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Who Conversed with Moses through the Burning Bush?

Imám ‘Ali?

I am the Master of the Mount Sinai!
I am that Manifest Light!
I am that Perspicuous and dazzling Evidence (that light of which an infinitesimal part was disclosed unto Moses) and all that was vouchsafed unto Me by God the Lord Of Glory.

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Seven Bahai youth sentenced in Isfahan

Bahai News (Persian), reports on June 7 and June 8.

On June 1, sentences were announced for Parvin Nik-A’in(پروین نیک آیین), `Arsheya Rouhani (عرشیا روحانی) and Adib Janamian (ادیب جانمیان), who will serve 1 year in prison, followed by a 16-month sentence that is suspended for two years. 199 more words

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How copper becomes gold

Some words that particularly guide the way for me, right now —

“The teachings of the Bahá’í Faith instruct us to work to reshape society based on principles of love, inclusiveness, and reciprocity. 157 more words

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Recommended Link: The ‘Prison Poems Project’ – artists in the UK participate in #ReleaseBahai7Now campaign

The plight of the seven imprisoned Bahá’í ‘leaders’ continues. So does the campaign to secure their release. The latest development in the UK  is described at this  188 more words

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Bahai business closed in Shahroud

Iran Press Watch, June 13, 2017.

The car parts business of Maziar Hamedian (مازیار حامدیان) was closed and sealed on June 6, 2017 by officers of the provincial Office of Public Places in Shahroud. 53 more words

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Navid Khanjani's prison term extended

Iran Press Watch, June 11, 2017.

Navid Khanjani (نوید خانجانی) was due for release from Rajai Shahr prison on June 6, 2017, on completion of his five-year prison sentence, but while he and his family were waiting for his release, he was informed by judicial authorities, without a prior notice, that his one-year sentence from a different case was being implemented immediately and he would remain in prison. 334 more words

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Humanity is our Business (7/7): What can we do for our children?


(‘Abdu’l-Bahá: Paris Talks, page 99)

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