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There is nothing like freshly baked home-made baguettes. Easy, delicious, crusty, soft chewy baguettes are a delight for breakfast slathered with butter or jam; also makes a great accompaniment for any meal. 309 more words

From The Oven

Can't see the sea for the Agapanthus Day 5 (The story of the Three Wells)

My dad had an odd sense of humor which veered towards puns and spoonerisms.

When we were young, He would ask us…

‘Did you ever hear the story of the three wells?’ 1,437 more words

The Yellow Bicycle

Pain au Levain Baguettes with WW Alfanso Style

It’s been a while since my last baguette bake and I’ve always admired the beauties coming out of fellow TFL baker Alfanso’s oven.

I decided to give his… 237 more words

Sour Dough Breads

The French / English Sliced Loaf Debacle

Over breakfast I said to my French partner “that’s not a slice of bread”. He replied “oh you English and your fucking sliced bread!” Does ‘the best thing since sliced bread’ mean NOTHING?!..


Can't see the sea for the Agapanthus Day 2 (Two hills equals one Pain au raisin)

Looking out my window across the garden. The tide is out.

Part 2

The first night in my little house of the blue shutters and I sleep ‘comme une buche’ (Like a log). 1,149 more words

The Yellow Bicycle

Last Cat On Mars Presents: Where Cowboys Go When The Wild West Wanes

Didn’t every kitten play cowboys and aliens and lemonade stands and baguettes with their siblings and neighbouring cats of all the lovely varieties under the Martian sun? 63 more words