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Blac Chyna's mum goes against claims her daughter is a bad influence on Robert Kardashian

Blac Chyna’s mum blasts claims her daughter is a bad influence on Robert Kardashian Blac Chyna’s mum has hit out at claims her daughter could prove to be a bad influence on new boyfriend Rob Kardashian by blasting: 229 more words


The Worst Songs Ever Recorded: #32. "It's My Life" - Bon Jovi (2000)

Jon Bon Jovi. Eternally handsome Jon Bon Jovi.

On my way to band practice one fine winter’s evening (where we congregate to make our own kind of garbage music) I switched on the radio in between CDs and on came… 915 more words


Kill Stealing (Why It's a Bad Thing)

If you’ve played at least a good few matches in LoL, then you have most likely seen the letters “ks” types into the chat. For those of you who don’t know “ks” means kill steal. 350 more words

Why I Don't Play (Sometimes)

League of Legends is a fun game if you meet the requirements to play it, however I share a house with 5 people and I don’t have the best internet in the world. 292 more words

My Best Champions (So Far)

If you’ve read my first post here, you’ll know that I’m still a low level player, so I haven’t played a lot of the champions, save the ones I own and the ones on rotation, however as of right now, I still have a few favored champions.They will be listed in no particular order. 282 more words

League of Legends is a Good Game.

LoL may be seen as another MOBA among many and, to be honest it is pretty similar to the majority of MOBA games.

So, why not play DOTA or some other MOBA? 299 more words


I am young but I’ve been exposed to conflicts and situations that made me sometimes lose all my faith in humanity. Today was one one of those days when some of these bad memories were triggered by a small event. 81 more words