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The Eurozone's Imperfect Banking Union

In her first interview since becoming the head of the new Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM) in Europe, Danièle Nouy talked a big game about letting European banks fail. 876 more words

Bail-out Alternatives

Berlusconi Prepares a New Italian Drama

A political storm brewing in Italy has the potential to disrupt the calm that has prevailed in the euro area. 253 more words

Bail-out Alternatives

Germany Should End Austerity, Not Ireland

Anti-austerity fever is sweeping Europe as policy makers decide the way to get from crisis to growth involves higher spending. Well, not so fast.

The fever has already spread to the highest levels. 169 more words

Bail-out Alternatives

How to Kill a Banking Union the German Way

The most effective way to block any measure in the European Union is to say it requires a treaty change. This is the sucker punch German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble delivered at an April 13 meeting with his EU counterparts in Dublin. 224 more words

Bail-out Alternatives

Cyprus Can Save Itself by Fleeing the Euro

Cypriots sitting in the cafes here on Nicosia’s Ledra Street are asking one another if there isn’t an alternative to their island’s bailout.

It has been just weeks since the series of rollercoaster negotiations that produced a deal to support Cyprus, in the process devastating its banks and economic prospects. 105 more words

Bail-out Alternatives

Cyprus' Four Options for Avoiding Collapse

The only thing worse than Cyprus accepting the rotten bailout program that European policy makers agreed on late last week was Cyprus rejecting it. Yesterday, the parliament voted decisively against the terms of the bailout, with 36 members opposing it, the ruling party abstaining and not a single vote in favor. 193 more words

Bail-out Alternatives

Euro Area Ruins its Progress with Cyprus Deal

There’s nothing like having part of your savings account confiscated overnight to make you feel that your money isn’t safe.

That’s what depositors in Cypriot banks awoke to on March 16, when they found their accounts frozen for at least five days to avoid panicked withdrawals. 205 more words

Bail-out Alternatives