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16 Goddamn Deer I Accidentally Hit On My Way Out Of The Movie Theater Parking Lot

How did this keep happening to me? 1. My small drive from hell got started when this deer ran in front of me right as I pulled out of my parking spot. 31 more words


Me, Myself and Jay

The title of this is humorous considering that Jay and I are sitting here watching Me, Myself and Irene. Anyways…

As most of you know, I’m having issues with me trying to decide if being with Jay is what I still what I want. 580 more words



“You have nothing to be afraid” He said.

The lie gave me courage as I walked away.

We only ever see each other when I go into my mind

and scare myself.

Daily Musing

Why GM Mosquitoes Are a Bad Idea

Mosquito A mosquito GM or GM is one with modified DNA.
These are not the same as cross or selective breeding. Selective breeding could try to develop the ultra bright juicy watermelon or husky with blue eyes. 568 more words


A rant about nothing!

Ever had one of those days where literally everything pisses you off? Someone could be like look at that rainbow and your like ‘f*** that s***!’ 614 more words