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21. Spies, Lies and Baduk Tiles: King Gaero

The wars between Baekje and Goguryeo’s King Gwanggaeto changed the power dynamics of the Korean peninsula. The Baekje-Wa-Gaya alliance was subdued, and Goguryeo’s ally of Silla was forced into an unfavorable situation vis a vis its supposed savior. 1,070 more words

Korean History

Kami no Itte

I am a god.  Before me an empty space of infinite possibilities.  Click!  A black star winks into existence, the first of my creations.  My universe.  1,585 more words


How to play Go - Territory and Capturing Techniques

This time I introduce the role territory plays in Go and also continue to go over more capturing techniques.


How To Play Go - Connecting/Cutting stones and Life and Death

This time we take a look at some beginner level introduction to tactics and more discussion concerning life and death situations in Go.


How to play Go - Capturing Stones

Continuing from last time, I go over capturing groups of stones.

Concepts covered: liberties, introduction to Ko, introduction to life and death.


Learn how to play Go

I’ve started a series on how to play Go! Check it out and look forward to future releases.


Corner shapes

If you’re not subscribed to Haylee on YouTube, you should be! She recently put up a video going over common corner shapes and how to kill them, or live, or go to ko. 68 more words