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Finished: Bitch Planet

Ever go about your day being like “I love comics, but I don’t give a fuck about struggling DC/Marvel male protagonists who have the same pseudo-isolating problems and fight crime while picking up side chicks?” Because I do! 467 more words


Top Fifteen Male Movie Badasses - Milo

No! Don’t leave immediately because of the exclusion of females! There will be a seperate list for them so they all get the recognition they deserve. 1,317 more words


DMC Showcase & Hootenanny!!!! - August 12th

Everybody’s favorite scrappy lil lit mag that could is hosting a showcase and shindig at the National Poetry Slam in Oakland, CA.

Featured Readers/Badasses include: 86 more words



Ok, Maybe I’m A Bit Behind On This One, But Hell, Is It Ever Too Late To Fantasise About Next Years Deadpool Movie? I Think Not! 530 more words


Having A Rare Hair Loss Condition In Your 20s: An Interview With My Sister

One day, when my younger sister, Rochelle, was a tiny little girl all of her hair just started falling out and didn’t stop until it ALL fell out. 1,553 more words

Witness Pure Girl Power In This Badass Action Movie Women Montage

Maybe I’m still riding high on the bloody, rampaging fun that was Everly, but when someone passed along this supercut of female action movie heroes kicking ass all over the place, I just couldn’t say no. 79 more words