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Sato Kanae

Sato Kanae, a female freelance illustrator, makes the most curious, whimsical, and often creepy-cool illustrations.

I find them simple but not wanting for anything. They are entirely whole- there is nothing missing, nothing I want more of. 40 more words

Favorite Things

Cristo Velato by Giuseppe Sanmartino

I am an atheist, but I’ll be damned if religious imagery doesn’t get me every time. You can’t not sigh in front of Giotto or be mesmerized by Grunewald (which I will do a post on soon, he’s so fantastical) or just sort of wonder how Michelangelo did what he did (research suggests he had autism or Asbergers, which may have affected the way that he created how he did). 130 more words

Favorite Things

My love for Edvard Munch intensifies.

The Dance of Life (showing Munch accosted by Lust while Love waits and decays on either side)

The Scream- considered a possible drawing of a human soul, inspired by a bloody sunset on a bridge, also a culmination of anxiety and fear. 484 more words


Pieter Bruegel the Elder (Or, that crazy Flemish guy)

Dull Gret

Dutch Proverbs

The Fall of the Rebel Angels

Massacre of the Innocents

Tower of Babel

I love it when an artist has clearly staked out a niche, and then makes it entirely their own. 214 more words

Favorite Things

Halloween with Hieronymous

What sort of night full of spooks, thrills, screams, (or for some of us, exams and sleep) would be complete without some supremely creepy details from  110 more words


Gustav Klimt, The Kiss

There’s something so terrifying and gorgeous about Klimt’s work.

All of it has these seeping tones of sensuality, but The Kiss is still an ultimate favorite. 107 more words


The Kiss

Edvard Munch doesn’t really circumvent anything. He goes right for what he’s feeling- betrayal, heartbreak, being misunderstood, isolation, narcissism. His art speaks volumes and it’s full of mysticism and outright  205 more words