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Gettin' Grippy - CrossFit Hands

New to CrossFit (YAY!! Super Excited). You are probably pumped you have your first callous and or your first hand tear. CONGRATS!! Now I am about to drop the knowledge BOMB on ya. 488 more words


Balmy Days

Last week’s cold snap was forecast to end on Monday, maybe, but it didn’t happen. Tuesday, maybe, was a possibility but became a definite not. On Wednesday, however, the temperature climbed enough for the sap to run again, the tank filled, and the arch was fired up one more time at… 665 more words

Quill Gordon

Why Have Disgusting Feet When You Can Have “Vermont Feet”

Feet are arguably the most revolting aspect of the human body – however, I’m specifically talking about Dry Feet. Sure, they propel us here and there and provide enormous and wide-ranging benefits, in fact, at the end the day I just like to put my feet up – but… 717 more words

Pond Mountain Inn

Lip balms for cold weather 

Don’t let the word Texas fool you. The occasional cold and dry days have tore my lips up. I literally can’t take it anymore (immediately books flight to Cabo). 306 more words


Still Frozen

Quiz time!  What do each of these breeds have in common?


Swedish Vallhund


Alaskan Malamute

Tibetan Mastiff

Anatolian Shepherd


Chow Chow

German Shepherd… 1,034 more words


Five Things // January 6th, 2017

I figured I would start out 2017 by trying to start something that I have been thinking about for a while… starting a blog. I think the biggest thing that was holding me back from finally biting the bullet and starting one was what to write about? 975 more words


Beware of Bag Balm.......

It happened on December 23. Chad and I had just arrived at my parents house up north and were getting ready for bed.

As it is winter and we were up north, my hands were inevitably dry. 398 more words