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Ruteng and Bajawa

We left LB early the next morning, in a private car that would take us to Ruteng. Eddy offered to organize it for us, which unfortunately meant there was little room to bargain a better price… not that it was his fault, but a learning experience for us. 1,117 more words


Light #22

Taken at bajawa, flores – east indoensia

Kabut dan mimpi-mimpi yang mengangkasa bersama pagi ~ blueismycolour

In Frame

Indonesia, Flores :: Huge Virgin Mary statue near Bajawa

Flores is a Christian Indonesian Island. We visited this place in the late afternoon till night for a barbecue. Only locals and Indonesian tourists seem to visit this place. 8 more words


Unforgettable Flores

The island of Flores, east of Bali and Lombok, is beautiful. It is now emerging from the shadows of the famous island of Bali, with many gems that will take your breath away. 824 more words


Villages & Volcanoes....Flores, Indonesia West to East

A gorgeous specimen of a mini-bus arrived at our hotel in Labuan Bajo, Flores to take us east to Ruteng. And that’s not sarcasm. We will forever be ruined by this bus – leather captain’s chairs, a/c, not crowded at all, for only about $8. 1,506 more words


flores flow #6 : dingin bajawa, panas aimere, dan hujan ruteng

“Aku mau bangun setiap pagi dan melihat anak-anak berangkat sekolah di Flores.”

Niat itu sudah kucetuskan, karena aku akan bangun pagi di tempat-tempat yang berbeda setiap harinya dalam perjalanan keliling pulau ini. 1,584 more words