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#BaggyStyle- Baggy Orange Jumper 

For those days of langurorousness and torpedence…I.e those days where the inability to function without comfortable clothes takes priority over the paramouncy of clothing!
(Picture conveniently obtained from Snapchat…DAMN you watermark at the bottom ruining my style!)

Breaking | West Coast Trojans push out press release at 1am to once more shift the blame away from Gary McNey's mismanagement.

Jackson Spunkitt, Special Reporter for Daily Britball: “It seems odd that Baggy was so concerned about player safety, when he had no problem throwing them under the bus when it came to reasons for their forfeit.”

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Special Report | Today we take a look at the West Coast Trojans cancellation, and the official statement from B̶a̶g̶g̶y̶, the Official Facebook page of the West Coast Trojans.

We ran the statement through a bullshit detector and saw what came out the other side.

So, what next? Are you and your team sick of teams cancelling fixtures at the last minute with no repercussions? 201 more words

Adult Football

The Wordsmiths - Narcissus

‘I’m so comely and winsome and I’m very, very handsome…’

This is the final single that was recorded by The Wordsmiths in Spring 1991. However before it could be released the band had split and the members gone off on new directions.

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