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A Double Crime - Echoed Again and Again....

Cow and badger locked in a perpetual hell created by the human race.

The badgers are murdered to ‘save’ the cows, but you can’t blame the cows, enslaved and worked to their deaths, their stick legs buckle under weight of udders unmanageable, their babies lost, stolen over and over again, mother’s milk, mother’s cries, baby dies, a mouth never suckled it’s own mother’s milk, betrayal, a cruel ritual to take and consume, killing and maiming and creating more and more, make her carry her grief, her reminder of loss, the food for her baby, they raped her to bear, then whipped away before they could share their blood bond, crying out for one another, in the dawn the cries echo on the air, no one understands what the cries mean, the agony of grief, of loss, a mother wants her child, a baby want his mother, the most natural thing in the world they have mechanised, industrialised to objectify, just units of production and profit, just numbers and output and figures in a table, that’s what lives are made of, lives in the farms of today, the cruellest, coldest life there is…. 582 more words

Animal Magic

Celebrate badgers with National Badger Day!

As you’ll know today is of course National Badger Day!

Many people are shouting out about it, whether that be on social media (#NationalBadgerDay… 244 more words


Wedding season.

CTRL+C then CTRL+V, regarding the lack of posts. It seems coming up with a new way of making excuses for not posting may well overtake all that internet spa-am in taking up the majority of the internet. 282 more words

Police Looking For Man Who Hit Teen After Badgers Game

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — University of Wisconsin-Madison police say they’re looking for a man who punched a teenage Hawkeye fan in the face following the Badger’s loss Saturday at Camp Randall. 93 more words


New Photography

Hi All,

Firstly, here is the video project I did over last spring/summer following my local badgers:

Whilst this year GCSE exams and social life seem to have taken priority over wildlife photography, I have still been taking pictures throughout this summer as I’ve travelled and have started a new website to showcase my other photos. 78 more words


Pick Me, Pick Me!

I met him on a cold and windy day on the beachfront, this wee-little rescued pup, a ball of mange, too weak to carry his own body weight, only 450grams!! 291 more words