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Baiting - gang stalkers use children, a cult practice

Gangstalkers use staged provocation to make you look bad. In most cases it is best to ignore the bizarre behaviour – don’t respond and move away, otherwise it will look as if you are the “trouble-maker”. 947 more words

An Emotional Response Pt. 2

When I wrote the first post about responding emotional, I started to think about this. The more I thought about it the more I see how it affects us as humans. 486 more words

My Faith & Belief

Dancing with Bill C-51

Dictum one: Make laws that promote ideology.

The Harper Government passes laws because they serve a political purpose, not because they believe they will pass a legal test. 503 more words


Why "don't touch the poop" is so important

Originally posted to the Escapist forums, 17 Feb. 2015


The sad thing is, most involved gamers can’t see the forest for the trees on this matter and keep right on taking the bait. 481 more words

Although They Sell Deer Chow, Don't Be Deceived

Question: I was at my local feed store today and was astounded to find bags of Purina Deer Chow for sale, and another feed for wild pigs. 831 more words