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Balance is hard for me right now. Being in college I have a duty to do my homework. But, I struggle with it sometimes because ever since I discovered Baduk all I can think about is those beautiful black and white stones being placed in a well balanced goban.


What is Baduk to me

Playing Baduk is like watching art being formed in front of your eyes. Baduk is a dance that two people engage in. It is the ultimate battle of wits. 73 more words


The blog is here

Hi glad you found your way to the The Joseki blog. I am Jeromie Williams and this is my first blog. I wanted to make a blog about Baduk (also called Go or weiqi but for simplicity sake I just say Baduk) it will also have my life as well but I will have it centralized around Baduk. 87 more words


Baduk: To Infinity and Beyond


Ever since the AI Go master developed by Google DeepMind conquered our esteemed Korean baduk hero Lee Sedol, baduk has gained a much needed sudden boom in public attention and global interest. 891 more words


AlphaGo, the Korean Baduk Association, and the Controversy over Mixed Script

One of my fond childhood memories of when I lived in Korea was attending a Baduk academy, or Giwon (棋院, 기원) in Korean. Out all the  862 more words



Spavanje se raspršilo ovih dana o kamenove rasprostrte po GO tabli.  Celog dana pred očima igraju oblici i potezi na prvoj liniji. A onda pred veče, umesto da se pripremaš da nadoknadiš predhodnu noć, sediš nad tablom sa kamenjem u rukama i neprekidnim nizom slika pred očima. 880 more words

"2 year-old AI surpasses 5000 year-old baduk(go)"

Yesterday was a historic day for both technology community and baduk(AKA go) community around the world. An artificial intelligence called “Alphago” defeated baduk world champion yesterday in Korea. 61 more words