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Iraq’s Lessons for America

by Terry Tait

Despite its absence from the headlines, there are several reasons why Iraq should still be important to us. From May to early July of this year, Iraq was receiving national coverage as the battle for Mosul reached its height, and triumph over the militants who plagued the city seemed imminent. 1,889 more words



Walking the streets Al Farabi once walked,
breathing the same air and eating the same bread of
people who suffered more than anyone else…
Finding hidden messages of pride and strength… 125 more words


The Wolf Of Baghdad

A Memoir Of A Lost Homeland

The Finns have a word – kaukokaipuu, which means a feeling of homesickness for a place you’ve never been to. 456 more words


Brother of the Wind

Brother of the Wind
By Manuel Lourenzo Gonzalez
Small Stations Press 

[…] because now I must live out my existence with the shame of belonging to a civilisation and a country whose political representatives were capable of declaring a war of plunder to be just so they could continue to make the high costs of their  rhythm  229 more words


Militant Attack in Iraq Kills at Least 45 People

A militant attack at a checkpoint and nearby restaurant in southern Iraq on Thursday killed at least 45 people, officials said. Yahya al-Nassiri, the governor of Iraq’s southern Thi Qar province, said the attack also left 83 people wounded. 59 more words

I Discovered Kurt Vonnegut

Quote: “Most writers waste people’s time with too many words. I’m trying to reduce everything down to the minimum. My last work will be a … 13 more words