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Corn Bread: A Sweet and Savory Bake

Even I, a die-hard baked goods fan, sometimes needs a small break from the sweets to enjoy a kick of the savory side of life. 548 more words


Drop biscuits

Sometimes I feel the need for something a little extra to go with your meal and nothing beats a freshly made biscuit in my book. It takes longer for the oven preheat than it does to prepare this recipe, including the time to melt and cool the butter. 228 more words


"Pucker Up" Persimmon Bars

I was grocery shopping a few weeks ago and saw persimmons on sale. I’ve never worked with, much less tasted a persimmon before, so of course my interest was piqued ;-) 750 more words

Baked Good

February's Craft Jam & A Cookie!

Starting this month, I’m going to put together a music playlist or jam (do they even call a list of preferred music, a jam or am I dating myself ?). 441 more words


Lemon Poppyseed Muffins

I realize from the recipes I’ve been posting here and the pics of  baked goods I’ve posted on Instagram that I really seem to favor, of late, lemon-flavored bake goods. 244 more words


Ch-Ch-Chia Dirty Chai Cupcakes

It was my friend Jillian’s birthday and I wanted to bake her birthday cupcakes, but not the same type of cake and icing I had made the year (unless she had asked for it of course!). 591 more words

Baked Good

Baking Can Soothe The Soul

As we face our third or maybe fourth snow storm in about 10 days, and second ‘blizzard’ warning anxiety was in high gear in our house. 752 more words