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#TuneTuesday | Scotland the Brave

If you’ve ever heard someone play the bagpipes before, you’ve likely heard one of two tunes, “Amazing Grace” or this week’s #TuneTuesday, “Scotland the Brave”. 95 more words


Up and coming.....

Looks like I’m starting to fill out my calendar a little bit. Coming up in May, 22-23, is the HBC fest happening in HaeBongChon in Seoul. 84 more words


Recap of Laetare "Week"

Last week, the week after Laetare Sunday, turned into a series of small celebrations, turning it into a “Rejoice Week” rather than just a Sunday. 340 more words


Smoke on the Water - Red Hot Chili Pipers

Deep Purple vs. ACDC vs. a folk song called Upside Down at Eden Court. - Vicky

Cover Sunday

Brave New Works and Talent in Whitehorse

Elsewhere around the globe, there are countless famous artists. Some of them are known throughout the world, and some others are local stars. However, it is not an easy thing for a new artist to get attention in a big city, and in a little village it is certainly not easier. 200 more words