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Common Loon near Jericho Beach

Common Loon (first summer) | Plongeon huard | Gavia immer: I’ve said this before about other birds and I’ll certainly say it again… there really is nothing common about this species! 197 more words


Does Wild Really Mean Wild?

My cursor hovers indecisively over a fantastic wildlife photo. Am I overthinking this? Good grief all that is in play is a lowly like on Facebook! 560 more words


Why I Blog

Recently an angry “neighbor” accused me of blogging for “validation.” Implicit in this accusation (I think) is the idea that seeking validation from other people is somehow a bad quality. 830 more words


Safari on the Skeleton Coast - Part 3.

Nigerian scammers, or scammers in general, hunt mostly gullible elderly victims. Which results in a sense of moral duty by ‘scambaiters’ to do whatever they can to disrupt their vile work. 4,301 more words