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Free Press...Does This Sound Badass...?

Can you do this…?

I hate you and all of your kind. I will one day see the earth free of your kind!


I will not rest until I have really done it. 87 more words

Come and Join the Baddies

In a sketch by British comedians Mitchell and Webb, two SS officers sit next to a roaring campfire. One turns to the other and says, ”Have you noticed we’ve got skulls on our caps? 808 more words


Revisiting Banshee Baddies: Geno Segers

The weekly revisiting of Banshee interviews continues with Geno Segers, who created the fearsome Chayton Littlestone. 

In the land of film and television, a world of make believe, Geno Segers is the complete package. 2,708 more words


Combating Subspace

This was a sketch drawn on Art Academy for the Wii U.  Mario is locked in battle against two Prymids from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. =)


The Bonus by AJ Adams - a review

The Bonus is the first book in the “Zetas” series, by AJ Adams. I discovered it through the recommendation of another blog: http://www.romanceandsmut.com/topics/best/all/1/

This is actually the same blog where I discovered the “Twist Me” series by Anna Zaires, which I loved and previously reviewed on here. 433 more words

Book Review

of villains

There is a sketch from a British comedy show (not THAT British comedy show) that I refer to a lot. Two Nazi officers are on night watch and one looks at his hat, which has a skull on it and asks, “Do you think we are the baddies?” 325 more words



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