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Abby Jasmine - Long Live

OVO’s Baka made quite the entry with his anthem Live Up To My Name, and fittingly New York talent Abby Jasmine switches it up for her version, Long Live… 212 more words


Renungan Candi

Bre Redana seorang wartawan Senior mengunjungi Candi di Gunung Penanggungan Kecamatan Gempol. Didirikan masa Raja Airlangga dari Kahuripan, Kediri pada abad ke 11.  Ada dua dewi disana yaitu Dewi Sri dan Dewi Laksmi. 418 more words


The WWF: Thugs & Guns Against Pygmies

The WWF may have a friendly panda for a logo, but amongst the poorest of the poor it’s known for something else: violent thugs called ecoguards.  146 more words


For Sale: Spacious 2 Bedroom in Baka with Huge Storage

This location is fabulous !!!  On Derech Hebron near Miriam HaShomanyit and literally, a 1 minute walk to Derech Bet Lechem, 3 minutes to the First Train Station,  5 minutes to Emek Refaim and only a 15-35 minute walk to Rehavia, City Center and the Old City. 202 more words


For Sale: New 4 Bedroom Apartments with Succah Balconies in Arnona, Jerusalem

This TAMA 38 project is located on Rehov Leeb Yafe in the heart of Old Arnona … a fabulous neighborhood with a blend of English speakers and Israelis – religious, traditional and secular residents.  317 more words


#670 The bond they still share part 2

“Mama!” she exclaimed from the backseat of the car this morning. “Flowers! Two flowers for Baka and Deda!”

That’s right. She had picked a couple of yellow flowers from our yard while out and about bouncing on the trampoline before breakfast – possibly weeds, yet still bright and sunny-like – and had specifically told me that “this for Baka, and this for Deda.” 360 more words



This is what it goes like