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Parts of a flag

When thinking of all of the different flags of the world, it is truly astonishing that so many different designs can be put on a rectangle of fabric. 563 more words

Flag 101

As Seen On Refinery29 UK

Patches are making a comeback, baby!

My etsy shop was featured on Refinery29’s Iron On Patches list! Woohoo!

You can check out the little article… 20 more words

Two women: two directions

Two women crossing each other on a street in Triplicane . Different directions, different dresses, different duties. …and different demeanours.


Things I've Seen Today

A long hair growing out of my tongue which proved I had bat DNA.

A distinct abundance of hammers.

The concept of puddle therapy.

Colin, out and about collecting adjectives. 76 more words


Adding iOS Local Notifications in Swift

The word notification gets a bit abused in the world of mobile development, especially in the world of Apple development. Notifications could mean internal notifications, where classes use observers to watch unrelated code. 4,429 more words