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Other ranges of portable extinguishers from badger are Haltron -1 Fire extinguisher, AR-AFFF Foam-universal Ultra and Class D Dry Power. Badger fire extinguisher has come up with wheeled fire extinguishers to combat big fire which has high hazard. 304 more words

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Compression springs or coil springs can accomplish many types of applications like pushing or twisting, thus allowing you to achieve numerous results. Typical coil spring applications include force or load, which makes it shorter by pushing back against the load. 272 more words

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With Father’s evening fast approaching, choosing a camo treat for the wanted hunter could possibly be considered a hassle, especially using the fiscal condition the way in which it is.Here are some principles for… 260 more words

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Among the hand portable category from badger extinguisher Purple K Dry chemical extinguishers are suitable for B and C class fires in industrial and commercial premises. 169 more words

Badgers - species not game pieces

I go back to school next week, well my first day at sixth form. Young people and children all over the country will be going back either this week or next. 837 more words

Two 'stars' together!

Finally seen our two midnight intruders together in the same shot. There fox is obviously waiting for the badger to finish before coming in for her own supper! 27 more words


At Tallahassee Animal Services there’s an adult male cat named Badger. He’s the sweetest guy and loves to be snuggled and groomed. But Badger has only one eye, so people barely pause by his kennel. 128 more words