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Vegan sweet potato bars with chia raspberry spread and sprinkles

I call these bars, though they’re actually mini loaves. I find that people feel better about themselves, less like they’re “pigging out”, when something is more bar and less loaf, especially if they’re on a “guilt-free” trip. 1,487 more words


Happy Hiking. Little Carrot Muffin Loaves With A Streusel Topping.

It’s been way too hot and humid to contemplate turning on the oven and baking for quite some time now. Today I’ve only relented as my girls have an upcoming hike for their Duke Of Edinburgh award scheme. 501 more words

What I Love To Cook

Oysters and Absinthe. A Dauntless Valentine’s

The mystique associated with absinthe has long captivated many of our most radical artists, eccentric musicians and deepest philosophers. Each one, although they may have been considered ludicrous in their time, were true genius’ of their art form—Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway, Vincent Van Gogh and Oscar Wilde, to name a few. 367 more words


Baked Veggie Fries

One of the dishes served at Nolan’s second birthday party was baked veggie fries, which were easily the crowd favorite of the evening. Today, I’m going to share with you how I make these delicious, un-fried fries. 403 more words

Formula-Based Recipes

Baked Chicken in Lemon Butter Sauce

Once you’re craving for a food, you will never be at peace until the very moment you are chewing the food you are craving for. It’s a burden – especially if what you’re craving for is drenched in oil and you’ve been trying to keep a strong face on your so called… 251 more words


Healthy Burgers

Want to eat a nice juicy burger but are wanting to be healthy? Try my healthy burger recipe! The patties are baked not fried but are still nice and juicy :) Hope you enjoy :) 187 more words

Lazy Girl Noms: quick, delicious, and gourmet!

Being gourmet doesn’t necessarily mean that dinner will take forever. Sometimes it is a long process, but if you want a quick gourmet meal, check this out! 236 more words