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Fuji X100s Sharpness

The first image is a crop from the full frame. Click the images to see much larger and more detailed versions.

I spoke to the piper and in the course of our conversation he explained that the reed is a single reed just like in a clarinet. 197 more words


Piping Down the Sun at McDougall Cottage

For the past two weeks, I have volunteered to spend Sunday afternoons piping down the sun at McDougall Cottage in Cambridge, Ontario.

For more than a century, Scotsmen called this quaint limestone cottage home. 89 more words


#TuneTuesday | The Lion Sleeps Tonight

“Turtles, Giraffes, and Penguins.” Doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as “Lions, Tigers, and Bears” but when you’re taking kids to the zoo, you aim to please! 74 more words


July 27th - National Bagpipe Appreciation Day

Today sports a number of holidays. Three separate entities celebrate their independence day holidays today (Liberia, Maldives, and Peru) while Cuba has a holiday for the anniversary of their revolution, marked by the July 26th, 1953 attack on the previous power’s military base. 630 more words


Sand dollars and smiles

If I had a sand dollar for every East Coast smile, there’d be enough to pave the TransCanada Highway that led the Pye’s to a fun-filled family vacation, this summer, in Nova Scotia. 317 more words