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Not the most august month in my mind, but probably the Frenchies worship it.

Been on a walkabout. Covered probably 5 blocks in my neighborhood.  With lots of small shops.  247 more words

Caroline Eats at PAUL

I went into Washington D.C. today and had the most fabulous lunch. I went to the French cafe PAUL and it was perfect. I felt like I was in the middle of France but with less smoking and more English. 81 more words


W2: Home sickness (kyaj0599)


Chasing after many, many concepts, we were stuck. There were just too much ideas going around that we just couldn’t all agree on. To note some: ‘The 5 types of love’, ‘A device to help maintain healthy relationships’, ‘alcoholic measuring device to achieve the perfect drunk-ness’, ‘Children hospital’s waiting room’ and the list just goes on. 436 more words


W1: Sedentary Behaviour (kyaj0599)


From the get go, we wanted to set things on track. We wanted to investigate an area that will engage us throughout the semester. So we spent the whole day picking, suggesting and disagreeing with health and mental issues that spark our interest. 768 more words


Sedentary Behaviour - Week 1 gmar7394

Image Credits (catbreedselector, 2010)

We first started by brainstorming possible health problems that exist in todays society.

We then went on to research some of the topics further to help us decide what topic we should pursue. 1,872 more words

Week 2 - caho6270

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Update: The Baguette Team has decided to change our topic to “Homesickness”.

  • Flow: Flow is the state where an activity is so enjoyable the user loses their sense of time.
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