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Writing Exercise: Something in the shadows...

Maybe it’s the influence of Outlander, but how could “Pipes” and “Dance” appear in the same exercise, and I not set the story in Scotland? For me, it was impossible. 126 more words


It's a Long Way to the Top

It’s a Long Way to the Top…

A couple of months ago while browsing facebook, this video came across my feed:

Obviously, there’s a lot going on in this video. 907 more words

A to Y: Yore

Sam couldn’t believe their luck. Not only was the bagpipe set a minimal part of the museum exhibit, and not only did they have to pick it up them self, and not only were they given the whole thing in one piece in nothing but a plastic bag from a grocery store, but they missed the last bus of the night. 514 more words

The Thursday Quote

“Police alleged that on September 27, Brown attempted to stop McDowell playing his bagpipes in the bar of the Oriental Hotel, Queenstown, by grabbing the pipes away from him.

100 more words

Pilates Party a Success

April 2 turned out to be a bright, sunny day at the Lower Presidio Historic Park and the Pilates Party with Bagpipes, Fusion and Serra was a great success.   178 more words

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My new enemy.

Goose invaded my home in January of this year. Human number 2 brought it into the home without consulting me first. Apparently she hasn’t read the manual for anyone I let live here. 212 more words






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