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I had to take a break

I had decided to take a break three or four days ago, I didn’t really want to but it needed to be done. I wasn’t studying anything like I was last month and it showed in my games I played (live games). 224 more words


I just played Go with a professional Go player!

This is definitely a lifetime highlight for me.

I was walking back from the gym and randomly ran into two professional Go players from Korea at the MIT Student Center. 278 more words


Being alone (rant)

I been feeling a little like ranty lately I had put something on Reddit and that was just straight off the top of my dome no organization just straight feelings. 212 more words


Tournament Results (Finally)

I had been looking forward to this tournament for months. It would be the first time I will be able to play someone else in Go in real life. 335 more words


Goal achieved 

I finally reached 15k on OGS. That means I have gone from 25k to 15k in 6 months. Growing 10 stones in strength is no easy feat that everyone can accomplish in a short amount of time. 106 more words


Picking the right direction

Game 6

Subject: Direction of Play

In this game, I wield white against a fellow Dan on Tygem. After successfully beating up his reduction stones and running them towards the center I was faced with a choice, shown in the picture below. 267 more words

Keep pushing!!

Game 5

Subject: Big moves

Another game on Tygem, and after review with a friend, realized just how powerful the proverb ‘hane at the head of two and three stones’ is! 135 more words