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The Badjaos are sometimes referred to as the “vanishing tribe” for their population is dropping in number due to different factors which include diseases, competition with other dominant tribes (Yakan and Tausug), famine or starvation, and sometimes the lack of ability to cope with social change. 157 more words

Understanding Badjaos


The language used by Badjaos in Cebu is Sinama. This language came from the Western Malayo-Polynesian language family.

Sinama pronunciation is quite distinct from  other nearby Central Philippine languages like Tausūg and Tagalog. 126 more words

Understanding Badjaos

An Encounter

Yesterday, my sister went to town. While she was waiting for the green light for her to be able to cross the street, there were two young ladies stood before her. 749 more words


today, i am grateful for . . . (day 5)

happy easter!

just came back from a two-day trip to bohol, one of the more beautiful islands here in the philippines, where we had our engagement photos  taken . 669 more words

100 Days Of Gratitude Project

Flourishing Badjao Community

Even the most discriminated nomadic tribe can adapt and fluorish through time

The Mindanao is known for its diverse tripeople, the Christians, Muslims and the Lumads.

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Aivy Rose Villarba

Extending our Hands to the Sea Nomads

One of my first times in joining the KFC work camp started when we, along with our Japanese co-volunteers, Ricoppine members, visited the Badjao community found in one of the coastal settlements and inhabit some of the waters and shores of Cagayan de Oro. 807 more words