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Resolution: achieved

Last year, my resolution was to reach 5k. I didn’t do it by the new year, but I am happy to say, 1 month late, I have now reached 5k on KGS! 90 more words

Baduk Consistency: For Better or For Worse

Consistent and rust-proof Baduk strength that never falls more than half a level (“half a stone”) due to inactivity: for better or for worse?

Lately I haven’t had much time for Baduk, including making it out to the local club meetings, but I have at least been keeping tabs on my game results from occasions when I do. 990 more words


What does every good Go blog need?

“What does every good Go/baduk blog need?” I asked my self this today and the first answer that came to mind was A post to help people learn the game  630 more words


Worst blog ever? or The start of something great?!

Hello all this will be my first run at doing a blog! I hope everyone who checks this out can find something they will enjoy about my blog. 103 more words


Game 9: Pass, Pass, Pass... lose

In this game, my opponent gave me so many free moves that I ended up winning by around 40 points.

I am white in this game. 359 more words

Game 8: Ko Confusion

In this game, I was behind by a fair amount until the end and then my opponent either misunderstood a ko threat I made, or thought that his group was in danger if he lost the ko, so ignored it. 169 more words

Game 7: Atari Blindness

I still have it. I wonder how long before I cure it, if I ever do. Anyone has played go has seen the infamous self-atari played by a professional… 86 more words