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Bagan Archeological Zone

I keep mentioning travel around Myanmar, but my journey to Bagan was by far the worst. A local bus with three English boys (Lowell, Ryan and Jonty) I had met on the Hsipaw trek, ended up being much more eventful than we had anticipated. 635 more words

Templele Baganului: Shweizigon, Mahabodhi, Htilominlo / Myanmar

Bagan, tărâmul celor 2000 de temple 

Continui să explorez  câmpia nesfârșită a Baganului, un teritoriu misterios, care găzduieşte nu mai puţin de 2000 de temple. 575 more words


Asian Girl Trippin’ in Myanmar

Just had a blast in Myanmar, which I wouldn’t have visited if not for my brave brother interning in Yangon at the moment. Was plenty fun and akin to travelling back in time – apparently Singapore 50 years ago was similar. 638 more words


Sri Lanka & Maynmar – Day6 [30.11.2016]

2nd day in Myanmar and going to Bagan. I had breakfast at the restaurant in the hotel. There are some options and I chose shan noodle, which tasted good. 652 more words



It’s a pity. Bagan has the potential to be a world renown historical landmark. Something maybe even worth comparing to Angkor Wat, or the other sacred and ancient lands of the world. 575 more words

Last Day in Bagan, Myanmar 

DAY 5 -relax!
The morning was dedicated to reading and updating this post. The internet is bad everywhere so had to sit in the reception to access Google to maintain this blog. 674 more words


Discovering the Temples of Bagan


Thak Yapone temple – two Buddhas with one in the belly. This was a very small one but the Buddha was unique and it was our first stop before we figured everything out. 1,321 more words