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Not even 9am

Warning: has some vulgar language..
You know how we all just have those days? Well I seem to be having a couple of them.. I have so many ideas in my head and they won’t flow into the words I want for my blog, to start. 261 more words

Simply Life

Just Need to Vent

YouTube finally fixed the problem we were having with the comments page, so I went through a few pages of comments that I wasn’t able to go through for the passed couple of days. 966 more words


Ally McBeal

God only knows what possessed me to watch this late 90s show- boredom? melancholy? sheer stupidity? I read the reviews, I saw Wikipedia- I knew the consensus. 216 more words


Day 45

Today was shit and I am not proud of myself, but I need to get over it so tomorrow I shall promise to not snack and I guess I shall try and use this blog as an intensive not to do so. 90 more words


The Worst Reality Shows Of ALL TIME (Well, So Far)

People try to hit it big all the time with a reality TV show. Out of all the shows that have made it here are the 22 worst of all time. 20 more words


4 People We Must Avoid AT ALL COSTS.

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with” – Jim Rohn

Well, I think it’s more like ten to fifteen. 640 more words

Formulating Life

It's the middle of the week...

So it’s obviously time for a drink.

There is always, of course, a time and a place. But that time is “on your own time” and that place is “anywhere you aren’t getting caught”. 52 more words