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I am NOT a Good Person

I am not a good person. I say this not because I’ve murdered someone or committed a major crime, as a matter of fact, I’ve never been to jail or had any run-in with the police. 618 more words

Bad Habits

They say bad habits are hard to break, unfortunately the saying is true. If we let them, bad habits consume us and it tear apart at our very being. 449 more words


Forgive for the Future

When we forgive we make peace with that which happened in the past.

It does not change the past – right or not, good or otherwise – that was what it was. 72 more words

Dare or Disappear

We would never be able to fall in love if we weren’t willing to take the chance of heartbreak. We would never be able to taste victory without accepting the possibility of defeat. 96 more words

Failure...trust is temporary

Faith and trust. These things are so temporary that it hurts. Why humans keep gainning your trust, being with you, seeking for you and then when you are theirs to trust completely – they just shatter everything into milion pieces? 1,715 more words


Why you do the things you know you shouldn't!

On this talk show:  Understanding the real reason why we do the things we know we shouldn’t do!


To download podcast, right click HERE… 13 more words


Story time

“… After the heist Mary and Anna climbed into an ivory Jaguar and rode off into the sunset.” Paula said patting her sisters’ hair. “And that’s the story of the million dollar heist. 269 more words