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The Houses and Their Beasts

Harry Potter Universe is a home to a variety of Paranormal  creatures and beasts. Owing to its diversity and its incredible nature, it draws curiosity and interest how Rowling assigned the four Houses of Hogwarts their symbolic beasts, which is what is going to be demonstrated in this post. 1,129 more words

Fantastic Beasts

5 Exciting Alternatives To Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO isn’t for everyone. Yes- in our youths we may have immersed ourselves in the wonderfully diverse and intricate world of pocket monsters, swapping cards on the playground and sitting on the sofa playing on our Game Boys all day. 585 more words

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European Badger (Meles meles)

The image above was my very first encounter with a real life badger, and the very first photograph I took one late night back in the summer of 2012 in my own backyard. 170 more words

Nature Photography

Coyote's Rabbit Chase

Coyote’s Rabbit Chase


Coyote suggested a contest for rabbits to Badger. Whoever got the most rabbits, would get to sleep with the other’s wife. Badger did not want to say yes, but was afraid to resist Coyote so he agreed. 292 more words

Native American Tales

D500. Badger.

9:30pm. Iso 12800. 1/60th of a second with the Nikon 200-500. Converted to black and white because it’s a grainy image.


Chance Meetings

Badgers are one of the most iconic mammals in the UK.They are predominantly nocturnal but sometimes can be seen at dusk.The three badgers i have photographed here were chance meetings, infact i stumbled upon them foraging totally unprepared with only seconds to react before they disappeared into scrub.Because their eyesight is poor i had a few seconds to depress my shutter,and with poor light it was with more hope than judgement.Unfortunately due to the British Governments  controversial badger cull in the UK  which many people including myself are opposed to i can not tell you where they were taken, but i hope you will like them.