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Je suis cinglé! I am mad (officially).

5 am on a Monday morning, whilst on holiday, is not an acceptable time to have an alarm clock sounding. Why then was I sat in the chilly early morning light with a coffee at 4.50 am with a feeling akin to both childlike Christmas impatience and the last breakfast of a condemned man? 2,450 more words

Le Ventoux

Some Things I've Learned About Baguettes

Over the last year or so, I’ve been baking a lot more. I’ve been on a bit of a quest to get baguettes down to a science, and have had some success. 922 more words


Tomato Bruschetta

I always find myself snacking throughout the day… shocker. This bruschetta recipe is super easy, super tasty, and super satisfying! It’s a little fancier than the average snack, but when it takes about 10 minutes of minimal work to make, it’s something to brag about.  347 more words


For the Love of the Loaf

Few things make me happier than being covered in flour, hand mixing dough. Sometimes it’s for pasta or dumplings or pizza but, for the past couple of years, my head and heart have been devoted to bread-making. 277 more words