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One new arrest in Rasht, Gilan Province

Payam News (Facebook), October 17, 2017.

Nazila Khanipour-Machiani (نازیلا خانی پور ماچیانی), a Bahai resident of Rasht, has been arrested on the order of the Prosecutor’s Office, and taken to an unknown place. 115 more words

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Five Bahai prisoners released early in Gorgan, one in Gonbad

Payam News (Facebook), October 15, 2017.

Puna Sana’i ( پونه ثنایی), Fahrnaz Tabayanian-Sana’i (فرحناز تبیانیان( ثنایی)), Hena Aqiqiyan (هنا عقیقیان), Rufeya Pakzadan ( روفیا پاکزادان), and Behnam Hassani (بهنام حسني) have been granted conditional release from Amir Abad prison in Gorgan. 115 more words

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Thinking on photons

Here am I lying on my back on a hard, narrow “bed”, part of the quiet linear accelerator (linac) that is bombarding a neatly — if invisibly — delineated section of my chest with photons. 2,007 more words


Stock of Bahai optician in Karaj expropriated

Payam News (facebook), October 12, 2017.

The entire stock of an opticians shop formerly run by Farrokh Bandi (فرخ بندی) and Behnam Ellahi (بهنام نبی اللهی), two Bahais living in Karaj, was seized by the authorities on October 11. 76 more words

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Hana Kushkabaghi begins her sentence in Gorgan

Payam News (Facebook), October 12, 2017.

Hana Kushkabaghi ( هنا کوشکباغی ) from Gonbad-e Qabus, was summoned by the Ministry of Intelligence and taken to Amir Abad prison in Gorgan on October 11, to begin a sentence of one year and nine months for her Bahai beliefs. 101 more words

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Four Bahais given early release from prison in Gorgan

Payam News (Facebook), October 7, 2017.

Nazi Tahqiqi (نازی تحقیقی), Houshmand Dehqan Yazdeli (هوشمند دهقان یزدلی), Mariyam Dehqan Yazdeli (مریم دهقان یزدلی) and Soudabeh Mehdinezhad ( سودابه مهدی نژاد) have been granted conditional early release from prison in Gorgan. 57 more words

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45. At Last I’ve Been Dealt the Perfect Hand - Wednesday

January 1959

Rise and shine to Wednesday morning and half-way there!  I went to work.  I had a few words with one of the front-line girls, Jules.   535 more words

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