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Can't see the sea for the Agapanthus (Two hills equals one Pain au raisin)

Looking out my window across the garden. The tide is out.

Part 2

The first night in my little house of the blue shutters and I sleep ‘comme une buche’ (Like a log). 1,149 more words

The Yellow Bicycle

Last Cat On Mars Presents: Where Cowboys Go When The Wild West Wanes

Didn’t every kitten play cowboys and aliens and lemonade stands and baguettes with their siblings and neighbouring cats of all the lovely varieties under the Martian sun? 63 more words


Six Sandwiches That Shook My World

As a general rule, the one-word Daily Prompts that WordPress has been furnishing in recent months are way too cryptic for someone as devoid of imagination as yours truly. 965 more words


How to Make Garlic Bread / Hvordan Lage Hvitløksbrød

A great how-to recipe foound on about.com/food/

If you go to Italy expecting to find long, thin loaves of bread slathered in butter and minced garlic and baked until crisp and golden-brown around the edges, you will be disappointed; it simply does not exist there. 45 more words


Pearl 11: Reasons to visit La Rochelle

I have been lucky enough to grow up with traditions and customs of two cultures – my father is mainly English, with a bit of Irish and New Zealand percolating down through in the mists of time; my mother is half-German (my grandmother comes from Osnabrueck in North Germany), and it’s wonderful to have the influence of both English and continental flavours in my life. 684 more words

Jewel of the day: Finn Jewelry Hendecagon Eternity Ring

If you didn’t know that a hendecagon is an eleven sided object, you aren’t alone. But now that you do now, feast your eyes on this coolly chic baguette eternity band. 47 more words

Jewel Of The Day