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[兜味, doorway cafe ] 大稻埕情懷的小咖啡館



I am not reaching my goal yet ... baguette yes..yes... baguette...

I love my baguettes, but I am not happy with the crumb yet..  Few years ago, I saw a beautiful cell structure in the crumb, just beautiful..  129 more words

How To Make Raisin Yeast Water

#16 Vietnamese ~ Homemade Bahn Mi

So.. It’s been a while. Sorry for the delay in my posts, all I can say is that I have been working on a new project that has been keeping me busy. 689 more words

52 Cuisines

A good baguette...

I couldn’t sit on my computer to update my blog recently.  I started a very small business as a home processor baker. We shall see how my business goes. 129 more words


French Baguettes

I started making baguettes a few years ago, but really worked on the recipe in earnest once Nico and I started dating. He loves baguette, and would probably just eat baguette with a side of orange juice everyday if I didn’t make something else for dinner. 733 more words


Do Not... Know How... I Am... Awake

I stopped writing at 3 and it’s a minute to seven. Feel as if I’m going to Die!!!! Only if you are stupid enough to give birth should you ever have to endure four hours of sleep! 1,695 more words