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Pesto Pizza Poppers

My work held our second annual Spring Bake-off recently. We have both sweet and savory categories. I wanted to bake something a little different rather than a traditional baked good, so I went with the savory category. 849 more words


Almond Cherry Cake

Searching for a suitable dessert to make for Easter Dinner at my mom’s house is a delicious challenge. While most of us enjoy a chocolate whatever-you-bake special dinners are a chance do something different. 486 more words


Baked Good of the Month: Smore Pie

This baked good is a new landmark, because it’s the first one that I made the recipe myself!  Well sort of.  It was a few recipes put together to make this one, and needs some tweaking but…I did it all with my noggin instead of just following a recipe verbatim, so woo! 304 more words

Classic apple pie

Apple pie is an american classic and I’m happy to share my recipe with you. The crust is the flakiest crust your’ll ever make, if made correctly! 516 more words


Restaurant Review: Financier Patisserie

Details: Located at Grand Central Terminal, 87 E 42nd St, New York, NY 10017. Official site is https://financierpatisserie.com/

While Financier probably isn’t the home of the best cakes in New York City, I can safely say that I have never had anything from Financier that I did not like. 139 more words


Brown Sugar Cookies

Browned butter and dark brown sugar combined equals something delightful. These cookies are pretty sweet yet I’m pretty sure you’ll find yourself reaching for a second one. 448 more words


Very Chocolate Cake

Our friend G celebrated his birthday this past weekend and IMHO birthdays require cake. He requested a cake of the red velvet variety. After a bit of research I came up with the following recipe. 364 more words