(Over) cooked goose ?

A few weeks ago, when I was in NYC, I was struck by the sheer number of Canada Goose winter parkas which were being worn. True it was exceptionally cold but this was a ‘bird’ which usually stands out (the arm patch is almost as big as the polar ice shelf) because spotting an example was a rarity. 283 more words

Bain Capital Kills Guitar Center

From Eric Garland at Zero Hedge:

Bain made two critical mistakes from which it cannot recover. First, it attempted to run this playbook on a company that had just done this very thing with Weston Presidio five years prior.

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Retail Disasters

S.E. Cupp: Democrats lose their favorite candidate - Mitt Romney

CNN: No Mitt Romney 3.0. No “third time’s a charm.” No invoking Ronald Reagan’s two failed presidential campaigns.

No 47%, car elevators or dog on the roof. 70 more words


"The Battle Of The Plutocrats": Mitt’s Snit; If Anybody’s Going To Be The Candidate Of The Entitled Rich, It’s Me!

Is there anything more American than the spectacle of two entitled rich guys fighting over who gets to be the presidential candidate of the 1 percent? 659 more words


Romney; 2008...2012...???

The news that Mitt Romney is indeed considering assembling the political necessities to run for the Republican nomination for the 2016 US Presidential elections broke this week. 514 more words