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Sourdough French Baguettes, Naan and Popovers

I know … you’re probably thinking I should rename this LJ/blog “The Sourdough Fanatic” with all the sourdough baking I’ve been doing. It’s addictive even though, as I’ve said before, I don’t actually like sourdough bread that much. 415 more words


French Baguettes 2 Ways

ETA: The 2nd version, with sourdough, would be considered the ‘best’ of the bunch. I like the first version.

I’ve made ‘baguettes’ before using regular bread dough, and even sourdough, but the attempts didn’t really conform to the traditional recipe (no sugar, just yeast or starter, flour, water and salt) and shaping of the real thing. 226 more words


Breakfast In Paris...

An article crosses the desk seemingly pointed right at me. The writer laments breakfast in Paris, whining the French don’t offer a humongous American wake up call of eggs, bacon, sausage or potatoes. 354 more words


So let’s recap; the best Chinese food is in the Middle East, Napoli pizza took my breath away, and street food is good everywhere (unless some bastard under cooks a meatball and you end up in the hospital after a horrible few days). 487 more words

Burger King Advertises The Croissan'wich With A French Accent

I’m not saying it’s a great commercial, but as someone who likes to say croissant (and baguette) with a faux-French accent, it did make me chuckle a bit. 43 more words

Pile O' Baguettes!

I’ve had so many birthdays/occasions in February that I had to make cakes for… I’m so sick of cake. It was really refreshing to use my starter and make some bread. 346 more words


Life in the Baguettes...

It’s the start of the weekend here and I┬ájust grabbed a fresh batch of baguettes.

My love for fresh baguettes grew from younger days of living in France. 67 more words

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