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this week in baking class: a flashy, fruity bavarois (or two)

I have some sad news.

We had our final, proper, baking class of the year this week. Only a company visit and an exam are left on the agenda. 1,352 more words

Baking Class

pudding cups for days


I had an appendectomy last weekend. Bye bye you tiny annoying appendix.

I’d started having belly aches at some point during Friday afternoon, I guess, but it wasn’t really anything special. 1,615 more words

Baking Class

this week in baking class: a layered berry cake and some stuff-ups along the way

There was a time when a simple sponge cake with a whipped cream filling and more whipped cream on top was my favorite dessert. Especially if it was decorated with some canned peach halves. 1,452 more words

Baking Class

Birthday Surprise (Part 2): Macaron Baking Class @ The Kitchen Society

After Tanuki Raw, we headed behind Orchard Central, cut across Killiney onto River Valley Road, and then turned right onto Kim Yam Road. I was being a child, asking “are we there yet?” every so often. 322 more words


this week in baking class: swiss roll

Swiss rolls.

Man. What can I say?

I think the best way to describe my feelings about Swiss rolls – yes, I have feelings about baked goods – is to say that I’m ambiguous. 1,432 more words

Baking Class

this week in baking class: all kinds of cake...

That’s right. More cake.

In fact, I have this feeling that cake is the only thing left on our curriculum this year. Be prepared… There’s a whole lot of cake in our future. 656 more words

Baking Class

why I spent last saturday in the kitchen

I know we’ve already passed Easter, but do me a favor and think back to New Year’s Eve for a second.

Did you drink champagne? Eat good food? 1,866 more words

Baking Class