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Winter means one thing - SOUP!

Winter is well and truly upon us, as the rainy, windy, miserable weather today proves.  I love winter, there is something so… wintery… about it (weird that!). 135 more words


Hamburger Buns

I have been exploring making my own bread ever since Papa was contemplating getting me a bread maker for my birthday. I baulked at the bulky countertop item and decided I would rather see if I could get nice results with my KitchenAid first. 116 more words


Domino Effect

Having soooo much fudge sauce from my botched birthday fudge attempt meant I decided to make vanilla ice cream. YUM! I don’t know why I haven’t tried this sooner! 65 more words


Springtime Strawberry Cupcakes~

Finally! Finally I got back into the kitchen! I haven’t made cupcakes in FOREVER! Since before this blog was born! (Le Gasp!) I adore making cupcakes, and today the fact that I haven’t made them in forever just hit me! 804 more words


Dessert table for baby showers/birthday celebrations/weddings

Ello all!

Some of you may know that I started WhiteSpatula with my hubby in Dec 2014 (facebook.com/whitespatula; www.whitespatula.com). WhiteSpatula is a modern contemporary dessert bakery who specializes in affordable, customized bakes of all kinds, with an emphasis on photo-worthy desserts. 177 more words


Nine Wise Foods for Your Wisdom Teeth Recovery

Last summer I woke up with a terrible toothache near my bottom left wisdom tooth! After a few days of achey gums, what turned out to be an infection, spread to my throat, causing a fever and swollen lymph nodes! 194 more words


My New Love: A Dutch Oven!

Hey Readers! I recently got a Dutch Oven and absolutely love it! As you may know I was posting a lot of Crockpot recipes which I still love but I wanted to spruce up my cooking and try something new! 233 more words