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Trail Camera Successes & Fails: badger sett and wildlife café

In the last few days I’ve been struggling a little with my trail camera. It has a habit of recording daytime footage perfectly, but then decides to die a few seconds into recording its first piece of night-time footage, until it’s reset. 352 more words


Cherhill shenanigans 

We had a wonderful uphill walk at Cherhill this afternoon. Plenty of wild flowers on the chalk downs. Rolo got scent of something and scampered down the banks with me in pursuit. 120 more words

Fascinating wildlife fact #16: badger setts can be hundreds of years old

And may still be lived in by descendents of the badgers who dug it. Your local badger sett may be older than your house.


Badger cubs

The Badgers young are now out and about, Still small about 14″ long they stay close to the Sett entrance but are not that timid, Sometimes coming too close. 84 more words

This Week's Wildlife Encounters

This week’s wildlife encounters:

Saw a frog in the garden today just as I was contemplating moving the clover from the vegetable trough over to the wildlife garden. 366 more words


Fieldnotes: 11th April 2015 - Fox, fallow deer and badger

Hmmm.  I notice that it is almost exactly a year since I posted on here, which means that it is also a year since I last went out looking for badgers.   551 more words


Adopt a Sett

I’m always hearing about crimes against badgers, especially at badger setts. But in the last few weeks I’ve heard about more then usual, one of which was in my local area. 540 more words