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The Financial Crisis: Regular Banking Vs Shadow Banking

In market-based banking, asset side of a bank’s balance sheet is securitized and liabilities are based on wholesale borrowing such that the simple assets (loans, bonds, reserves) -liabilities (deposits, capital) balance of regular banking is scaled up into a chain of complex interconnected balance sheets of multiple intermediate entities which are outside the regulatory framework that governs banks, i.e. 505 more words


The Financial Crisis: Who has Sovereign Power?

“…comforting as it may be to invoke sovereign power at moments of great uncertainty, this is a mystification of the events in September and October of 2008.

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Pakistan may turn to Islamic banks for second $1.4 billion loan: Official

Pakistan, which has had 12 bailouts since late 1980s, is trying to avert a balance of payment crisis amid dwindling foreign currency reserves and a yawning current account deficit.

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"Exigent and Unusual Circumstances:" 12 USC § 343 & Government-Sponsored Bailouts


The “exigent and unusual circumstances” provision of 12 USC § 343, authorizes the U.S. central bank (the Federal Reserve) to provide discrete and immediate relief to an ailing entity (banks and non-banks alike… 2,707 more words


Cut the losers and let the winners run

Since taking the 10 Day Social Media Fast I realize I am beyond bored with Facebook and Twitter. I also have a Gab account however find that I do not use it as much as I do Twitter of which my usage is somewhat waning. 585 more words


Ten years after the Great Recession, nothing’s changed

A decade later, the crisis that threatened to take down the global financial order seems like a bad dream. Now it’s business as usual.

In Great Recession, banking institutions creaked and groaned under the weight of flawed investments. 523 more words


Saudi Arabia: Too Big to Fail

The death of Jamal Khashoggi has lead to a lot of public outcry against Saudi Arabia, and yet the responses from a lot of world leaders has been pretty non-committal. 907 more words