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My Summer

So far I have I have more time to study but now that I got a job I have to make changes to when I study, sometimes I have to get up early other times I have stay up late. 74 more words


A teacher

I found someone that is willing to teach me for free, which is great except I now have a job that at first was at first only 8 hours a day has now turned to 10 hours 5 days a week starting 5-31-16. 68 more words


I'm back for good

I’m sorry I left, I just was busy and couldn’t update weekly like I said I would. But that means I have some stuff to post now to catch you back up. 18 more words



I’ve wanted to start playing Go/Baduk for about 10 years. Since I’m in a season of actually doing things I want to do (how novel!), I decided to start learning the fundamentals of the game. 390 more words


Balance is hard for me right now. Being in college I have a duty to do my homework. But, I struggle with it sometimes because ever since I discovered Baduk all I can think about is those beautiful black and white stones being placed on a well balanced goban.


What is Baduk to me

Playing Baduk is like watching art being formed in front of your eyes. Baduk is a dance that two people engage in. It is the ultimate battle of wits. 73 more words


The blog is here

Hi glad you found your way to the The Joseki blog. I am Jeromie Williams and this is my first blog. I wanted to make a blog about Baduk (also called Go or weiqi but for simplicity sake I just say Baduk) it will also have my life as well but I will have it centralized around Baduk. 87 more words