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Bait Me Daddy, Eight To The Bar

As the Right Evil Bastard of the Backstabbers Guild Of Australia I am often presented with appeals from members of the general public for redress against evildoers. 860 more words

Backstabbers Guild Of Australia


“You come in here wanting to be angels.  I got news for you.  You gotta be devils!”  This was an idea a medical instructor here in Orange County attempted to drive into her students.  2,358 more words


A dog is forever. Unless it is a racing greyhound.

In a very unusual decision, the NSW Government has decided to shut down the greyhound racing in NSW, after  receiving a critical report in mid-2016. Legislation has now passed the NSW Parliament. 87 more words

Australian Law

... the DummyCraps are Baiting the Donald [#political tactic]...

.. Dick Morris spotted this stunt immediately . He knows the Clintonoids well . He used to work for Mr. Bill and Miz Hillary for a generation . 62 more words

Personal Opinion

36 years after Hydramethylnon, Diffusion of Innovation, Baiting Strategies

36 years after Hydramethylnon, Diffusion of Innovation, Baiting Strategies Modesto Maidique @ModestoMaidique Leadership Expert, Speaker, Author, Dancer. Former faculty: Harvard, MIT and Stanford. President Emeritus, FIU. 109 more words

Five O'Clock

It isn’t just me,
is it,
who watches
as the news
today’s disaster?
Do you see it,
They show concern
and beg our understanding… 28 more words


The Mentality Behind Baiting and Trolling

In my last post entitled “How to Increase Traffic to Your Blog” I wrote that one method to increase traffic is to “Bait a White Supremacist.” I wrote this in part because the biggest spike in traffic I ever received throughout the history of my blog was when I was interacting on a regular basis with a person who calls himself “Thordaddy” and self-identifies as a white supremacist. 432 more words