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Vegan 'Nutella' and Pear Marble Cake

I feel like for the 4+ years that I have been vegan and the years before that that I would only eat higher welfare and organic dairy where I knew the source – I have been trying to find an alternative to Nutella that really tastes like Nutella. 750 more words


April 26, 2015: Day 116

Lazy Sunday. It was nice to have the time today to smell the flowers and bake some sweet treats.

6 more words

Comfort Classics: Bread Bowls

I’ve always been used to going to the grocery store to get a fresh, steaming loaf of bread. If I wanted to fancy it up, then a trip to Panera Bread would have to suffice for my bread bowl fix (with broccoli cheddar soup of course). 697 more words


The Pizza Nuke

“Now I am become pizza, the destroyer of hunger.”

The Rundown

If there’s one thing that’s important in life, it’s trust. You trusted your parents as an infant not to drop you or let you fall, and you trusted them as you were a toddler not to dress you in doofy outfits for holidays and family get-togethers. 668 more words


Game Night

So, earlier in the week, the hubby brought home a bunch of “bad” bananas. This is what I fed my game group this week:

I made lots of banana bread….. 196 more words

Layers of Love Chocolate Brownies

This week I was really experiencing a sweet tooth, and possibly found the sweetest recipe on the internet. In a previous recipe I had used… 646 more words


Disappearing Italian Bread!

The transition to homemade bread was a little difficult for my super picky four-year old, who can notice any minute change in anything you feed him.   455 more words