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The Off-Shoulder-Baggy-Sweats Ensemble

Even baggy sweats won’t forgive the off-shoulder craze.

Say goodbye to the cool breeze of February that surely we’ll be missing in the coming of summer’s sunlight, but not to your sweatshirt! 271 more words


How Neutral Are You?

We have seen many different styles come and go in the fashion industry. But in the past couple years things have taken a more simple, calming, and relaxing turn which I am a huge fan of. 169 more words


Sy-mal Baggy babybukse

Ønsker du å sy din egen Baggy babybukse, men sliter med å få tegnet mønster? Her kan du laste ned et utskriftsvennlig mønster som det bare er å klippe ut å teipe sammen og vips, så har du en mal. 27 more words


Today inspired by: XXL

Do you have sweaters, trousers, hoodies, t-hirts….everything which is two or three sizes bigger than yours and you think you can wear it only at home while couching and drinking a hot tea and reading a book? 73 more words



I won’t lie, I thought it was crazy that we needed to have the silhouettes of our garments ready before knowing what they were going to look like, or even any inkling of colour or design. 199 more words


Fitted or baggy? What's your style?

It’s kind of spooky how the spirits of the cyber world seem to know exactly what our interests are and how accurately they tailor the ads we see to those areas. 348 more words