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'Baddies In Pyjamas'

He wondered if bad guys had to wear pyjamas when they go to sleep. Gold.

Colouring Pencils

baddies • iluvlola

she’s kind of the coolest person i follow on the gram. for a while i was confused on what she does because she’s seen all over the place at every party we wish we could just be a fly on the wall for. 116 more words

Fashion Blog

Meet the Yeast Beast (and Lil' Moldies)

The Yeast Beast – a barely sentient mass of yeast, mold, and fungus who loves to sleep and eat (especially little Sugar Fiends!)

At least we think he loves to do those things. 36 more words

Behind The Scenes

Meet the Sugar Fiends!

Tightly wound cubes of pure chaos, those are the Sugar Fiends! Roaming aimlessly about Sugar-Canyon and its surrounding badlands, they have no apparent leader or purpose…it’s sort of like “Lord of the Flies”, hopped up on pixie sticks.

Behind The Scenes

baddies • yaris sanchez

this woman right here has inspired me in so many ways. she completely took control of her work, her art and forced everyone to accept her for who she is.  217 more words