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How to Make Garlic Bread / Hvordan Lage Hvitløksbrød

A great how-to recipe foound on about.com/food/

If you go to Italy expecting to find long, thin loaves of bread slathered in butter and minced garlic and baked until crisp and golden-brown around the edges, you will be disappointed; it simply does not exist there. 45 more words


Pearl 11: Reasons to visit La Rochelle

I have been lucky enough to grow up with traditions and customs of two cultures – my father is mainly English, with a bit of Irish and New Zealand percolating down through in the mists of time; my mother is half-German (my grandmother comes from Osnabrueck in North Germany), and it’s wonderful to have the influence of both English and continental flavours in my life. 684 more words

Jewel of the day: Finn Jewelry Hendecagon Eternity Ring

If you didn’t know that a hendecagon is an eleven sided object, you aren’t alone. But now that you do now, feast your eyes on this coolly chic baguette eternity band. 47 more words


Keep Your Cheetos

Thank you, France, for bringing a non-weirdo vending machine to our fair nation.

Via Eater


I may need an intervention

You will recall the other day I waxed rhapsodic about my new steam-convection oven, and the Anadama bread that came out of it.

I am happy to report the CSO has continued to perform beautifully, all the way from toast to roasted veggies and baked fish to…more bread! 529 more words


Cooking Tips #2: Bread Time!

A lot of people are put off baking their own bread, and for a good reason: it takes time! Time that you could spend doing other things! 2,173 more words



I know, I know. I keep going on about bread. It’s because I’m determined to Get It Right.

I tried again with white bread the other day, with the rest of the Laucke flour. 156 more words