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Throwback Thursday - Wii Fit & the Dawn of the Exergame

Back in the day, if you or somebody you knew owned a Nintendo Wii, there’s a good chance you encountered Wii Fit at some stage. Released nearly nine years ago, the game sold over 22 million copies, meaning that 1 in 4 Wii owners have spent time jogging around a virtual park, pretending to ski or tightrope walk on the balance board, and generally avoiding that fateful  weigh-in on one of the first successful examples of an exergame. 700 more words


Progression- Hand Plant- Balance Boad

So you’ve finally been able to master the Introduction- Balance Boards post!  Now lets get a little more difficult.  When you’re learning a new skill or technique, it’s difficult to get bored (no pun intended) when you don’t have progressions to think of.   872 more words


Turn Out and Turn Boards

After the kids were all in bed last night, I decided to really give my new balance board a workout, and I have one word. OW! 299 more words

Adult Ballet

Ballet en balance board 

from tiger store

Not so hard

Next time should do it en releve

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Work-In Yoga: Healthy Work Tips

Get HEALTHY at work!  It’s not that hard!

Join the staff of Primal Life Organics and Heather Baur as we show you some easy, cost effective tools you can take to work… or ask your boss to purchase for you!! 94 more words

Paleo Skincare

Getting things in balance

The title is a bit of a pun.  I’ve bought a balance board.
I used to skateboard (still have one), have recently got a longboard, and used to snowboard, so when this popped up on Gumtree, I thought (a) it’ll be fun, and (b) good for core conditioning.   17 more words

Introduction- Balance Boards

Ever since college I’ve been playing with balance boards- specifically one type.  There are many types out there but for the most part I’ve used the rola bola type boards. 876 more words