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BREAKING RECORD: 5 places in 1 day


After what seemed to be a long and dreadful semester of being a 3rd year medical student, I have finally had the chance to exercise thy freedom of excitement! 1,156 more words


Road Trip: Southern Cebu

College can be hard, stressful and sometimes overwhelming. Taking a road trip with friends isn’t. The most important reason why a road trip with your best friends is amazing is the fact that it is more fun with them. 381 more words


Buwakan ni Alejandra: How to enjoy little inconveniences in life

                I’ve long passed the stage of organizing events and getting all the blame for all the lapses and inconveniences. This is the reason why even with its risks, I started to go on solo trips – more convenient, faster, and nobody but myself to blame for getting lost and going beyond the budget. 1,138 more words


Nap Kin, The Walking Mannequin

“Hi. I’m yours but you can call me later. Just kidding!”

Seriously, his name is Nap. NAP stands for “Not A Problem”. He is the Social Media and Communications Director of TNC (The Next Cebu). 66 more words

Mt. Manunggal: Trekking Cebu's Most Historic Mountain

Mountains have their own immortal tales. While many of these stories fade in the mists of obscurity, some leave identifying marks—everlasting scars in time—in their lofty slopes. 2,458 more words


Mt. Mauyog: Scenes, Sounds, and Stories of Cebu's Highlands

The mountains of Cebu are not remarkably tall. In fact, the highest pinnacles barely punch through the 1,000-meter mark by a mere few meters. But that doesn’t mean they are less magnificent than other peaks in the country. 2,946 more words


Mt. Mauyog Balamban Cebu

Mt. Mauyog Balamban Cebu, it’s a one of a kind mountain that you must visit, and include it to your bucket list, its becoming a popular hiking destination for Cebuano’s and other climber from other side of the world. 153 more words