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Homemade baguettes

Homemade baguettes. Can it get any better than that? The smell of freshly made bread is soooo good. Bread goes with so many things. Jam, eggs, cheese, smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, chocolate spread and so much more. 308 more words


How to get big(ger) holes in your baguettes

Big, lacy holes are a right of passage in baguette making. Big holes mean an airy, well-made loaf with a chewy, tasty crumb. Contributing factors to big holes may include very high hydration dough, extremely careful dough handling, years of experience or all of the above. 336 more words


How to steam bread in a home oven

Every home baker tries to get more steam into his/her home oven, and most always we fall short. I’ve tried spraying water on the oven walls, pouring water into a cookie sheet in the bottom of the oven, dousing the loaves themselves with water as they go in among other strategies and never been satisfied. 220 more words


The food lover’s guide to Paris...

For a day trip to Paris with a difference, let your stomach be your guide…

We asked Paris-based pâtissier and food writer, Frances Leech, to share her favourite culinary adventures in the City of Lights.  759 more words


The Teeny Paris Berth in Cebu - La Vie Parisienne | Review

I am so excited to share my saga with you. The Queen City of South or best famous for its name, Cebu, yet called by those proud Cebuano’s out there as, SUGBU. 516 more words


In search of the best baguette

When you move to a new “quartier,” or neighborhood, in Paris, one of the first things a French person will ask you is if you’ve found your… 1,326 more words