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British Airways Turns Away Passenger Wearing 10 Layers of Clothing

The cost of bringing luggage aboard an airplane can sometimes be close to the flight itself. One British Airways passenger tried to skirt all the fees in a unique way: he decided to wear all his clothes on board rather than putting them in a bag, … 222 more words


Caveat emptor: There may be hidden costs

AFTER years of fighting to ensure that airlines keep the costs of flying transparent, the US Department of Transportation (DOT) is making a U-turn announcing that US carriers will no longer be required to disclose baggage fees at the time of ticket purchase by a customer. 143 more words

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Flair Airlines ditches carry-on fees — temporarily

Flair Airlines, a discount airline based in Kelowna, is dropping its fee for carry-on luggage. But only for flights booked in December.

Passengers who reserve travel this month won’t have to cough up the $30 carry-on baggage fee. 84 more words


Major Airlines Baggage Fees

U.S. Airlines Baggage Fees on Domestic Flights

Alaska Airlines Checked Bags 1 – $25 2 – $25 3+ – $75 Overweight Bags 1 – $75 Oversized Bags 1 – $75 Carry On 1 – Free… 798 more words


How Much Is That Doggie in the Cabin?

If you’re one of the millions flying this holiday season, you may be wondering whether you’ll have to pay fees for services that aren’t included in your ticket price. 444 more words

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American Airlines CEO Predicts Industry Is Never "Going To Lose Money Again"

In words that will most surely never come back to haunt him, American Airlines CEO Doug Parker boldly declared this week that the U.S. airline industry is in such a solid place right now that he doesn’t see how it could ever end up in the red. 705 more words


Congratulations America, You Gave Airlines $7.1B In Baggage And Change Fees Last Year

For the better part of the last decade, airlines have been tacking on fees for everything from checking bags to allowing customers to cancel or change their flights. 815 more words