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Now on TV: Ab in die Hölle - Kinderbootcamps in den USA

On N24. Boys in baggy coveralls orange + light blue. Including very young boys (like 10 yo Bryce, pic 1 and Owen who often cries, pic 2 on the left). 54 more words


Elisa antes del fin del mundo

Year: 1997
Year in film: 1990s ?
Country: Mexico
Who in bibs: Elisa ~12
Available on DVD… 103 more words



Time for one of these, never done them before, looking to find different ways of producing blogmaterial, such as throwbackthursday!

This was when I was in my hiphop stage, big baggy clothes, always nice shiny polished shoes and a hat with hoodie up… so gangster. 82 more words


Camel Toe

The desert is no place to go

If you have a camel toe

Your clothes must be loose and free

Not strict and tight around your… knee  (behave!) 74 more words

AtoZ 2016

The Wordsmiths - Loanhead Groove

I was clearing up some old stuff when I found my old Yamaha MT120 4 Track Cassette recorder. Going through some of The Wordsmiths old rehearsal tapes that were uncovered, I heard this track for the first time in something like 20 years. 99 more words


The Wordsmiths - Narcissus

‘I’m so comely and winsome and I’m very, very handsome…’

This is the final single that was recorded by The Wordsmiths in Spring 1991. However before it could be released the band had split and the members gone off on new directions.

439 more words

8 Out Of 10 Cups (Of Coffee) Does Countdown

Out latest updates from ‘the office’ report that a certain young woman is struggling today.

Witnesses claim she is pulling off wearing her casual Friday outfit, with matching baggy eyes and a heavy head, in style, but report concerns regarding the young woman’s coffee consumption. 53 more words

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