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A Highland Fling

Do you ever take two week holidays? In 17 years of marriage my wife and I have only ever taken two. All the other years it just hasn’t felt feasible to take a full fortnight off. 628 more words

Redwall Reworked Post Apocalyptic Warrior: Gilee

“Redwall Reworked Post Apocalyptic Warrior: Gilee” – color pencil, August 2016



I love the new  trend on twitter #Threefictionalcharacters where someone chooses three characters from fiction or movies that best represent them. I picked four, is that ok? 34 more words

A Badger Takes A Languid Stroll Through A Graveyard

It was a sweltering day, which August sometimes keeps in reserve. There was no mad walk in the noonday sun for me. I waited until some semblance of evening appeared before I went outside. 247 more words


Double mustelids

It hasn’t been since the spring that I’ve properly used my trail cameras and got stuck into filming nocturnal wildlife with them. When I got my first trail camera it started off with filming hedgehogs in my garden, which are still visiting, then moved onto filming at a local badger sett. 895 more words

In the latest Hipster Cat vs. Badger news...

This article was in The Local.

My question (besides why I never get to see these badgers and beavers that apparently walk all over town ) is, how did they know the cat was a hipster? 19 more words


Predators on the Prairie

A couple of unlikely collaborators have recently given us a lesson on the importance of cooperation and teamwork. And it appears you don’t necessarily have to be friends to benefit. 456 more words

Southwest Saskatchewan