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#100GreatestMovieCharacters and barely 10% are female

I know I harp on about this all the time, but Empire Magazine’s latest issue – featuring #100GreatestMovieCharacters (and, for the subscriber edition, artwork featuring a barely-dressed Marion clinging to #1 Indiana Jones on a vine) – has brought fresh fuel to my frustration. 485 more words


There's No Such Thing as Just a Hero

I’ve been bad today. Instead of doing the ironing, or something else as equally un-enthralling, I played around in Photoshop and made this. Took me absolutely ages but I’m proud of it. 6 more words


Whistleblower goodies and baddies: Kay Lee

When Kathy Jackson blew the whistle on Craig Thomson for misusing union funds, she was praised by various members of the Coalition.  Tony Abbott described her as “a brave decent woman”, a “credible whistleblower” whose actions were “heroic”.  1,056 more words

Australian Shame

Guardians of the Galaxy - Review

The film kicks off with a young boy in hospital saying good bye to his mother on her death bed. As drama hits, the boy runs out of the hospital and is abducted by a space ship. 181 more words

Reblogged from The Guardian’s Book Blog. See the original here.

You can reserve a copy of A Clockwork Orange, Lolita or perhaps some Beethoven… 10 more words

Character, Complexity and Point of View

Weeks ago I thought the outline for Book 4 was almost finished: just the odd twist here. or an extra chapter there and it was done, waiting to be fleshed out in all its detail in the first draft. 505 more words