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I’m definitely not one of those people who say ‘new year, new me’ on the eve of new year’s. I’m also not one of those people who bother to post about new year’s at all. 295 more words

A Long Time Ago On a Darshan Door Door Away

As a double-digit kid (just because I hate the word tween) in the early 90s, my pop culture started diverging from most of my peers. The reason was that my father was an early adopter of technology…I had a computer at home when ‘Computers’ wasn’t even a subject at school (I’m talking about the BW era…Before Windows, not Black and White – the display was neon green like the Matrix); and we got cable TV in 1992 (when it had around 5 channels, I don’t really remember very clearly). 2,292 more words


Arranged Love Marriage

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon and I was lying on the sofa slothfully just like a pig in the mud. Eyes were trying hard to remain open and oscillating between different stages of closure.Remote in left hand was held with minimum grip and keys were randomly pressed to surf TV channels. 3,223 more words


Three Magic Words

It was in the meeting room when Mark first had the thought. He stood staring haplessly at her, unable to speak or react. He kept getting distracted by her big green eyes and flowing red hair, but it was her voice that captivated him. 276 more words