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Whole Wheat Baguette

It is possible now to buy freshly ground and milled flour. The flour is produced less than a week before you receive it. We decided to try this extremely fresh whole wheat flour from… 450 more words

Beatrix, North Melbourne

We braved a flood and a vicious circle of Google Maps navigating to make our way to Beatrix, but it was totally worth it. Beatrix is a quaint cafe in North Melbourne offering some of the tastiest baking around these parts, with a homemade quality (if you grew up in a very lucky household). 234 more words


There are so many types of bread, and so many of them are amazing. Yeast-made bread itself originated long, long ago, possibly in 300 BC Egypt… 348 more words

International Potluck Party

Alain Passard here we come!!!  Class trip to L’Arpège à Paris!  Or maybe Riccardo might recommend Enoteca Pinchiorri in Florence, Italy!  His treat!  Scherzo Riccardo, non ti preocupare! 501 more words

Heirloom Bruschetta

Heirloom tomatoes are a not only beautiful to look at, but full of flavor that can elevate any dish. I love to add them to any vegetarian-style dish for not only the added flavor, but they also keep me full without the excess calories. 234 more words



Vor ca 2 Wochen wurde das Kochbuch “Dinkelreis & Pfefferchirsi” im Hafen von Basel vorgestellt. Ein tolles Event, an das ich gerne zurückdenke. Das Kochbuch dreht sich um die kulinarische Vielfalt beider Basel. 324 more words