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Peasant Cheese

My new favourite find is Peasant Cheese in Kensington. The service is fantastic, the selection is amazing, and the prices are affordable. I walked in and a lovely staffer immediately helped me find the right cheese to go with my clam pizza. 274 more words


Finally a decent result...

I wasn’t planing to write another post on baking bread, baguettes or buns, but i have been experimenting with a different recipe over the weekend. 494 more words


fire rooster roll

Happy Chinese New Year, or as my extended family would say, ‘Sing Jia Ju Ee!’

Chinese New Year is a time to gather together with family, wear red for joy and happiness, feast the day away, and avoid cleaning as you don’t want to end up sweeping out all the good luck for the coming year. 177 more words


On Glimpses of the true Paris

I’m currently living in France, ostensibly to learn the language but largely to ensure that I don’t fall into the habit of becoming too entrenched in my Australian habits and can maintain the illusion of being cultured and worldly. 328 more words


Tool Time: Food Processor French Bread (2.5 hrs!) and Rosemary Sea Salt Toasts

For homemade French Bread in 2.5 hours, with no other fancy baguette equipment, this is the easiest and fastest recipe.



Food And Culture

My First Week in Paris

Wine Museums, the metro, 1€ Baguettes, escargots, Le Tour Eiffel; and let’s not forget EVERY fashion store in the city is having a sale. And that’s just my first week in Paris. 655 more words