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Beginnings Of Cake Expectations

Before the early 1970s, making a cake was somewhat of a hit-and-miss affair, having to deal with the unpredictable mood swings of a highly-battered dough taken to task in a charcoal-fired makeshift oven.  105 more words


Almond and Lemon Polenta Cake

This is possibly my favourite cake and is gluten-free. It’s rich and moist and has the true taste of its ingredients. As well as being a good cake, a slice makes a very classy dessert. 311 more words

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Chocolate Brownies

These are very rich indeed, making a dense, fudge-like brownie. Make sure that the butter has been softened and that the eggs are at room temperature before you start. 320 more words

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Breakfast Pancakes

These don’t have to be for breakfast, of course, and I don’t make them more than once a week. They’re made with self-raising flour, and end up full of small holes which I fill up with a rich syrup. 362 more words

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Yorkshire Puddings

Some people make magnificent Yorkshire Puddings, others fail miserably. They are the perfect accompaniment to roast beef, and several other things, or are integral to dishes like toad-in-the-hole. 467 more words

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Sausage Rolls

OK, this isn’t really a recipe, but a suggestion and a method.

Occasionally, I crave something that would be really bad for me if eaten regularly. 373 more words

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I Really Need More Sleep

I’m making a cake for Sunday, and everything that can go wrong, has. So, one more trip to the grocery store, and there is a big sign on the door. 28 more words