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Russian tea cakes

I’ve got a weird kind of sweet tooth – the kind that makes me crave sweets, but not sugar. Does that even make sense? Put a tray of scones in front of me and I’ll devour them all, but place one cupcake on my plate and I’ll only have a bite. 335 more words

Goal Seeking

I started typing this blog post out on my phone and then it delated it so thats how my night is going.

I guess I’ve been feeling more stuck lately just because I’m impatient and possibly because I’ve been trying to find the right job fit for me and I’ve been having some trouble with it but I’m getting help with that later this week so theres one positive thing. 615 more words

chocolate pecan pie

For most of my life, I’ve chosen cake over pie.  Who could say no to chocolate, frosting, and moist cake?  How could I ever pick fruit and a dry crust over that?!   396 more words


Successes AND Failures

This past weekend I figured that I would try something different following a craving for a good grilled cheese sandwich. I’ve been making bread for a while, but I typically stick to the fancy boule-style bread which isn’t ideally suited to a simple sandwich. 283 more words


compost cookies

I have a long list of recipes that I want to make, one day… just not at the point in time when I read it. It’s either start this recipe 24 hours (min) beforehand (when I want it that day), too complicated a method to deal with and I’m reading the recipe late in the afternoon or a range of ingredients I just don’t have the time to go and source. 682 more words


Paleo Chocolate Cake Day 23 of 365

Earlier this month I made my husband a cake for his birthday. I decided to make a Paleo cake as it would be something I could eat if I wanted not that I’m a big chocolate cake fan, but I’d be able to try it if I wanted to. 272 more words