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Olive Tapenade for $2.11

Here is a simple recipe for the french inspired Olive Tapenade. It works really well as a spread on breads! Good for a snack or appetisers when hosting a party.

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My friend is going on a foreign exchange trip to France. I told her to have fun and that’s amazing, and speculated that if I were to go to France, id make hundreds of tiny flyers with a picture of a baguette on it that read hello, and silently smile and bow at passerby on the street as I handed this to them. 29 more words

Mini Baguettes for 0.74 cents

This is a simple recipe that I like to make from time to time. I have found that if you prepare a full baguette and cut in to it and then wrap it up for further use, it loses some of its original taste.

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Baking Day 6: Basic Dough for Batard (3rd attempt)

Fermenting-Shaping-Proofing: Now that this is my third time making this same recipe, measuring and mixing has become a lot easier since I know what to expect and I also am getting better at timing myself. 515 more words


14kt. Ring Oval Sapphire And Round And Baguette Diamond (Size 6)

A fabulous value: 1.45ct. sapphire ring framed by round and baguette diamonds (1.15ct. t.w.). 14kt gold. .
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