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PUBG Ransom

Most of the world has been expose to the game sensation of PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds or simply PUBG, if you haven’t you either don’t game or you live under a rock. 322 more words


The Great Bait Debate

Love it, hate it or indifferent on the topic, bear baiting deserves a candid conversation on the pros and the cons of this long debated practice. 1,553 more words


The Nottingham Bear Jugs

This month I have chosen the Nottingham Bear Jugs to be my object of the month. These were novelties made by the Nottingham Potters, and refer to the cruel spectator sport of bear baiting. 217 more words

Rat-Baiting Concerns

It has come to the attention of the Pfaffenthal authorities that certain deviant residents are in the process of organizing an illegal rat-baiting session, in secret around the back streets of the city. 40 more words


Exploiting The Person

Today, we live in the age of information, anything you could want to know is just at your fingertips. As the user you can do; homework, shop, chat with friends & family, hire someone to clean your house, etc. 1,216 more words

Cyber Security