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A heavenly picnic

I hope you have picnic weather where ever you life. (Don’t forget you can always have an inside picnic!)
Because the radio actually said it was going to be like autumn for a couple of days. 852 more words


"Dirt" Pudding Cups

I don’t usually buy box mixes for baking/cooking, but I noticed a new product from Jello called Creations, and I thought Eoin might like it a lot. 39 more words


Jams in July

I spent a lot of time over the span of a week in early July making jam. Papa was away a lot so I experimented with late-night jam making. 109 more words


Foraging for fruits

I’ve already mentioned that we have quite a lot going on in the garden fruit-wise.  OK, it’s not really foraging when it’s in your own back garden, but hey.   257 more words


Cake Making... Chocolate Cupcakes.

Baking I use to find so boring especially when you had to follow the box instructions, but after I started baking off my own back and being creative with it I have found that it is a great use of my energy (especially at night). 283 more words


Cheese Slicer

This cheese slicer slices thick slices of cheese. We have a different one that slices thinner slices, but if you like thick slices (or don’t mind), then this is the one to get. 137 more words