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Why I Run

*Originally posted on Changing Journey*

I hate running. With an indescribable passion.

I blame junior high.

It’s not that I wasn’t an active child. I just wasn’t one of those “run through the neighborhood” type of kids. 1,087 more words


Independent without a man

Since I was a little kid, my mother has been so bossy of telling me to go to school, graduate from it, go to university, make another graduation, get some job, then make my own money. 810 more words


The Awakening

The Awakening

By Peg Jones

In recent days,

I have felt the energies of the universe to be so severe

Every fear and hope has come and passed through my being. 535 more words

Angel Messages

Black and white

Good, evil; push, pull; God, Devil
What we have here are all balances. The evil balances the good just as a pull would balance a push . 312 more words

Balance Of Life

Pulau Seram yang Ramah

Jurnal perjalanan ini sudah basi sebenarnya, ibarat nasi mungkin bukan lagi menjadi bubur tapi sudah berubah bentuk jadi nasi aking atau bahkan rengginang!! Tumpukan tugas kuliah dan kerjaan terlalu galak dan otoriter mengatur kiblat ketikan laptop saya :p… 652 more words

Nature Harmony

Haiku #51

The elevator

Opens and closes its doors

Like the flow of life



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In the balance...

My feet are rough, toenails are sharp. It is the time of skin rebelling all over. No light, no warmth nor moisture. The sheets suffer my rough skin. 266 more words