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Jackson Square in New Orleans

We found ourselves several times in Jackson Square.  Early morning, afternoon, late nights we kept passing through it.  It was also the meeting spot for our Free Tours by Foot tour so that is why we were there late at night. 175 more words

Concerning nonsense

I stumbled across a blog just now, wherein, the author made some incredibly outlandish and factually wrong assertions in regards to the differences between Lowland and Highland Scotland. 1,519 more words


Corso Fleuri 2017

The annual Flower Parade took place yesterday.
There was a mermaid…

and line dancers…

and pretty girls…

and a cool float…

and an octopus…

and pretty girls… 168 more words

Cavalaire Sur Mer

The Need For A Ban!!!

Lots of things are, one way or the other, being banned at the moment and so whilst we’re busy banning just about everything and everyone, PLEASE let us ban bagpipes!   76 more words


Niagara police declare 'bagpipe amnesty' to help youth pipers' band

NIAGARA FALLS, Ont. – A southern Ontario police force has declared a “bagpipe amnesty.”

Niagara regional police are calling on anyone with “an old set of bagpipes lying under a bed or tucked away in the attic” to turn them in. 100 more words


Multicultural appreciation

This is my daughter’s first year in real school, kindergarten. This means new rules for us as a family regarding when we can travel. It’s new for us and we’re adjusting, but we also have the opportunity to participate in interesting new events, such as International Appreciation Day at school. 252 more words