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Bring An Elegant Louis Vuitton Handbag

It is not that the low price is a compromise on quality. The beauty of discount designer handbags is high quality without the high price tag. 607 more words


Karrimor Dry Bag

Today i got the Karrimor Dry Bag from Sports Direct for 50% off, Sports Direct always have deals on especially backpacks and on everything else too, I got this dry bag because I was looking around for something to take on holiday with me that’s multi-purpose and durable, I needed a bag for the beach that’s waterproof, easy to clean and keeps sand out and also to put wet and dirty clothes and towels into my suitcase when coming back, I don’t want my suitcase to get all wet and smelly, I think i’ll dry any wet clothes or towels the previous night before putting them into my suitcase so it’s not as wet, especially my swimming costume, it will surely do the trick for both uses, plus I could use it for a number of other things too since it’s also used by hikers and campers. 436 more words


Fashion: Purse Collection

Hey Loveys,

What is your obssesion? I have a lot atleast 3-5 per category. When it comes to fashion i am a shoe fanatic, i love clothes, accessories and lqst but not least i am obssesed with purses. 269 more words


Different Styles of Black Bags:

At least one black bag is essential for every girls wardrobe! There’s nothing better than a simple black bag that will go with all outfits and colours, I understand the struggle of picking out the perfect outfit but not being able to find a bag to match. 646 more words


Yes, Here There is Much Speak of Bags and Pockets.

Ello there. I’ve just tried to smack in an apostrophe before the ‘e’ there – for you eagle eyed readers who spotted the grammatical faux pas, yes I’m aware of my error and know that I must offer tea in order to redeem myself – but you see, I began to waffle on before the keyboard decided to listen, so understandably I left it unchanged. 676 more words

Sewing up Leather

In a country that spends so much on imported leather goods yet it is a major exporter of quality leather, i decided to explore what options there are locally to create everything from shoes, to bags, to tents and craft leather. 146 more words


Capri Sun Shopper - Juice pouch upcycle

Meet the latest addition to the Capri Sun Upcycle family…

… the large shopper tote!

This beauty uses 27 recycled juice pouches in its construction and I designed it to carry the heavy shopping in the War on Plastic Bags! 133 more words

Upcycled Or Repurposed