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Thanks to you - many thank you's :)

To all family, friends, fans, followers and the Universe – thank you, I wouldn’t be on this path if it wasn’t for those of you who are supporting me as I uncrinkle myself from my cocoon to be a new….author hopefully! 12 more words


I am an Alien...

One of the very best habits that I have learned and adopted over the last 2 years is that reading daily is awesome for developing a positive attitude and in general has helped me to work on me. 588 more words


I wanted to forget bad things only for moments

Today i wanted to smile a lot, but it has not been possible
I wanted to feel something different from other days
I wanted to forget bad things only for moments… 101 more words

Non Classé


August 1st is almost over.

I want this to be my month.

My time to find myself or atleast be myself, if that’s even possible. 45 more words


7 Types of Guys Who Make Bad Husbands

There are types of men who do make wonderful husbands, but use caution when you come across the following types.  There any many ingredients to happy marriage but watch out for someone who can’t trust or won’t admit when they are wrong, self-absorbed or won’t contribute to a happy home. 39 more words


FLAK: Please Stop, Kids-- Kidz Bop 29 Album Review 

Today, I was scrolling through ITunes, casually, and came across “Kidz Bop 29.” This album is the latest one of the horrific Kidz Bop. (For those of you unfamiliar with it, it’s this thing where kids sing pop hits. 473 more words



Here is the reason why i need to stop using paint and just stick to using pencils. This is actually an older drawing of mine that i gave as a gift to my friend, i thought it was pretty great back then yet now when i look at it a cringe.