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Badge of Success

“Almost 1,500 badgers were killed during last year’s badger cull, according to Defra. The government described the effort as a success.” (https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2016/aug/23/badger-cull-protesters-change-tactics-in-response-to-expansion)

Ah, the answer to my question “ 43 more words

The Badgers return

So we’re not sure if it’s just the one badger or if it’s more than one, but it truly loves our sweetcorn. It fights for our sweetcorn. 239 more words



I believe you can call these rare since they are each a “one-of-a-kind.” The photographs are macros, shot outside in bright sunlight. 123 more words


Wooster Brush J4102-3 Super/Pro Badger Flat Sash Paintbrush, 3-Inch

Manufacturer: Wooster
Gold nylon/sable polyester, chisel trim
Stiff formulation, substantial feel
Round rust-resistant steel ferrule
Walnut-finished wood handle
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Badgers of Mass Destruction

“The assumptions about badgers and bTB, like those fabled and non-existent Weapons of Mass Destruction that led us to invade Iraq, have become an accepted ‘truth’ on which to build government policies.” ( 51 more words

The dear are feasting

As the sun starts to set, we start to wonder what the night will look like. Working the fields we’ve been inspecting our vegetables regularly, not just for signs of good growth, disease and health but also for those signs of nibbles. 398 more words

Reasons to Select Badger

10 Reasons to select Badger Contracting for your next project

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