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Being alone (rant)

I been feeling a little like ranty lately I had put something on Reddit and that was just straight off the top of my dome no organization just straight feelings. 212 more words


Game 6 - 21 kyu

Up against The Many Faces of Go again, still set at the 18 kyu difficulty. I play Black, and he takes White, as usual.

I promised myself I was going to go slow and read ahead this game. 298 more words


Game 5 - 24 kyu

My loss in the last game was humbling, but I knew I could have beaten MFoG if I hadn’t rushed.

I was beginning to learn a bit about how it works, too. 400 more words


Game 4 - 24 kyu

I have to admit, I was riding high when I started this game. I was fresh off my first victory and feeling pretty good. Feeling pretty confident. 376 more words


Tournament Results (Finally)

I had been looking forward to this tournament for months. It would be the first time I will be able to play someone else in Go in real life. 335 more words


Game 3 - 28 kyu

I’m back against The Many Faces of Go again, at 18 kyu difficulty. I take Black and set the komi to 6.5

Opening Moves

This seems somewhat even to me. 333 more words


Game 2 - 28 kyu

I’m back up against The Many Faces of Go, at 18 kyu. I play Black again, same as before. And, also like before, this was a fast game. 356 more words