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Traditional and Original Ideas for a Summer Smorgasbord

In Denmark and Norway, a buffet table is known as a smorgasbord. While traditional smorgasbords are known for hot dishes such as meatballs or casseroles, in summer the offerings come in form of cold dishes. 391 more words


Battle of Wajik

Sejak kecil, saya adalah penggemar berat wajik. Kakek (alm.) bahkan punya panggilan sayang “Bapak Wajik”, karena beliau sering membawa wajik untuk saya (dan cucu-cucunya yang lain).  379 more words


Chai and biscuits, Hyderabadi style

To experience a city completely, you have to experience its food, partake of its local snacks and the local cuisine. When people think of their experience of Hyderabad, the famed Biryani is not the only food that comes to mind. 263 more words

Bread buns / Dinner rolls

I had tried to bake bread long time bake which did not turn out that good. After that though I had a willingness to bake bread, I didn’t dare to as it was a tedious job involving lots of muscle power for kneading and proofing time. 386 more words


Prompting me to Bake

To Bake or Not to Bake

The day was finally approaching when I would meet with a lady that, works directly with the high risk girls that are coming out of juvenile hall and placed in a group home.   1,153 more words


Christmas Dinner

One year my dad decided we’d have a roasted pig with an apple in its mouth for Christrmas dinner.

Our oven wasn’t big enough to slow cook a a whole pig all day. 266 more words