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Why is Chinese Chess more popular than Go?

Original Article in Chinese

Note: This article is about Chinese Chess, but I think it to a certain extent it applies to International Chess as well, which is more popular than Go in the Western countries. 419 more words


Playing with myself

Well I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been pretty busy and haven’t been playing very much go, other than a few moves on correspondence games now and then. 141 more words


What pros do in the last 10 seconds on byo-yomi

1s: Think

2s: Think

3s: Think

4s: Think

5s: Think

6s: Think

7s: Think

8s: Think

9s: Puts hand to stone. Continues to think

9.2s: Grabs stone. 36 more words



This post is in response to the previous post.

Disclaimer: I know that what’s written in my previous post may not be true, and there’s no evidence to prove it either. 526 more words


Come from behind victory

I recently played a game on OGS where I felt i was badly behind for the start, but I managed to turn it around for a decisive win! 788 more words


Go Forth and Squander

None have lost more than the go player.

It’s not the obvious matter of losing armies, although build them and lose them we do daily, as clearly the general knows this loss better. 151 more words