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Call Centers: The Key to Your Company’s Success

I doubt I am the only one who gets that feeling in the pit of my stomach when I realize I have been redirected to a company’s call center. 375 more words

Baker Creative

Social Media Myths

Many people who are new to social media can get frustrated when their new Facebook page or Twitter account does not bring in the numbers they were hoping for. 505 more words

Baker Creative

Boomer Roadblocks

This week is National Retirement Planning Week and Baker Creative wanted to look at the progress baby boomers are making in retirement. It turns out retirement may be further in the future than we thought.  416 more words

Baker Creative

3 Ways to Recognize Crisis Within your Business

Many companies have little issues with crisis. They have great customers and their product is a success. What happens when the quality of service decreases? Or you decide to add to your product and people do not like the change.  346 more words

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How to NOT Spend Money When You’re Expecting

I am pretty good with saving money. I was raised to understand that money does not grow on trees and as you get older, the responsibility of money management increases. 451 more words


Leadership Training for Gen Y & Beyond

We have all heard that Generation Y is a new breed of employees. They are used to a fast-paced world and are up-to-date on the latest technology. 324 more words

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