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My Favorite Trek Episodes - DS9 "The Homecoming", "The Circle" and "The Siege"

With yesterday’s announcement of a brand new Star Trek series premiering in 2017, I felt it was time to share another of my favorite Star Trek… 831 more words

Andrew Hales

Bajoren sector part seven

The runabout headed into the denorias belt. The area was lergly uncharted. There were stories,rumors and myiths but nothing proven.
This was not a exploration mission. 2,081 more words

Star Trek

Bajoren sector part six

The secret encampment was well gaurded. The cardesian gerila force used equipment that masked signitures. The camp also was hevily fortified.
The group began moving asets hear the moment they heard rumors of an inpending withdrawl from bajor. 1,471 more words

Star Trek

Bojoren sector part five

“Captain’s log we are reterning to the sation after our meating with the bajoren provisonal government and the cardesian ocupation force. I am eiger to hear the report from my first officer wiliam rycer on a meeting with a potential go between with the cardesians. 1,264 more words

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" Bajoren sector"

Planet bajor
For fithty years,bajor was ocupied by the cardesian union.  The cardesian raped the planet of every resource that could get there hands on. 

677 more words
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FYKI #29 // Az öt söröspohár, amire minden sörkedvelőnek szüksége van

A cikk eredetileg a Vinoport bormagazinban futó sorozatunkban jelent meg.

Sorozatunk előző részében nagy vonalakban bemutattuk, hogyan érdemes sört kóstolnia annak, aki szeretne mélyebbre merülni a minőségi sörök világában. 1,084 more words


Star trek steps in both directions part three

Ward room
“Captain you are commanding officer of the fronter?”lt. Dade asked. “That is corect!”she said.
“Your mission is to locate a race refered to as the preservers?”she asked. 894 more words

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