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BAFTA Games Awards 2018- Nominees

It’s that time of year again! The BAFTA Game Awards are upon us, each year this ceremony seeks to honor outstanding creative achievement within the video game industry! 520 more words


Lady Bird- Review

My cinema finally released Lady Bird, and I have been so eager to see this film after the awards season, and after I’ve seen endless gifs on Tumblr. 318 more words


Well Delivered: Three Billboards Review

“Frances McDormand’s performance was outstanding.”

The Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri is a film that rightfully demands the attention that it deserves, Martin McDonagh brings to us a dark comedy that is furnished with a gripping plot-line, amazing acting, clever screenplay and incredible direction. 397 more words

When Will I Win?

So last night was the OSCARs, with some of my heroes picking up awards and those who I respect starting their journeys to greatness. This year I turn 30, and being a film-maker has always been something I wanted to do. 79 more words

2018 OSCAR Predictions

So I’ve done OSCAR predictions on Facebook and stuff for about ten years or so, but seeing as this is my dedicated blog these days then they are now going to sit here on my blog. 67 more words

B-A-B-Y, Baby

Sooo…. I love Edgar Wright movies, ever since I first saw Shaun of the Dead, and I realised that the creative vision behind Spaced was the same person. 383 more words

Do people really still care about the Oscars?

I’ll be totally honest up front – I’m not that much of a film buff. Sure, I like films. But I’ve always been more of a book and TV series person. 1,510 more words