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Star trek steps in both directions part three

Ward room
“Captain you are commanding officer of the fronter?”lt. Dade asked. “That is corect!”she said.
“Your mission is to locate a race refered to as the preservers?”she asked. 894 more words

Star Trek

Star trek comings and goings part five

Planet zahair six 2378
  The planet was a world that was close to testing warp drive. The planet had been working on it for a few years now. 840 more words

Star Trek


Vectors by Dean Wesley Smith and Kristine Kathryn Rusch (Double Helix, book 2)

I just finished reading Vectors this afternoon.  I desperately tried to finish it last night, but I just could not keep my eyes open.   389 more words


Comings and goings part 4

One of the cardesien security officers noticed rougal as he ran. Rougal kept runing. He enjoyed runing. He had ever sence he had been on bajor. 653 more words

Star Trek

Star trek cardesiens "comings and goings"

Star trek
“Comings and goings”
Baised on star trek deep space 9.
The war was over. Rougal looked over his home. It was gone. Every thing was gone.  509 more words

Star Trek

Star Trek Deep Space 9 7: Warchild, Esther Friesner

Guess what?  There is a killer on the loose in Deep Space 9!! Who’d’ve thought it?  Well, actually this time, in a clever twist on a tried and tested formula, the killer is actually a disease rather than a person. 368 more words


Gran Tourer: egyterű bajor módra

A BMW piackutatói elvégezték a házi feladatot, a felmérés eredményeit átadták Norbert Reithofer vezérigazgatónak, aki elismerően bólintva intett: jöhet a 2-es szériára épülő egyterű. 97 more words