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Let the pig slathering begin.

I’ve never had pigs before.  They seem so strange, so interesting.  Clean little peach coloured hooves, sparse white hairs.  Constant snoring sounds, asleep or not.  Their tails wag, whipping around in circles.  927 more words


Knitcrate review: February

Ma Knitcrate de Février

With a lot of delay, here is my quick review of the February Knitcrate. It came the day after I took the plane and I discovered it only last week, resisting the spoiler threads in Ravelry. 866 more words


Blogging 101 #4 - Bag Balm for Christmas

It really shouldn’t seem that odd.  You see, I live in San Diego and we get winds off the desert called Santa Ana, that are extremely dry and they chap our hands and other places very bad.   441 more words

The Cast Iron Skillet: A Tale of a Meal That Failed.

My daughter just posted an article about ten different meals you can make in an iron skillet on her Facebook page (you can’t actually cook anything on her Facebook page, since it has no heat source; you have to use a stove).  802 more words



Consider “winter-proofing” your dog’s paws! Ice, snow, and salt products (ice melt) can cause trauma and discomfort. The pads are at risk for drying, cracking, frostbite, and chemical burn (from Ice Melt). 117 more words

Winter Doggy Concerns

A Cure for Mites?

So, my dearest Fluffy Guinea pig ended up with mites from the immune system stress caused by getting attacked by Ron. He was crying in pain all the time, and I felt so bad for him… 47 more words


8 Cold Weather Beauty Products To Save Your Skin

You can use almost any brand of product that I listed in the video, but these are just some of the ones that I happen to like. 75 more words