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Battle Crow

I banged my drum, real loud, real fast. The images of ravens on the drum pulsated with the beats, almost seamed alive. They seamed to whisper to me “Battle crow, battle crow…” The beat went ever faster until suddenly I stopped. 68 more words


Bring Up the Horses

I am home from the retreat. It was intense. It was hard. It was powerful. And there is a part of me that is really not looking forward to what lies ahead. 1,256 more words


Memorial Day

Great Raven, you were beside the mighty
Cu Chulainn even as he fell in battle
Guardian of the Fallen
Washer at the Ford
I call out to you now, Badb Catha, in remembrance… 84 more words


Dealing with Fear

You don’t realise how much your childhood learnings affect you when you are older. We are conditioned by so many factors: family, school, the media, religion. 509 more words



My personal transformation is not nearly complete, though it is finally beginning to gain direction. I’d like to share something that you can try at home. 596 more words


Tantrum (A Prayer to Badb and Nemain)

Tonight my daughter happily emptied three baskets of toys onto the floor. Before her bath, we asked her to clean them up. But she didn’t want to clean up–she was busy drawing. 708 more words