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I’m quite honestly unsure of how to even begin describing this. As soon as I even think about it, my anxiety creeps up my throat and begins to strangle me. 950 more words


Bear Baits - Consistency is Important

Consistent Baiting and Timing is Important
We begin baiting two to three weeks prior to the hunters arrival as baiting is lucrative and can vary based on native food source availability, weather pattern and population.   613 more words

Wawang Lake Resort

Wawang Lake - Black Bear Outfitters

Black  Bear  are  known  predators  and  Ontario  has  the  largest  population of black bear than anywhere in the world. Furthermore, north-western Ontario leads in the concentration of these animals than elsewhere in Ontario, and, rates highest in population concentration  for all of Ontario that also allows for bating practices. 491 more words

Wawang Lake Resort

Baiting and bashing.

This topic is near and dear to my heart. It has probably caused me more inner turmoil and pain than any other sort of abuse only because of the way it twisted my mind into believing that I was at fault for everything that happened to me. 938 more words

Baiting And Bashing.

7 Ways to Survive a Traffic Stop

Baiting by police is real, ugly, and can end your life. Sandra Bland would confirm that……only if she could.

Bad enough, blacks are being killed at alarming rates by nervous police officers who are in “fear of their lives”, but now we have to answer to egotistical cops on a power trip. 1,333 more words


Rules for Human Hunting

Prompt Day# 14: Create a numbered list: “Rules for Human Hunting”


Rules For Human Hunting


  1. Human hunting season begins the Friday after Thanksgiving and runs through Christmas Eve, special season by permit the weekends of Memorial Day, July fourth and Labor Day.
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