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From the Embers

You are like the moon, the Nur in the darkness, so close, yet so far

Friends are like the clouds, our allies

When the winds sail in their favour, they leave you bare and exposed… 235 more words


Arranged Love Marriage

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon and I was lying on the sofa slothfully just like a pig in the mud. Eyes were trying hard to remain open and oscillating between different stages of closure.Remote in left hand was held with minimum grip and keys were randomly pressed to surf TV channels. 3,223 more words


Three Magic Words

It was in the meeting room when Mark first had the thought. He stood staring haplessly at her, unable to speak or react. He kept getting distracted by her big green eyes and flowing red hair, but it was her voice that captivated him. 276 more words

What to write...?? My first Bakwaas...

Well now that you have started wasting your time reading bakwaas on even bakwaas-ier post, it’s time to introduce myself.
Hello,  I am Siddharth Mishra, a regular guy with an ambition to scribble and Compile all the useless crap out there . 100 more words


Dose south indian realy hate north indian

i am a north indian guy and always hear  that south indian hates north indian. if it is true then why??

Maan Ki Baat


Every country on this planet know that Indians are famous for three things-tech support, zero and spices. But the real Indian, who makes up the heart and soul of our great nation, resents these stereotypes. 593 more words

A List of Cusswords You Can Still (Apparently) Use in Films

You might already be acquainted; but just in case you’re not, let me introduce you to an entity that is formally known as the Central Board of Film Certification (aka CBFC). 777 more words