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Baking Time - Butter Cookies

I admit that I haven’t been blogging as much as I used to when the new school term start, as such, my “viewership” took a dip and went quite for weeks ( 432 more words

Indoor Activities

Silicone Egg Rings by SORELLA

Usually when I make fried eggs, the eggs all seem to run together and then I have to cut them up to try give everybody the same amount of egg, being careful to give everybody a yolk. 422 more words

October menu

I kind of enjoy baking/cooking and I also kind of enjoy blogging about it. So I decided to make another Menu for you noobs. (Nut sure that sound like a nice thing but I do mean it in a nice way!) 613 more words


Feeling domestic

Feeling quite domestic tonight. Bread and cinnamon rolls rising. (Not gf, still working on recipes for those). Prepped for early morning appts, the house is semi clean. 28 more words


The harvest of '16

We’re pretty lucky. ┬áNot only did we get a house we love, but it turns out that it has an added benefit that we’d never even considered before we moved in… the fruit, veg and herbs from the garden. 360 more words


A heavenly picnic

I hope you have picnic weather where ever you life. (Don’t forget you can always have an inside picnic!)
Because the radio actually said it was going to be like autumn for a couple of days. 852 more words