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Apple Millet Pancakes

Quick and easy gluten-free pancakes topped with apple butter and raisins.

Apple Millet Pancakes
  • 2/3 cup millet flour
  • 1/3 cup buckwheat flour
  • 2 tsp salt-free baking powder…
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Make Delicious Vegan Waffles With Tofu Instead of Eggs

As controversial as sneaking healthy ingredients into junky kid-foods may be (I’ve been known to throw stones myself), parents need to do what they need to do.

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Strawberry Swiss Cake Roll


For the cake:
4 eggs, room temperature
¾ cup granulated sugar
2 tablespoons oil
2 tablespoons buttermilk
1 teaspoon cider vinegar… 329 more words

Polly's Fat-Free Anise Biscotti

I adapted my recipe for this biscotti cookie from the recipe called “Biscotti d’Anice, in Carol Fields’ phenomenal book “The Italian Baker”.

3/4 cup Trader Joe’s cage free 100% liquid egg whites… 381 more words


Banana and Chocolate Chip Loaf

I actually made this last week but I’ve had no chance to write about it until now! As I’m the only one in the house who eats bananas so I often find that I have one or two left over which are over-ripe for me. 419 more words


Simple Cheddar Cheese Scones

I can imagine that these cheese scones would have been a favourite of Granny’s. They would have been simple to make from ingredients she would have kept in her larder and, although she was an accomplished cook and didn’t need a recipe to be easy, this one is certainly very simple and I am sure she would have been able to make them without even looking at a recipe. 237 more words


Molasses Cookies

I’m an awesome big sister (or so I keep telling myself) and made the molasses cookies my little brother had been craving for a month or so. 145 more words