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Working with Meteor to Build a Go/Baduk Server

Meteor has been pretty fantastic. I’ve previously used Angular with Meteor, but have been having second thoughts about it. Blaze is really fast and Angular is much slower. 661 more words


Learning Baduk

Baduk (바둑) is the Korean name for a board game that originated thousands of years ago in China, and is still played in its original form today. 628 more words


Social Media

I just started a new Twitter and Facebook page! I will be posting stuff there as well, so please check them out!

Now I can finally stop spamming my own wall… Haha…


Go for Go Quest

Feel like playing a game but no time to play on a 19×19 board? Feel like playing a fast and serious game but don’t want to play blitz? 865 more words


Go Problem 4 (Answer)

Some updates to the Go Problem series:

I’ve removed the rating system of the problems. It’s not that it’s troublesome or anything, but I feel that no matter what the difficulty is, everybody should give all the problems a try. 545 more words


Why is Chinese Chess more popular than Go?

Original Article in Chinese

Note: This article is about Chinese Chess, but I think to a certain extent it applies to International Chess as well, which is more popular than Go in the Western countries. 419 more words


Playing with myself

Well I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been pretty busy and haven’t been playing very much go, other than a few moves on correspondence games now and then. 141 more words