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From the Kitchen – finally that bread that I’ve been trying for a decade + to make and a dip

Well, I finally did it! (happy porcupine dance)

I made a loaf of bread that has all of the holes in it I wanted. It only took more than a decade since I’ve first started trying baking bread. 384 more words


Onion soup recipe

Bonjour! Today I’m bringing you an onion soup recipe, perfect for winter. This soup has become part of our Christmas tradition.

It’s a very economical recipe and quite easy to prepare. 360 more words

Food & Nutrition

Breakfast in Clichy, France

I can’t get enough of their baguette! I’ve tried a handful of others since I’ve been in France, and this is one of the absolute best. 259 more words


Bag a baguette 

Today I cycled to the supermarket to purchase my groceries and a baguette.

The trick, is to return with the baguette in one piece. This is difficult when I’m balanced on Green Dragon with a heavy rucksack on my back, a saddle bag bulging on the back rack and hanging over the handlebars is a cloth bag full of fruit and vegetables, amongst which sits the 67cms long baguette. 61 more words


Baguettes and Other Breads

Continuing the trend of learning about yeast breads, I learned today how to make baguette and a few other tasty loaves.  All are fairly easy if you know the steps, nothing nearly as complicated as croissants.  336 more words