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A Little Too Hype [Baddies]

So take a look at these photos…what do you think? Beautiful? Crazy? Young, wild and free? Regardless of what you think, these four photos all have something in common. 1,018 more words


Conversations with a 3 year old #2.

I’ll set the scene.

It was a breezy, bracing Autumnal day, and the three of us were wrapped up all toastie and warm, enjoying the beautiful coppery scenery on a buggy walk/balance bike outing in our local park. 179 more words


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Asian – Baddies Cover




Sweet Booty !

Sexy ass!

Sweet ass Dolly-Castro

Asian -DONK!!

sweet booty

Phat BOOTY ! … 6 more words

My Three Top Baddies

And so here is my ‘surprise’ for the week. Talking of surprises we will also have one on Sunday for you – a Halloween themed one. 755 more words

Written By Fiona

Bella Thorne - My baddies got me to 12 mill ️ thank you...

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The agony of antagonists

So one of the issues I’ve been battling with in my middle grade is my antagonist, for various reasons. I think that’s pretty common but all the great books, the ones that stick with you, are the ones which pit a worthy adversary against your bold hero. 97 more words