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Social Media

I just started a new Twitter and Facebook page! I will be posting stuff there as well, so please check them out!

Now I can finally stop spamming my own wall… Haha…


Go for Go Quest

Feel like playing a game but no time to play on a 19×19 board? Feel like playing a fast and serious game but don’t want to play blitz? 865 more words


Go Problem 4 (Answer)

Some updates to the Go Problem series:

I’ve removed the rating system of the problems. It’s not that it’s troublesome or anything, but I feel that no matter what the difficulty is, everybody should give all the problems a try. 545 more words


Why is Chinese Chess more popular than Go?

Original Article in Chinese

Note: This article is about Chinese Chess, but I think to a certain extent it applies to International Chess as well, which is more popular than Go in the Western countries. 419 more words


Playing with myself

Well I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been pretty busy and haven’t been playing very much go, other than a few moves on correspondence games now and then. 141 more words


What pros do in the last 10 seconds on byo-yomi

1s: Think

2s: Think

3s: Think

4s: Think

5s: Think

6s: Think

7s: Think

8s: Think

9s: Puts hand to stone. Continues to think

9.2s: Grabs stone. 36 more words



This post is in response to the previous post.

Disclaimer: I know that what’s written in my previous post may not be true, and there’s no evidence to prove it either. 526 more words