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Termite Control, What Type of Technique is Best For Me? Example 1

Case-study 1 NSW Lively Coptotermes spp

Terrace residence (approx 80 years of age), attached on both sides, features a subfloor (available region underneath the floorboards) and it has a location at the back that is a new extension on a concrete slab. 608 more words

Removing Termites - Top Methods to Working With Mites

Nobody wishes termites, but people do not always get what they want, which means you may need to learn about methods for removing termites. Leading methods to dealing with termites contain baiting, tenting nevertheless the key will be to know what approach will work for you. 567 more words

Eliminating Mites - Top Methods to Dealing With Termites

Folks do not constantly get the things they desire, which means you could need to find out of eliminating termites about ways, although nobody desires termites. 586 more words

The Accidental Baiter

I accidentally baited an owl today.

Since, in the past, I have steadfastly and openly refused to bait owls for photographic purposes, (see Of Mice and Owls… 328 more words


Common Loon near Jericho Beach

Common Loon (first summer) |¬†Plongeon huard |¬†Gavia immer: I’ve said this before about other birds and I’ll certainly say it again… there really is nothing common about this species! 197 more words


Does Wild Really Mean Wild?

My cursor hovers indecisively over a fantastic wildlife photo. Am I overthinking this? Good grief all that is in play is a lowly like on Facebook! 560 more words