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Review: J's Restaurant

Didn’t know it was SO near to my workplace. Purvis street. Near the National Library.

MrEnell and I picked one main, Adobo Chicken. Why one? 293 more words


Friday Cheat Day

Potato Wrapped Prawn x Meringue Ice Cream Cake


Had dinner at badoque cafe today 😁 totally worth the wait considering I don’t like ribs at all but i still thought it was not bad!! 7 more words



ITS OUR 2 YEAR ANNI COMING UP ! In bout one more day , we will hit that 2 yrs being together milestone . Confirm ada orang will go , 2 tahun jerr perr . 270 more words

Miscellaneous Topics

The Usuals


Didnt had a goodnight sleep.got choked & was coughing my lungs out.Vomitted a lil bit then woke up slightly before 6am & cough again.Poor me.I think i had too much of sweet sinful cravings last night!Let me show & tell u what i had ok…;) 365 more words

Badoque - The New Black.!

Most malay are familiar with Badoque, which is situated at Simpang Bedok, Bedok.

 Our last visit there, we were told they are fine tuning the menu so look out for new dishes UPcoming. 149 more words

When Badoque does Semi-Buffet

While last year Badoque had full-buffet for iftar promotion, this year they are offering a cheaper alternative: a semi-buffet. What’s a semi-buffet? You get to choose your main-course, while the others (drinks, starters, desserts) are on buffet – or rather, … 25 more words