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Sticky Chicken with Noodles

This is a tasty and easy supper dish that goes down very well with all the family. Any cut of chicken may be used according to taste, but using drumsticks or thighs makes it a very economical meal too. 349 more words



I have become a house bore. For the past month when anyone has asked how I am, it began with ‘STRESSED – I am in the middle of house renovations’, before rattling off various floor/door/colour match issues. 367 more words

Cakes And Bakes

Basic Sourdough Loaf.

Buzzing through February so fast. I can’t believe my favourite month of the year is nearly over already. Thank the pancakes god that we still have one good day to come before it leaves us! 352 more words

White Chocolate And Peanut Butter Cookies

As there’s now only 20-something weeks until my wedding day, instead of baking for Rob and I, I’ve upped my baking for the office.

This means I get to fulfil my baking urges but without ending up eating everything I’ve made. 403 more words


Lemon Rice with Egg Roast

I have never been a fan of the lemon rice because of the tartness from it. Right from my childhood I would lean towards tomato rice or the humble curd rice for packed lunches and travel  lunch packs. 463 more words


Peanut Butter Cheesecake Recipe

Another Trip Around The Sun:

First things first – have you noticed the water marks on our kitchen table? They are all I can see and they drive me crazy. 643 more words

Wedding Cake Tales

The Beautiful Looking Wedding Cakes has a classic history to its revival. The Babylonians were the first to start the tradition of the lovely tiered wedding cakes. 392 more words