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One new arrest in Tehran

Bahai News (Persian, Facebook), November 27, 2015.

Shahram Najaf-Tumara’i (شهرام نجف تومرائي), a Bahai who previously served as one of the Khademin (area facilitators) for the Bahais in District 7 in Tehran, was arrested by the security forces early this morning, and taken to Evin Prison. 59 more words

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Reality, Art & the Artist (1b/5): the power of poetry

, it may well be that the individual lives of some artists were in large part a reflection of the general decline affecting the moral and social ties of the day.

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Bahais among those protesting personal status law in Iraq

World Magazine, November 16, 2015.

Religious minority groups in Iraq are protesting a new law that would force children, under some circumstances, to become Muslim. 274 more words

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Kenyan high court ruling allows registration of Bahai marriages

The Star, November 23, 2015.

A judgement issued by the High Court on October 28, 2015, will mean that Bahai marriages can be registered in Kenya. 119 more words

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Shahram Chiniyan Miandoab released from prison

Bahai News (Persian), November 23, 2015.

Shahram Chiniyan Miandoab (میاندوآب شهرام چینیان ), a Bahai shopkeeper from Tehran who has been serving an 8-year sentence, was released from Raja`i Shahr prison on November 21. 181 more words

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Six recent detainees freed

Bahai News (Persian, facebook), November 22, 2105.

Bahai News is reporting that five Bahais who were arrested recently in Isfahan have been freed on bail, and in a separate report, that Helia Moshtaq (هلیا مشتاق) has been freed on bail in Tehran. 40 more words

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Two Bahai businesses shut down in Bandar Abbas

Iran Press Watch, November 21, 2015.

Two optometry shops run by Bahais have been closed down by authorities in the city of Bandar Abbas. The closures are still in effect in spite of extensive appeals by the shop’s owners, Mr Heidarpour (حیدرپور) and Mr. 69 more words

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