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Combating Subspace

This was a sketch drawn on Art Academy for the Wii U.  Mario is locked in battle against two Prymids from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. =)


The Bonus by AJ Adams - a review

The Bonus is the first book in the “Zetas” series, by AJ Adams. I discovered it through the recommendation of another blog: http://www.romanceandsmut.com/topics/best/all/1/

This is actually the same blog where I discovered the “Twist Me” series by Anna Zaires, which I loved and previously reviewed on here. 433 more words

Book Review

of villains

There is a sketch from a British comedy show (not THAT British comedy show) that I refer to a lot. Two Nazi officers are on night watch and one looks at his hat, which has a skull on it and asks, “Do you think we are the baddies?” 325 more words



My turn up bum buddy lol love her were are on on gone lol this selfie speaks for it’s self anyone wanna twerk


#100GreatestMovieCharacters and barely 10% are female

I know I harp on about this all the time, but Empire Magazine’s latest issue – featuring #100GreatestMovieCharacters (and, for the subscriber edition, artwork featuring a barely-dressed Marion clinging to #1 Indiana Jones on a vine) – has brought fresh fuel to my frustration. 485 more words


There's No Such Thing as Just a Hero

I’ve been bad today. Instead of doing the ironing, or something else as equally un-enthralling, I played around in Photoshop and made this. Took me absolutely ages but I’m proud of it. 6 more words