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Star Trek Deep Space 9 7: Warchild, Esther Friesner

Guess what?  There is a killer on the loose in Deep Space 9!! Who’d’ve thought it?  Well, actually this time, in a clever twist on a tried and tested formula, the killer is actually a disease rather than a person. 368 more words


Gran Tourer: egyterű bajor módra

A BMW piackutatói elvégezték a házi feladatot, a felmérés eredményeit átadták Norbert Reithofer vezérigazgatónak, aki elismerően bólintva intett: jöhet a 2-es szériára épülő egyterű. 97 more words


Star trek wormhole part six.

The bojoren security force was able to advance. Jero only had a few folowers in the compound. They had bean able to subdue the orthers. 698 more words

Star Trek

Star trek wormhole part five

Romulan flagship-bridge
“Commander the runabout rio grande is heading for the planet.major kira and lt. Dax is heading for bajor!”the pilot anounced.
“I would love to intercept that ship!” Weapons officer said.”i understand revon but we must be patcient. 317 more words

Star Trek

Wormhole part four

Deep space9
The bajoren officer tries to get away. Kira stuns her with her phaser. She falls to the ground. Two security officers worked to sicure the would be attacker. 572 more words

Star Trek

Star trek wormhole part two

Star trek
Tales of the telshiar
Deep space 9
” wormhole”
Part two
Deep space 9
Obrian was performing maintinance on several system. He saw someone on his operations staf.” This is the third time i have repaired that airlock. 438 more words

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Review: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – “Progress”

Major Kira has to evacuate people from a Bajoran moon about to be tapped for energy while Jake and Nog go into business for themselves. 179 more words

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