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Sentences reduced for Ruhiyyeh Nahriman and Farzad Delaram

Shahrvand-yar, June 19, 2018. –

The Review Court has reduced the sentences of Mrs. Ruhiyyeh Nahriman (روحیه نریمان) and her husband Farzad Delaram (فرزاد دلارام), Bahais from Shiraz, who were initially sentenced to five years in prison for their Bahai beliefs. 130 more words

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Khodadaad Miri free on bail

Bazdasht, June 14, 2018. –

Mr. Khodadaad Miri (خداداد میری), who was arrested in Kermanshah by agents from the Ministry of Intelligence on May 6, was freed on bail on June 13. 93 more words

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Town Mayor bans Bahais from buying land

Shahrvandyar, June 12, 2018. –

The Mayor of Sorkhrud, a town on the Caspian Coast, has issued a decree banning Bahais from buying or selling land of any sort. 44 more words

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Bahai student expelled in Zanjan

Centre for Human Rights in Iran, June 12 (?), 2018. –

Soha Izadi (سها ایزدی), a student of Information Technology Engineering at the University of Zanjan, was expelled from the University on March 14, 2018 due to “being Bahai.” She had completed almost one year of studies, and was in the midst of the end-of-semester examinations when university officials contacted her to say they had received a letter from the “moral standards” section of the national “Educational Appraisals Agency” which meant that she could not continue education. 102 more words

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Soheil Keshavarz begins his sentence in Qazvin

HRANA, June 12, 2018. –

On June 9, Soheil Keshavarz (سهیل کشاورز), a Bahai living in Qazvin, was arrested and taken to Qazvin prison to begin serving his six-month sentence. 79 more words

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The Bogus Issue of Infallibility in the Baha'i Faith.

In the book Some Answered Questions, it was recorded that Abdu’l-Baha told a sheer absurdity that has badly damaged the credibility of the Baha’i Faith ever since. 778 more words


Why was Praveen Mallik elevated to the UHJ?

A step towards controlling the radical Iranian Baha’is in India!

Election rigging is an act of dishonestly organizing an election to get a particular result. It is an electoral fraud and an interference with the election process. 733 more words

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