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Soulmates (tiny tale) 

~The day I realised that you were clumsy, broken, bad at jokes, terrible at lying was also the day I realised we would be soulmates~


Put a Full Stop (.) to Hate

When you hear a good word spoken about your friend, tell him/her so. But when someone say a bad word, try to keep it to yourself and try to make that person see that it is not so, instead of spreading the hate. 10 more words

Ponderings, Musing & Ramblings

How may an Act be Good or Bad?

This topic is something deep. How do we know whether a given human act is good or evil? This is an example of an ethical discussion. 376 more words

To my monster

Oh Monster how i loved you for too many years. Looked up to you, almost worshiped you. i needed your acceptance, no i craved your acceptance. 297 more words

Tick or not too Tick? September health goals

I really should have started my health goals at the end of September…But when your father have a major heart attack…It sort of makes you kick into gear! 403 more words

Blog Challenges

Will Kostakis and John Corey Whaley interview each other about their latest YA projects — exclusive

Will Kostakis has a new book coming out — and he found just the writer to talk with about it: John Corey Whaley.

Kostakis is an Australian author making his stateside debut with… 1,521 more words


The WORST TATTOO You've Ever Seen?!?

Neck tattoos?!?

Face tattoos?!?

Tramp stamps?!?

What are some of the WORST TATTOOS you’ve ever seen on a person?!? (…even if it’s YOU!)

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