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Corner shapes

If you’re not subscribed to Haylee on YouTube, you should be! She recently put up a video going over common corner shapes and how to kill them, or live, or go to ko. 68 more words



Hello! I’ve been on Hiatus not from playing go, but from writing about it.

I’m still playing at least correspondance moves every day and reading/watching/thinking about go every day. 119 more words


How to Clean Slate and Shell Go Stones

I’ve sold Go stones for over three years now and people often ask me how to clean and take care of a set.  I finally decided to put together this little guide in hope it’ll help you keep your set looking nice for generations. 2,592 more words


Go Review 6kyu v 5kyu

Ok, here’s my second review. I’ve lost the last few games (been in the wrong mindset I think, being drawn into needless fights etc), but… 772 more words


Go Review 6kyu v 6kyu

In order to try and improve my Go playing, I have decided to write some reviews on my games. I doubt (m)any people will be interested, but my hope is that by going to the effort to write out the review, I will also put more effort in to the actual review and gain more from the experience. 1,421 more words


Working with Meteor to Build a Go/Baduk Server

Meteor has been pretty fantastic. I’ve previously used Angular with Meteor, but have been having second thoughts about it. Blaze is really fast and Angular is much slower. 661 more words


Learning Baduk

Baduk (바둑) is the Korean name for a board game that originated thousands of years ago in China, and is still played in its original form today. 628 more words