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The Ridiculously Easy, Perfect, 3-4 Step Rice

We all know the challenges of rice. You know – it’s either too watery, or it’s hard, chewy, or burnt, or sometimes it’s just mushy. Well, now we discovered two people who understand our challenges and solved them! 177 more words


Mushroom risotto recipe

Hey noobs/noobbellas,

Of course, you can change the recipe a bit. I really like mushrooms so I added a bit more, I also found some herbal cheese in the fridge and for some reason decided to add some. 408 more words


Rhubarb Renditions

My neighbor gave me about 12 pounds of rhubarb! He has a knack to making it grow like a forest. I made a rhubarb juice that I tried out in two different cocktails. 22 more words


Baking Catastrophe?

Okay. I know I’ve been offline for a really long while and I really do apologise. I actually miss blogging, even more so after reading Girl Online by Zoella. 285 more words


Making Yogurt the staple of every sustainable/frugal Mom blog

I’ve had encouragement and advice about making yogurt for many years, from many different quarters. My friend Carol makes her batch every week and Agnes whose mother brought over her yogurt starter from Armenia and a deep yogurt history with my husband’s mentor Bob Colombosian (the Colombo yogurt GUY). 415 more words

Sustainable Living

How to make a scone based pizza?


  • 150g of Self rising flour
  • 50g of butter or margarine
  • 75ml of semi-skimmed milk
  • toppings e.g pepperoni, ham, cheese, bacon…


Papa has encouraged me to always stop and look at the fish counter when I am shopping. I am notoriously bad at buying fish (I had a fish bone phobia after a bone caught in my throat as a child), but he scored some cod on super sale recently which I enjoyed cooking, so I am trying harder. 124 more words