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My Prayers to Honour and Give Thanks to Goddess Morrigan (as Anu, Macha and Badb)

Prayer to Honour and Give Thanks to Goddess Anu

Anu, Mother Goddess,
Mother of Tuatha De

Anu, Earth Goddess,
Abundance of the Earth and rivers…

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A weird ass dream

So a while ago I did an impromptu letting go, releasing old debt letters kind of an off the cuff ritual. I chucked a load of smudge in from my favourite witchy supply shop. 402 more words


Poems inspired by the Morrigan.

A first blog post of poetry. It might not be very good poetry. But it’s heartfelt and honest. Hope you enjoy

Clawing up through dirt and bone. 337 more words


Badb Vibes: An Afternoon on Slieve Bawn

One of our newest members, Vyviane Armstrong of Atlanta Georgia, recently had the opportunity to visit sites sacred to The Morrigan and her possible continental gaulish counterparts in Europe.   993 more words


Who is The Morrigan to me?

Just recently ive seen a lot of Debate on who the Morrigan is and people who see her as a Mother figure are they right or Wrong etc etc. 606 more words


Badb, Goddess of Life and Death

Strange that the last Celtic Goddess I am covering is one that deals with death and destruction.  But with all the craziness and division in the world right now I wanted to look death in the face and see if there were a way to find the positive side.  190 more words

The Goddess

Triple Goddesses

In religious iconography or mythological art, three separate beings may represent either a triad who always appear as a group or a single deity known from literary sources as having three aspects. 315 more words

Irish Mythology