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19/365 “19/365”

here i am again in bed

hands to my sides

nothing to rest my head

for what it’s worth

what am i supposed to make do with… 31 more words



your words were lush green vines
that enveloped me pleasantly
vines that turned into ropes
that wrapped around my neck

your touch was warm
and comforting… 80 more words


The Devil's Rejects.... Who The Hell Requested This Movie Too Me!!!

I can take gore… no really I can… Cabin In The Woods that’s gory and I can take that…. the Final Destination franchise…. gory but again I can take that, The Devil’s Rejects take gore and raises it to 100% it’s disgusting like proper unfit for the squeamish gory, I’m squeamish okay I’ll admit but sorry excuse my language but fuck me sideways and call me Clive this film is just absolutely disgusting, I was gagging half of the time during this. 255 more words

Conversations at work.

(Spray is in her late middle age years…)

Paddy:  Hey, there Spray.  How’s it going?

Spray:  Fine.

Paddy:  So, did you want to go to lunch with us today?  212 more words


Send .....?

Do Love constituted human needs?

Remember, love can make you do crazy and unrealistic things, quixotic

Blinded by love is just a symptom, lovesick

Desperate when you’re high on an ecstasy of love… 30 more words


Clear Skies

Trying to avoid the sight of clouds,
We cast down our eyes;
But in gazing at the ground,
We lose sight of clear skies.

When the clouds part, and sunlight… 17 more words