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It's a Blue Cape Kind of Day

The weather got worse again and the thicker jackets have to come back out of the closet. This blue cape is one of the rather rarely worn items of my wardrobe! 142 more words


The City of South Lake Tahoe Bans the use of Plastic Bags

In an effort to be more green and a leader in this environmental initiative that has been implemented in many cities across the nation, South Lake Tahoe has decided to ban the use of plastic bags. 188 more words

I call it a "ban", they call it a "restriction" - hey, social engineering by any other name would STILL stink!

Yesterday during the Internal Affairs committee’s discussion regarding the plastic bag ban, an employee from Roplast, a plastic bag manufacturer in Oroville, laid the simple question on the table: 468 more words

Shopping bag ban proposal to be heard by Internal Affairs Committee TOMORROW (June 12)

I am enjoying una buena siesta today, hiding inside while the sun bakes my yard to a crunch. I mean, I can hear it under my feet when I walk outside – ooo- la-la!   713 more words

Street Art: Bag Monsters

Call us boring and simple-minded, but before we saw the work of street artist Joshua Allen Harris we never once considered the artistic possibilities of subway exhaust.

56 more words

RecycleMania 2012 kicks off at CSUB

What does a bag monster, a group of energized CSUB students and CSUB President Horace Mitchell have in common? A desire to increase awareness and educate our students about recycling and sustainability. 293 more words


Single-use plastic bags: A story in two acts

My story today is in two acts. The theme? Single-use, disposable shopping bags.

 Act One. “I’m NOT A plastic bag”

I stumbled upon my first story two years late. 551 more words

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle