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In a couple of days it will be my Mom’s birthday. She passed away one year and nine months ago. This would be her second birthday anniversary in heaven. 505 more words

The Tell Tale Sign Of Bad Drivers

You might be a TERRIBLE driver if…

A new study found that people who pass their driver’s test on the first try are actually MORE likely to get into accidents than people who failed, and had to retake it. 96 more words


Top Five Kinds of Bad Teachers

We always have that one bad teacher. After seeing this try and help them improve. If you are one of these, it’s okay, just watch your step! 73 more words

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Pretty Pollen

Tell me how something so dirty
can be mixed with things so sweet
you’re so foul, so loud
but for you the flowers sing.


Kano - P's & Q's

To be considered a godfather of grime, one must have longevity, an ability to stay recent year after year and be able to make the tunes that will pump up the listeners and set the gas levels high. 146 more words


What is a 'good girl'?

In nowadays’ society, being called a ‘good girl’ can mean one of two things. It can mean you are seen as conservative, not interested in sex, not fun, or a prude. 918 more words


Tør hud og varme bade

Jeg har på det sidste døjet med meget stædig, tør hud, og har derfor besluttet mig for at prøve kun at tage bade hver anden dag, da jeg ved at mit højt elskede varme vand er varmere end godt er for min hud. 103 more words