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****बरखुरदार! थोड़ी सी ही तो है****

बाहर कड़ाके की सर्दी पड़ रही थी, समुद्र तल से 6000 फ़ीट ऊपर, -16° C तापमान और लगभग 5 फुट बर्फ की सतह दूर दूर तक फैली थी। रात के समय जब चांदनी उस बर्फ की चादर पर अपनी रौशनी बिखेरती तो यूँ लगता था मानो सफ़ेद बदलो का अथाह समुद्र सामने हो, उसके ऊपर सितारों से पटा आसमान और पश्चिम में बलखाती आकाश गंगा का सौंदर्य शब्दो में बयां करना नामुमकिन है। इस नयनाभिराम के बावजूद यहां खड़ा होना दूभर था क्योंकि पारा शून्य से लगभग सोलह डिग्री नीचे, और हवा का वेग मानों हडिडयां गलाने पर उतारू था। इसीलिए 6 सैनिकों की वो टुकड़ी बर्फ के दामन में बनी एक छोटी सी चौकी के भीतर से ही निगरानी कर रही थी। 9 more words


Why in-flight meals can be bad for you

(Source: www.straitstimes.com)

Flying on a plane may ruin your diet, even when you are hardly tempted by the in-flight food.

The meals served are laden with calories, not to mention being in the air tempts you to eat more, says a new book Gastrophysics: The New Science Of Eating. 370 more words

Current Affairs

Japan's demographic time bomb is a bad omen for the US

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

Over the last five years, Japan’s economy has contracted by more than two trillion dollars in GDP and 1 million people in lost population. 384 more words

Money Matters

Ramadan: Ayah of the Day #2

Today I am sharing these two Ayaat from Surah Al Zalzalah which are bound to be taken and understood together. We as humans have a tendency to belittle something trivial into an absolute nothingness. 771 more words


Trump calls Germans ‘very bad,’ threatens to end German car sales: Reports

President Donald Trump has reportedly reignited tensions with his EU counterparts after calling the Germans “very bad” for their trade surplus with the U.S.
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It's all in our mind 

What’s good? .. what’s bad?
What makes a woman good ? What makes a woman bad?
We live in this world as second handed people where almost all our judgements are clouded based on what we have been taught when we are raised. 193 more words


Microsoft Releases Patch for "Crazy Bad" Windows Vulnerability

Microsoft responded unusually fast to issue a patch for a security vulnerability that could exploit Windows OS. #Vulnerability #Zero-Day #Windows