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read some heavy books

thought I found enlightenment

views give me headache


read some lighter books

happy with entertainment

afloat, feet off ground… 25 more words


Is Balance in Life Really Possible?

In the media as well as in the personal development industry we are continually bombarded that all areas in life should be balanced. But is this really possible? 211 more words

The world that is based on similarities of differences

Every Human, has their own purpose. Everyone of us are part of great progression and evolution, such great that we small being’s cannot realize and see it through. 956 more words


Turning Wheel of Karma on Your side

The law of karma is that powerful that it even takes into account things that are spoken, spiteful things, nice things, rude things, etc. If a person says something hateful towards another, then they will get something similar said back to them at a later date. 424 more words


Ending the Yin Yang of our Karmic Life

Yin and Yang: in nutshell

  • Are opposite qualities
  • Never exist in isolation:
  • Never exist in a static 50-50 balance:
  • Are always spoken of in relative terms:
  • 1,249 more words

KARMA - The Yin and Yang of it

The Chinese philosophical symbol of Yin and Yang illustrates the one great Truth of the Universe that all things are held in balance, even this great globe upon which we minutely sit rests in space in a majestic circular state of finely balanced tension. 1,453 more words