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Bagpipes And Drums Photo

As I was leaving city hall after working on an assignment, I heard bagpipes and drums nearby. I found Dan Grimes and his friends playing at Riverfront Park in Spokane, WA. 20 more words


#TuneTuesday | Going Home

This week’s #TuneTuesday is one I often find appropriate to play during a funeral or memorial service.

“Going Home” is a Christian hymn often played at military and state funerals, including the service for Ronald Reagan, the 40th President of the United States. 17 more words


Police tell Piper to Pipe Down

police in Fort Bend, Texas attended a school following complaints from music critics about a man playing bagpipes from the roof of the building at 8 o’clock in the morning… 47 more words


Diaries: a Scottish serenade

Goodbye Ireland, hello Scotland.

At 11pm on our first night in Scotland I was scrolling through the webpages of things to do when I came across the Highland Games website. 461 more words


Haggis and Bagpipes 

Scotland is beautiful, if you’re into that ‘mean-pretty’ kind of thing. Rocky hills and stormy skies are everywhere. Scotland is not exotic, it is rarely sunny, but it is beautiful. 132 more words


The Great Outdoors Part II

For those of you that didn’t read “The Great Outdoors” post, first of all, shame on you. Where the hell have you been? And second, to catch you up, it was an in-depth analysis on my feelings towards the outdoors. 929 more words

St. Andrews

I learn some German in Berne. Take this tutorial.

We recently decided to take a road trip up to Berne, Switzerland’s capital city.  As I’ve mentioned before, Berne is only about 100 kilometers from our home in Geneva, and yet when you get about halfway there, all the French road signs and the French names of road side businesses disappear, and are replaced with signs in German.  776 more words