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North Dakota oil production drops 0.9% in March ‘16

Production in the state dropped from 1,119,092 barrels a day (revised) in February to 1,109,246 bopd in March. That is a drop of 9,846 bopd, or 0.88%. 54 more words


Deer-watching in Dyrehaven 

Dyrehaven north of Copenhagen is a huge recreational area where you’ll find beautiful nature, big crowds of deers, lots of walking trails and the amusement park… 440 more words


Value of crude oil production in North Dakota over the years, through 2015

Some graphs to show the value of oil produced in North Dakota.

First, the value of production by year from 2010 through December 2015.

To show the impact of volume, next is a graph of the volume of production for the year from 2003 through 2015. 44 more words


Fracking From Bakken Oilfield Single-Handedly Responsible for Global Rise in Ethane

The Bakken shale oilfield is single-handedly responsible for most of a mysterious global rise in atmospheric ethane—a pollutant that can harm human health and heat the atmosphere further—peer-reviewed research published last week reveals.The Bakken, which stretches from North Dakota and Montana into Canada, has made headlines over the past decade for its sudden drilling boom (and an equally sudden job market bust as oil prices have plunged over the past year). 13 more words