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this is bad

Someone hands you an English thriller,
highly recommended.
You don’t read English.

You’ve worked up a thirst
for something you can’t afford.

You have deep insights, 71 more words


Review: Rush Bros

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I can’t imagine there’s a huge market for speedrunning games, yet I see more and more of them every year. 365 more words


Review: The Bridge

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I feel super conflicted about this one. On the one hand, I’m sure The Bridge was plenty impressive when it came out four years ago, with its beautiful sketchpad art and mind-bending puzzles. 582 more words


You CAN't Win 'Em All

If I CAN be CANdid

That which CAN be CANned

CAN make an author realize

That their idea doesn’t have

A logical and satisfying conclusion.


Memories...All alone with my memory

29. Your favourite memory

Wow! This was so hard to break this down to one, I have a lot of “favourite time” memories. From significant things to when I got some great retail therapy deals! 96 more words

Funny Fact Friday

Poem: Habit

You know you shouldn’t…




Nails are meant to be bitten

Texts are meant to be written

Who can say what happens to our gum… 139 more words