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This is the dilemma of the day. Right outside the facility where I work, construction accidently hit a main water line. So they had to shut off the water to our building. 278 more words


Paris: Ma Petite Maison

I have so much to say about Paris, I hardly know where to begin, so I think I will start small and expand outwards.

I am enchanted by the way Parisian accommodation works. 506 more words


Shrimp scampi- a healthy, quick dish

I enjoy cooking very much and like dishes that are quick, delicious and healthy.

Shrimp scampi is one of those dishes that I make often and the payoff for the amount of time spent in the kitchen is so great. 250 more words


Baguettes will always hold a special place in my heart as the perfect side to pasta dishes, or even salads. I grew up eating them just plain with butter, as well as with all kinds of cheese on top. 1,396 more words


Homemade Crusty Bread Rolls and Baguettes

A crusty, tasty roll or baguette can be a delicious alternative as the wrapper of the lunchtime sandwich. And it’s hardly practical to eat a burger between two slices of bread. 412 more words


Yes Egg Salad

Sometimes simple foods are among my favourite, as I take a baguette and make myself some egg salad and avocado – not sophisticated yet life isn’t always perfect :-)

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