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Friday food links - 24 July 2015

Lots to cover this week, but no time, so let’s do this in bullets:

The good:

  • My birthday: a day of great food: I baked the baguette dough that had been gestating for 3 days in the fridge and we ate it with cheese, salami, prosciutto and salads.
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Europe Travel - Paris Day 1

After a huge sleep from about 4pm to 4am (showing how out of whack my sleep cycle went) I got up and wasted a lot of time until Geoffrey and Henry got up a few hours later. 1,216 more words

Europe Trip 2015

Friday food links - 10 July 2015

I’ve been chasing my tail a little this week. Nothing much has been planned more than a few hours ahead. A few nights of pasta, quite a lot of things have been wrapped in tortillas. 265 more words


Summer Choices

This summer look for:

In addition to our regular: seven grain bread, seven grain rolls, semolina, whole wheat, rye and raisin bread. 6 more words

Machu Picchu Bakery

While you were working, What Could Possibly go Wrong, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

There’s plenty of different modes of travel in the world and on this trip we’ve had a good crack at sampling every possibly one of them, including the all time romantic favourite, the road trip. 1,045 more words

While You Were Working

Paris is Most Beautiful in the Rain

Destination: Paris, France

Two young men brimming with expectation arrived at the Gare du Nord in the late morning. Emerging from a metro station near the Louvre Jake and I were met by Paris, alluring in its indifference. 2,730 more words


The Baguette That Got Away

The entirety of Malibu is staring at me. Watching this girl attempt to bat away a husky white seabird with a half-eaten baguette.