatile and you get to kiss buttons and zippers goodbye. You don’t have to worry about chafing and they make loungewear stylish. 167 more words


Has this ever happened to you?

Read a post.
Understand nothing you read.
Never mind that, you’ll comment anyway.
Kiss,  . I love your post!!!!  LOL. 68 more words

McDonald's Is Killing Off The Quarter Pounder With Cheese In Japan

(Source: kotaku.com)

Oh dear. This is bad news! Very bad. Starting April 4, you cannot order a Quarter Pounder with Cheese in Japan, because the country’s McDonald’s restaurants won’t be offering it. 253 more words


Bad Money Habits That You Need To Drop When In A Relationship

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Image Credits: pixabay.com

Maintaining a healthy relationship with your significant other entails stabilizing the disposition of your finances.

Read thru this article to know how bad monetary habits can potentially harm your relationship. 606 more words

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