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This Week's Wildlife Encounters

This week’s wildlife encounters:

Saw a frog in the garden today just as I was contemplating moving the clover from the vegetable trough over to the wildlife garden. 366 more words


Fieldnotes: 11th April 2015 - Fox, fallow deer and badger

Hmmm.  I notice that it is almost exactly a year since I posted on here, which means that it is also a year since I last went out looking for badgers.   551 more words


Adopt a Sett

I’m always hearing about crimes against badgers, especially at badger setts. But in the last few weeks I’ve heard about more then usual, one of which was in my local area. 540 more words

Badger Bother

Some years ago while following a wide trail through a Yorkshire wood I came across a bunch of roughnecks in muddy boots who were offloading shovels and pickaxes from the back of a rusty van. 1,311 more words


Not For Shooting! (Meles meles)

I love that name Meles meles, Like the Fox, Vulpes vulpes and the Fallow Deer, Dama dama, Its easy to remember.

Meles meles… 450 more words

Tramp's Bestiary

Soft Furry Things (Meles meles)

Okay Badgers are not really very soft but you can’t touch them anyway. So who’s to know?

I live very close to badgers. There is a main sett about ten minutes walk from the farm and three outlier setts in the fields that belong to the farm. 2,022 more words

Tramp's Bestiary