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I Call Them Littles

Daisy hunts and Badger shows the few teeth she has left. Sometimes I call her ‘Toofers’. Ah, the names we have for our dogs…


Summer Friends

May has brought record temperatures and a positively Summer feel to the village. Once again a lack of posts is down to too much time spent in the fields and not a lack of stuff to talk about. 516 more words

Badger Demise

A short stroll from my home brings me to a shaded and little used path between the local cricket pitch and the field of purple beech and chestnut trees. 159 more words

Nature Photography

5 Natural Products for Everyday Ailments

Whether we wake up not feeling 100% or start to feel a little off later in the day, we’ve all been there and it’s definitely not fun. 594 more words


Hot Weather Makeup

It’s that awkward time of the year where some days are chilly and the next day is blindingly sweaty and icky. These hot days have been wreaking havoc on my skin. 462 more words


Dear Wanker-Hairdresser,

Rocking up looking like Kelly Clarkson, circa 2006.

My head literally wants to tear itself off of my own body though.

Help me, heeeeelp, there’s a rabid badger clawing at my scalp! 986 more words