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Kai Winn Quote

“The Prophets teach us that while violence may keep an enemy at bay, only peace can make him a friend.” – Kai Winn


10 Reasons Why Major Kira Nerys is a Feminist Character ( Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)

Here are the ten reasons why I believe Major Kira Nerys is a feminist character:

  1. Major Kira Nerys is a member of the Bajoran Militia who acts as the First Officer to Starfleet Captain Benjamin Sisko on the Deep Space Nine Space Station.
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Deep Space Nine: s01e14 - The Storyteller

                                                 She looks different now

I was quietly impressed by my latest Deep Space Nine re-run, to the point where I’d describe it as probably the best episode to date since the Pilot. 987 more words

The Goggle-Box

My Favorite Trek Episodes - DS9 "The Homecoming", "The Circle" and "The Siege"

With yesterday’s announcement of a brand new Star Trek series premiering in 2017, I felt it was time to share another of my favorite Star Trek… 831 more words

Andrew Hales

Bajoren sector part seven

The runabout headed into the denorias belt. The area was lergly uncharted. There were stories,rumors and myiths but nothing proven.
This was not a exploration mission. 2,081 more words

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